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Are you really just another brick in the wall? Are we all just bricks in the wall?

No, I am not. I for one happen to be built like a brick house, as for the rest of you... I don't know.- Junkie Deluxe

no because bricks are not people, but if you wanted to get technical, if turtles could fly i would be a ladybug and some random person cursed with the name michelle would be a moose.- mooseman09

Good Answer AwardWe are all just bricks in the wall, but we don't need no education. Nor dark sarcasm in the classroom. Hey! Teacher! Leave us kids alone!- idontmindthesunsometimes

Good Answer AwardIm more like the crack that threatens the stability of that wall- Patrick Squarepants

hmm well if we are all bricks in the wall im the very bright pretty colurd brick while all of you guys are ichy and gross..- 6inchhookerheels

Good Answer AwardEveryone being a brick in the wall implies a consistent and unified purpose. People are more akin to bricks flying through windows: cutting a devastating path through the air while attempting to defy gravity for as long as possible and leaving destruction in their wake.- Mzebonga

yall all bricks in the wall.- B-Hood

more like the person buried behind the brick wall- elbonyo

I'm the wrecking ball that will bring down walls...- Twiztr

No one is a brick in the all, except for the bricks in walls.- The Catfish

Good Answer Awardbricks in the wall.. oh man stop it that was a long time ago and I don't take those little pills anymore (** note for the young - we took acid back then and it was almost pure and it came in a little NERDS style pill. if you don't know what NERDS are then you should be in bed by now)- ver

no i fell out about a year ago. and for the rest of you.... well thats a shitty looking wall- ishkabilly

I like that song.- Zelda

no because im round not square..maby a pebble- Peri

Maybe YOU but not ME- mad_patrol

Good Answer AwardWell, really although I try to be different in my own uniquely insane way, by doing this and joining you I am indeed another brick in the wall. But, at least I have the comfort of knowing I am an INSANE brick in the wall, the one that the other bricks look at in fear and horror. - PyroPrincezz

If I'm a brick in a wall, I'm a really smart brick. And I wasn't entirely aware that bricks COULD be smart.- bluemonkeyfearer

I would tell him to go get a life and that I wasn't going to put up with his lazy shit. I would also...wait... I thought this was the Pac-man question. - Rabid Dustbunny

If we are all bricks, then we would have one messed up wall cuz i know a lot of fat people who whould be really big bricks and i know some skinny people who would be really small bricks. or maybe the big bricks would make up for the small bricks' lack of size and every thing would be ok. so to answer the question i would have to say 7. yup. a definate 7.- BoBthemouse09

Yes, and the wall goes on for thousands of miles. It's about ten feet tall with broken glass cemented in the top and it keeps the working class from seeing what life for the privilaged few is really like. - I hate you

I'm not even a brick...perhaps mortar...or a grain of sand in the mortar - Poptart

Good Answer AwardWell, personally, I'm that nutjob in the background yelling, "If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding! How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?!"- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardWith the state of this world, we are all broken bricks. - Neos9

Monkey Buttwhat the f**k is a brick in the wall? like a house? or like that wall of china? more detail please and thank you- iamrighturwrong

I'm one of those slightly odd-looking, out-of-place bricks, that looks like it was made of crap, whereas every other brick was made out of terra-cotta.- joel de awsome

I'm the mortar holding all those loser bricks- Dickbrain


no... but i do think we all need that pudding.- jackie

Actually, I'm one of the steel girders.- Skyman

Yes, no one is special.- vtfluff

Noooo...... I fell off years ago- catale

Good Answer Awardof course dare you reduce our dignity as superior sentient beings to some unliving material....- dougy fresh

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