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What did you do New Years eve and would you have rather spent it with burnt stuffed toys?

I spent it drunk and in the middle of an orgy. It was all fun and games until someone attempted the exit as an entrance. I missed my burnt stuffed toys after that.- Junkie Deluxe

i ate pie. I LIKE PIE!!!!!!!! some times i dream of pies coming to life and beating the easter platypus to death with their fillings of doom. no, i want unburnt toys. i hate the burnt toys because the remind me of "THE WAR".- mooseman09

I played Apples to Apples for four hours yes. - idontmindthesunsometimes

Good Answer Awarddont get me started on that, i do that every day and you dont know how bad the smell gets after a long while.- Patrick Squarepants

well i went over to my friend's house and partied my ass off.. and i did burn a stuffd toy that day but not at his house i believe it was a mouse and ir was at my house..- 6inchhookerheels

I think the odds of me being able to tolerate being around burned stuffed toys without getting a little bit twitchy and aggravated are slim. That said, New Years (if I deign to do anything at all) also makes me twitchy and aggravated. I think I would rather just sleep through or watch movies - watching movies and sleeping on the couch (or Sunday morning as I call it) is a good way to pass New Years.- Mzebonga

i just played my ps2 and had sex- B-Hood

Read above... Coke + My girl.- Twiztr

Went ma friends house burning stuff and i did that anyway- The Catfish

I thought thats what I did? ooo damn it I jsut got new friends ...- ver

well after the first few shots a big burnt stuff toy is what one of my friends started to look like- ishkabilly

Ooh, toys.- Zelda

the burn sounds good but not so much the stuff.- hammillia

i sat on my computer so yes- Peri

Good Answer AwardI sat at home...and watched two different New Year's countdowns while bitching that their was only TWO good artists who performed, one on each show. All the others, were talentless rap acts who annoy me even when I mute their sorry asses. If I got to burn said stuffed toys, than that would have been a much better way to spend my New Years Eve, even better if I got to throw said burning stuffed toys at my neighbors who for some reason have a donkey tied up outside my window who brays..and brays..and brays. And no, it's not the voices making me hallucinate, I asked them and they said that all they're doing is telling me to kill....they take no responsibility for the donkey.- PyroPrincezz

I sat at my aunt's house, waiting for the ball to drop. And then I missed it. Burnt stuffed toys would have been much more fulfilling.- bluemonkeyfearer

Good Answer AwardI spent New Years Eve attempting to pretend that the small, fat lumps next to me were not my relatives, the brown, cold, lumpy stuff in the pot really was chip dip, and the ball that was dropping from the huge pole was a terroroist bomb. The only one I could manage to convince myself of was the last, and so I spent the New Years huddling in the corner with my burnt stuffed toys, finding my happy place. - Rabid Dustbunny

Good Answer AwardOn new years i was with my good friends imaginary bob 1 and imaginary bob 2. it was quite enjoyable. however if the toys smelt like rotten ham i would rather be with them because i know a certain crazy stalker currently trying to kill me who is deathly afraid of ham and the pig demons it contains.- BoBthemouse09

I visited my boreing parents and almost killed myself out of dispare. I'd rather have spent the night jamming burning bamboo sticks in my eyeballs. Burnt stuffed toys would have been more interesting and would have provided better conversation as well.- I hate you

Well it's a little foggy, can you fill me in?- Poptart

I just chillaxed with some friends and watched "Little Miss Sunshine". I enjoy that movie quite a bit. Everytime I hear 'Super Freak' now, I have to use every ounce of my restraint to not bust a move and/or pelvic thrust. But, yeah, I end up doing it anyway. "Every night it's the fuckin' chicken!"- McDiablo

Absolutly nothing, so yeah I would.- Neos9

i dont remember new years eve too far back. as for burnt stuffed toys? depends on who burnt them i guess- iamrighturwrong

Nothing exciting...burnt stuffed toys sounds good.- joel de awsome

How did you know I spent New Years Eve doing that?- Dickbrain

MOM.MARACAS.YES.- MissAttitudz

Good Answer AwardI spent it at a drag show. No but if we could have mixed it with the burnt stuffed toys it would have given it a whole new twist.- jackie

Partied. And it depends whether or not I was the one to burn the stuffed toys.- Skyman

Drank red bull and grey goose while forcing a girl to eat a cupcake that I had smashed on my bald head. Are these friendly burnt stuffed toys?- vtfluff

Was ill..!! but still managed to quaff a few beers and get chonged... burnt stuffed toys..aint that illegal? - catale friend and i were suppose to party but because her other friend, who is perhaps the most socially awkward person alive tagged along...we stayed up all night drinking cheap red wine and an expensive bottle of champaigne- dougy fresh

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