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What if a drunken PacMan showed up at your door and demanded that he move in with you until he "got his shit sorted out"? (No, the ghosts wouldn't move in with you, just the alcoholic PacMan.)

Good Answer AwardI'd say yes out of fear of being eaten.- Junkie Deluxe

i would invite him in for tea and crumpets then drug him and sell his soul on the black market to slave drivers in need of an ugly hung over yellow ball man. only one problem showed up in this plan however, i do not know what crumpets are......- mooseman09

What shit? He's fucking Pac-Man! All he does is eat, eat, eat his way out of a maze. His life is waay too simple for it to be full of "shit". But, a drunken Pac-Man would be kinda fun to have around I suppose. I bet if he were drunk enough he'd eat mouse droppings.- idontmindthesunsometimes

Party!!!!!!!- Patrick Squarepants

id let him in give him sum aspirin and take away his alcohol thyen kick him out of my house..- 6inchhookerheels

Good Answer AwardMy only concern would be whether he brought enough alcohol to maintain my alcoholism with him. Maybe Ms PacMan would show up from time to time so I could get her drunk and take advantage of her.- Mzebonga

i will say get out.- B-Hood

id tell him ..ok .. then id get him soo drunk he passes out .. then id put him in a big box and mail his sorry ass to iraq..... - elbonyo

Hmm... I know someone named PacMan (eats magic little pills much like the game counterpart) who did live with me... He brought alot of drugs with him.- Twiztr

Make him invade russia...again- The Catfish

screw him. yellow bastard.- ver

i would go to my closet and dig that dammed loner of a ghost and tell him to earn his keep- ishkabilly

Well, I'd let him live here, and we'd sort out our shit together.- Zelda

Send him away with a church brochure- hammillia

ide be like eat my dick fat shit- Peri

ok I don't mind- mad_patrol

Good Answer AwardConsidering my mother loves the PacMan franchise, she'd probably insist that he stay. I, on the other hand, would be diligently trying to convince her to kick him out, considering how I not only hate the franchise itself, but hate drunks as well. Although, I would get immense entertainment out of watching he and my older brother, both drunk, attempting to sing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody on our karaoke machine. I would also tape this attempt, and sell it for enough money to buy my own place, far far away from the drunk pacman. - PyroPrincezz

Good Answer AwardSorry, buddy. The car's not big enough for another tenant.- bluemonkeyfearer

This question is nothing but a sick mind game that I refuse to play. It was quarantined by the F.B.I, and therefore does not exist. There's nothing to see here. Carry on with the tomfoolery. (But if it wasn't, I would make a remark stating the similiarity of Pac-Man to gonzola.)- Rabid Dustbunny

Good Answer AwardI would tak it over with some close friends and see what i should do. Akira would scream and eat Pacman's face. Tyler would tear his baldness off to reveal he has hair, beth would poke him with a stick, and i would put him in a box and shake it up REEEEAAAAL good. And then... o wait what was the question?- BoBthemouse09

I'd kick him in the balls and tell him to get lost. There's only enough room for one messed up freak in my house.- I hate you

I'd kick his drunk ass down the stairs- Poptart

Good Answer AwardI'd lock him in the shed and randomly throw apples and other fruits in there to keep him from starving to death. I'd also keep him the hell away from Emerald because I'm sure a giant yellow object would make her more curious than usual. NO ONE should be exposed to an intoxicated PacMan. No one. Normally, I'd see pelvic thrusting as being cool, but it's terrifying when drunken PacMan does it. *Shudders*- McDiablo

He can stay, but if goes anywhere near the fruit bowl, eating any of my meds, or goes on about "I see dead people" he's out of here.- Neos9

Monkey Buttso what if he did?- iamrighturwrong

Uhh...I'd probably shoot him, then call the police.- joel de awsome

I'd bust his ass - Dickbrain


I'd tell him to go eat some power dots and get his shit together- jackie

I'd let him. PacMan rox!- Skyman

I'd call top bunk.- vtfluff

I'd Kick the little fucker straight in the nuts.... I never liked pac man- catale

Good Answer Awardi have 3 things i would say and then a kritik on the question presented. first i would tell the drunken pacman that he ought to sober up and forget the days long past of the atari/arcade golden era and make way for a brighter future in the videogame world. second, to help aid in its quest for a new career i would help it contact frogger for after all that little green frog escaped the prison of a 1980's entertainment condemnation..something cindy lauper with her big hair, spandex, and shoulder pads was never able to accomplish. finally i would offer pacman another drink but id put it in a bowl because i could only assume it didn't grow hands and id probably put a towl underneath the aforementioned bowl because i must also assume that it would chomp the booze. all this being said i would like to critize the use of the gender specific term "he" corresponding to pacman. while the word man is in fact used as its can only be deemed ridiculous to assign a gender to an old world (or new world for that matter) video game icon. - dougy fresh

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