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What kind of underwear are you wearing right now, and if you're not wearing any,
would you consider buying some TheInsaneDomain underwear?

Good Answer AwardYou mean i dont have to make my own?- ishkabilly

Burgundy boxer briefs....and YES, I'll buy some banana sling TID undies ! - Poptart

boxers- sw

i am wearing a blue thong with red and white sailboats on it.. and if i wasnt i might wear them..- 6inchhookerheels

briefs- jafro

Sure, I'd buy some.- Thursday

I'm wearing a VIP underwear. I don't want to buy any right now as I already have one.- junkie

Good Answer AwardConsidering that I am not wearing underwear, I would certainly buy some from you guys. As long as there is a horny sock monkey on it. - idontmindthesunsometimes

Blue briefs.... As for "would you consider buying some TheInsaneDomain underwear"? I might like a pair..............- Nature Freaky

They're boyshorts with polka dots and green lace on the legholes. Why do you want to know? o_O- squeakazoid

Good Answer AwardHOLD IT RIGHT THERE MISTER! now you really need to be careful about your rash judgements. i am presently wearing dark blue boxer briefs that i bought at walmart because lets face it...i care more about a six pack of undies that cost about 4.88, than i do about the leporous little asian babes who make them! however...even though you set up a clear dichotomy of those wearing and those not wearing and being interested in an undergarment product...let me tell you...if you can come up with a line of man-thongs with all the greatest monkey butt award quotes on them...i'll by the whole freakin line! oh and when you advertise it...please showcase the one guy (his nick name was butthead even though his real name is Gary K) who wrote "i dont know but my butt reaks- butthead" in response to your question of "what do you think will happen to DC's tail once the end of the universe happens?" of April 2002. YOU GAVE HIM A DINO AWARD FOR THAT. I now appeal to your wisdom and ask you to replace it with a monkey butt award and make it your number one advertisement for your new line of underwear. thank you. - Dougy Fresh

I would consider modelling TheInsaneDomain underwear. Will they have a picture of McDiablo on them so that I can keep her close to my "special area"?- Mzebonga

Right now I have a live bunny duck taped to my crouch. Does that count?- Lovin the butt sex!

Good Answer Awardactually im wearing a croteched penis pouch that my friend said was suppose to be for kitchen pot handles...but its comfy...and im enjoying it so much it's all i'll ever wear from now on so i won't buy it unless...its croteched :P- gaysparkles

Pretty blue bikini underpants. They're comfy. If I had money, I should be more than happy to purchase insane underwear, but alas! I am broke.- bluemonkeyfearer

Well currently I am not even wearing pants to hide the fact that i am not wearing underwear. Well i would consider buying theinsanedomain underwear if it consisted sock monkey sex scenes.- Boobers

Good Answer AwardHow sad is it that I had to think about this? I almost checked. Wow. Anyways, my underwear is rather girly in that it's light pink with a faded, flower design decorating it. Everytime I'm asked this question, I'm wearing strange underwear. Yes, I have been asked this question more than once. Scary. But, hmm, TID underwear would be pretty sweet. Would it say "The Insane Domain" on the waistband or have smart-alecky things written on it? Would there be underwear sold for sock monkeys? Emerald could definitely use some underwear since she pulls a Donald Duck all the time and goes pantless. Just a vest and nothing else...scandalous!- McDiablo

no, I wear paperbags- Not working?

personally i prefer the term garmet i wear under the garmet i wear on the out side over the garmet i wear under the garmet i wear on the inside. long phrase, but i think it has great marketing potential. in conclusion, i am wearing some blue plad boxers.- bobthemouse09

I could use some new drawers. These are king of stained in the back, and in the front as well. There are a few extra holes and all my other briefs look just like them. I certainly would buy some, specially if they stand out in a crowd, If you know what I mean.- Deadmanwalking

Good Answer AwardI don't know what the sock monkey porn stars did to that underwear. I refuse to touch it, or put it on any part of my body that I don't think your microscopic cameras should see. - Rabid Dustbunny

That is not the kind of question I give an answer to free, only if they have paid me first. Hey, it's not easy being a under age hooker!- Blond-hair pink Freak!

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