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What if humanity found out that an asteroid (which could in no way be deflected/blown up etc to save us) was due to smash into the Earth in 1000 years. Would this alter the way you live your life at all, make you decide to not have children, have you question your beliefs, start/stop recycling or anything like that?

No. I believe we'll end up blowing ourselves off the face of the planet anyway. So why change anything?- Junkie Deluxe

yes, i would immeadatly start my own rudabegga fan club and then turn it into a sydistic cult following and eventually go take a nap. Yay cat lake!!!!- mooseman09

If it were to hit the Earth in 1000 years, I wouldn't necessarily be worried for my self or my future child. My future child will have to fucking deal with it. When I'm dead, it's no longer my problem. *to my future child* A gift from Mommy to you...more problems!- idontmindthesunsometimes

again its the whole slap Mzbonga, jcp and emerald thing, i know its repititous but hey why not, slapping a brits on my list of things to do before i croak- Patrick Squarepants

nope id keep on strutn and doin my own shit i mean y should i give a f*** if the world is gonna end in 1000 years and knowing the stupid people that predict that stuff they would be wrong. and the world (not counting me) would go crazy for no reason.. hhhh....- 6inchhookerheels

Good Answer AwardIf humankind discovered that they could be obliterated in 1000 years, I would imagine that it would inspire a new age of innovation, discovery and inspiration harkening back to the space-race of the 60s. Nations would (hopefully) probably start working in co-operation in an attempt to ensure the survival of the human race. I think that all of this will probably make the world a much more bearable place to live and, if not, at least I get the warm feeling of knowing that, in 1000 years it'll all be over.- Mzebonga

i will have fun.- B-Hood

a thousand years away.. please we will have wiped our selfs out way before then.... make it fifty years and id b kinda worried..- elbonyo

I would think that the world as a whole would start to find other ways to get out of mass destuction...- Twiztr

Monkey ButtNo- The Catfish

1000 years? hahah like I really would care... kids hahah jokes on them. I would probably have them and tell them to have them and pass on the curse...suckers!!- ver

1000 years... what type of technological advances would we have by then? no way to tell. and for the fact that we know about it. by that time we would relocate to mars or find some weird way of taking out that astroid.- ishkabilly

Monkey ButtPsh, no.- Zelda

Good Answer AwardNo I’d just be amused watching the masses go insane over this event- hammillia

ide be like holy shit that sucks - Peri

kill myself- mad_patrol

Good Answer AwardWell....I already don't want children but since I'm a 16 year old girl most people insist that when I get older I'll change my mind...we'll see. As for my beliefs...I'd probably start reading up on all the different religions and see if any of them aren't horribly ridiculous and pick the least ridiculous to follow. If they're all horribly ridiculous..I remain agnostic. Eh, I'd probably start recycling in the hopes that that would appease mother nature and maybe convince her to move out of the way of the asteroid, in blind desperation. This would last a day then I would decide that it's future generation's problems and stop. - PyroPrincezz

Good Answer AwardIt wouldn't concern me. The way I see it, people will have the world ruined and will have moved to the moon and Mars by the time that happens, and then the meteor will just be taking care of the garbage.- bluemonkeyfearer

I am insulted you would ask me such a dirty question. Go home and masturbate with your bubble wrap, you sick freak. - Rabid Dustbunny

i would recycle plastic baggies so that when the asteroid came i could blow them up and fly away with the flying fat refugees of tommorow. however, since i would be dead i would have to make it auto piolot itself so i could assure myself of getting to the right place (The star wars death star of tuna and crumpets)!- BoBthemouse09

Good Answer AwardThis would provide the perfect opportunity to start my own cult. I'd recruit young stupid women as my apostles. Thousands of desperate and confused bimbo's would join my cause and worship me because I would promise to save them from the asteroid. I would be certain of their devoted following because anyone with half a brain would not believe a word I told them anyway. It's the perfect selection process to find willing human slaves. You'd have to be pretty dumb to be worried about something that isn't going to occur in your lifetime. Just like nobody cares that our modern energy wasting lifestiles are ruining the environment. The planet is going to be a hot arid hellhole swarming with retarted mutants in a thousand years so an asteroid will be the best thing that could happen for the earth. Get yours now and fuck everyone else, it's the American way.- I hate you

Good Answer Awardafter a few months of head scratching I think I'd just get back top life as who cares what happen to dumb fucks a 1000 years from now, I barely care what's happening to people now. ...and face it, the majority of us don't give a flying fuck about anyone outside their family and friends....not like we all wish ill but our neat little worlds consume our thoughts and our thoughts rarely go outside that little bubble. ...WTF are my Meds??- Poptart

Good Answer AwardWell, since I've already planned to be childless (in a perfect world), have questioned my beliefs to the point where I am comfortable with them, and live with a dad who works for a recycling company, I don't know what I'd do. I suppose it all comes back to the world domination thing: Perhaps we could include this "world ending in 1000 years" in our plans in that we could prepare humanity for it. I imagine this would involve immediate sterilization of all human beings and using our ninja army to hunt down those who refused to follow our orders. After that, well, I don't know. I suppose we could just party. Yup. Sounds good to me. Let's welcome armageddon with open arms, folks!- McDiablo

What the hell? I'd be dead by the time that happens. Screw the asteroids.- Neos9

i already brought a 3 yr old into this world oops so i guess i would somehow make sure he isn't capable of having kids interesting thanks now i have to go so i can figure out how to do that- iamrighturwrong

Uhh...100 years? That's a long time.- joel de awsome

I' d have more kids, tell to do the same etc and report back in one thousand years with video- Dickbrain


nope ill be dead by then good luck to that generation at least they dont have to deal with little shrub (george bush jr)- jackie

Monkey Buttnope- Skyman

Good Answer AwardObviously quit my job and start smoking crack. I would dress in nothing but a loin cloth and a girdle while attempting to produce children with my neighbor's cat. Other then that I would keep everything the status quo.- vtfluff

no point in recycling... is there now.. is there an afterlife??... soon bloody find out. kids definitely..they have about 12 generations to solve the puzzle... 1000, years..f they don't think of shit in that time, then we are doomed anyway, cos we just aint gonna get any smarter, and we are already wiping ourselves out.- catale

why would this deter won't affect me at all...well with the exception that i would laugh even harder when the damned liberals continue their silly rampages about global warming and what not...i would probably tell them to go suck an egg with greater frequency!- dougy fresh

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