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What if every night was New Years and you had to celebrate it over and over?

I would die from the amount of alcohol I consumed.- Junkie Deluxe

it would be really hard considering the fact that everyone would have hangovers and the children would run rampant through the streets and i would have to buy a moose to put in your fishing boat.- mooseman09

Depends...would I still wake up with a nasty fucking hangover every morning afterwards? Oh, who gives a shit? If every night were New Years, then I'd be getting drunk and laid every single night! I could get used to that... :-)- idontmindthesunsometimes

Id find Mzbonga, jcp and emerald and slap them silly until it ended or i got carple tunnel syndrome from it- Patrick Squarepants

i would have one hell of a hang over, over and over and over again.. that would suc but ythen evry night i would party my ass off!! woohoo yeah- 6inchhookerheels

Do I have to? There is very little that is New about a New Year.- Mzebonga

I will party and fuck- B-Hood

Good Answer Awardlike the movie groundhog day??? wow where i wake up the exact same way every day nomatter how i end the day... wow the possabilities.... just think of the unspeakable things i could do ... forget world domination.... i gots some ideas....- elbonyo

Umm... for NewYearsEve me and my girl went to a rave, left after like, half an hour, picked up an 8ball of coke, and went back to my house... I would be fine with celebrating that over and over...- Twiztr

I'd be very tired- The Catfish

ahhh man.. is there really that much wine in my cellar? or can the world grow that many grapes?- ver

"chaser’s stock would go way up. and i would be out cold 75% of my life- ishkabilly

I'd never be sober.- Zelda

Way too much of my grandma- hammillia

ide kill myself- Peri

Good Answer AwardWell, if I was 21 and legally aloud to drink, then my brain would be mush in a matter of a few weeks. However, since I am not 21, nor do I feel the urge to break the law just for a stupid holiday, I would say that I would be forced to play the same level in my Final Fantasy video game over and over and over again, while listening to my friend whine how her boyfriend got drunk and is now in the corner making out with another guy. I'd been telling her for several weeks that any guy THAT pretty and who likes to do her hair more than having sex with her was gay, but she just wouldn't listen. - PyroPrincezz

Good Answer AwardIf every night was New Years, and I was born in 1988, then it would be precisely the year 8735 right now...which would just be weird. Plus, if every day was New Years...I would have no birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other holiday, and that would make me particularly sad.- bluemonkeyfearer

The world would become overpopulated with all the little stoned children of the New Year, and we would all have to hold our breathe and drink a glass of water while standing on one foot. Wait...that's for hiccups. Never mind. - Rabid Dustbunny

Good Answer AwardI would get me a house and sit on it and watch as the world was plunged into eternal darkness due to the fact that everyone is staying up late and using so much power that the world explodes into a bunch of little fish chum pieces!!!!!!- BoBthemouse09

I'd kill myself in less than a week. I don't think I could take that much drinking alone and dreading the thought of another year of shit like the last one.- I hate you

I need some clarity.... Are you hungover on New Years Eve? Cause if that's the case, I'd be dead in a couple of months....but if you start fresh everyday then hell yeah, I'll party like it's 2999 over and over! - Poptart

Then I would be forced to drink the nastiest champagne ever over and over again. That wouldn't be too fun. Also, I'll be forced to make fun of Dick Clark's stroke induced lisp forever and ever. At first, I'll feel bad, but as I become more exposed to his voice I'll become desensitized and see no problems with giggling at an old man's ailing health.- McDiablo

I'd talk to god and ask him to stop screwing me over on the birthday issue...- Neos9

i'd kill myself and probably everyone else for their sake- iamrighturwrong

party on.- joel de awsome

I would just sleep during the day- Dickbrain


ughhh could anyone afford that? - jackie

Good Answer AwardMy walls and floors would be matted with confetti and I'd have an eternal hangover- Skyman

I would be trying to convince Mexicans to let me into their party as I stumble home from another party.- vtfluff

im gonna need more weed..- catale

oh this is a sinch...i would call sylvia brown and try to trip her up on her words while at the same time trying to start my own psychic empire based entirely upon the sophistry of my own smooth words and predict the return of the dinosaur- dougy fresh

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