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What do you plan on accomplishing in 2007, and don't say world domination because
that's what WE'RE doing this year.
(We've been planning it for years and don't need YOU wrecking it.)

Good Answer AwardOf course you've been planning world domination. Everyone has. This year will be the year of 6 billion rulers of earth.- Junkie Deluxe

Good Answer Awardi plan to build a table made of cheese and a chair made of cheese and a tv made of cheese and a remote made of butter.- mooseman09

Being the greatest massage therapist/actress that ever lived!!!- idontmindthesunsometimes

I figured Id start small, maybe be a little more vicious, evil and irritating to everyone, from there Id start my project to convert the average sock monkey into a cyborg zombie axe wielding nut job addicted to life cereal. and maybe change my socks I dont know the whole zombie sock monkey project might interfere with that.- Patrick Squarepants

ive planned on becoming invisible and then kickn every1 that sux in the ass rele hard with my hooker heels.. but not my 6 inch id use my 7 1/2 ones.. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!- 6inchhookerheels

Well, normally I wouldn't have too much planned in terms of distinct goals for the incoming year. As Rabbi Burns said: "the best laid plans of Mice and Men gang aft agley". I do however plan to get myself my MSc and venture once more into the wilds of Canada. That's as far as I'm willing to stretch my future expectations for the time being.- Mzebonga

I want to have sex with a girl.- B-Hood

Start a 2 year AA degree... Get a house.- Twiztr

Helping Mr. Bunny defend the earth being dominated by aliens, to allow you easy acces to conquer it yourselves.- The Catfish

well considering you and mzeboinging are planning on world domination then I plan on domination of you two fools - and its quite easy really because i operate the servers your sites are on and I also control your minds .. well kind of well no not really ahhh screw it nevermind. brits are butlers! praise the queens ass!- ver

to foil your plans at world domination- ishkabilly

This year I'm planning on annihilating the entire race of butterflies. -Twitch- While I'm at it, the turkeys can die too. - Zelda

A lasting relationship.- hammillia

Monkey ButtHave sex with pamela anderson- Peri

Good Answer AwardI plan on making handicapped ramps steeper and curvier.- erinfuck

Good Answer AwardI plan on somehow shattering my psyche to turn myself into a serial killer than is obsessed with killing pedophiles, perverts, and other serial killers. I think watching the news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and hearing about the random stupidity that goes on in our world should be able to do it for me. However, if that plan fails I shall have to resort to dipping myself in chocolate and going to my local Walmart, where all the fat people will leap on me, and thus shattering my psyche quite well.- PyroPrincezz

In 2007... all will be lost. Never mind that my lucky number is 7 and I've been waiting for most of 2006 for 2007 to get here. All WILL be lost. Actually...all has...already...been lost. It's a little sad. Tomorrow I leave my motel room to begin life anew in my brother's car. My cats and dog are still at my foreclosed house, for I have no place to put them. .......2007 sucks. *Des stabs random passerby in uncontrollable rage*- bluemonkeyfearer

I plan on becoming less of a self-serving, selfish little frog and more of a nice, happy litle boy that feeds the poor little orphans the beavers that they so hunger for, even they I'm not a boy and the scientists figured out that orphans were nothing but drug-induced hallucinations years ago. - Rabid Dustbunny

I plan on accomplishing several things. First and formost i will buy a kitten. Then i will eat a moose. If the moose struggles i will hit him with a bag of wet noodles. Then i plan to capture rosie o donnel in a trap and prove once and for all that she has enormous tentacles in her hat!!!!!! I know its true because one time she stole my cantalope and used it for a chair. ILL GET U ROSIE!!!!! I DEMAND MY CANTALOPE!!!!!!- BoBthemouse09

I want to reach an extreme level of apathy towards other people and just piss everone off. I'm starting to work on this by not bathing or showering at all, I might stop changing my clothes too. - I hate you

Finish my TSTB album/CD before JCP freaks out and kills me- Poptart

Good Answer AwardWell, you'll be pleased to know that my ninja domination is underway. I plan on completing the second revision of my ninja screenplay early this year. That's right, I'll be a step closer to releasing this film in a theater near you. All shall know the ninja, love the ninja, and feel inspired to ninja in the night. I also think people will become more aware of the NINJAS AMONG US and, thusly, will become extremely paranoid. This paranoia will lead to the idiots killing themselves (and each other) which, I'm sure, is in the world domination plans. In short, I plan on playing a small but pivotal role in the whole world domination scheme. Oh hell yes.- McDiablo

Monkey ButtNot a damn thing- Neos9

i plan on coming out-------------------------------------------------------------of being in this world - iamrighturwrong

I'm planning on learning spanish, french, italian, latin, and chinese. I'm planning on learning how to speed-read, and learning a form of shorthand. I'm planning on traveling the globe. I'm planning on inventing a bunch of awsome stuff. I'm planning to cure all the world's deseases. I'm NOT planning on world domination. However, quite likely, none of these things will happen.- joel de awsome

Good Answer AwardSplitting two ply toilet rolls to make 2 single ply rolls to save money, last longer- Dickbrain


2007 is my year (right after yours of course) my goal for this year is to visit my ex that found me after 12 years and go to new orleans and party over labor day. Oh and get the hell out of cleveland ohio.- jackie

Monkey Buttworld domination- Skyman

Good Answer AwardTwo things: corners and uneven sidewalks. My plan is to eliminate both. All of us has at one point smacked our heads off of a corner of something and had it hurt like giving birth to a cactus. I will sand down every corner until all of them are rounded. And THOSE UNEVEN SIDEWALKS. At least once a week I am walking along peacefully and an uneven sidewalk appears out of nowhere and I trip, sometimes falling flat on the ground and other times being forced to break out into dance spontaneously to save myself from looking like the dumbass who trips on uneven sidewalks. So I'll need some cement.- Joel

Blacking out more often.- vtfluff

i will join your team and help you conquer the world.. i want in return collumbia....- catale

Good Answer Awardwell i have always had a deep desire to dance in a wheelchair to the beat of that shall be my resolution- dougy fresh

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