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This spring, we've decided that everyone has to help out with the cleaning. What will you help clean and do you think we should donate anything to charity, or just light it on fire and fling it onto the streets (as per usual)?

hammer, fire, then charity- ishkabilly

I don't like to clean, I would wash pets...pets are good. Fire is good, if you don't want it because it is old and tattered why would someone else want it.- CultStatus

burn BURN BURN- Poptart

Monkey Buttcancel this site. it sucks- sw

of course i would help as long as i could light it on fire and fling it at people on the streets.. but only the tacky dressed ones..- 6inchhookerheels

i will clean your ceilings cos ima tall mofo. throw that shizznat oooot !- jafro

Light it up, baby.- Thursday

I'd offer to clean your bong. Yeah you could light stuff on fire and fling it around on the streets. Thats cool. - junkie

I'll clean the bathroom, but you guys can keep the hair from the sink and do with it what you will. Blame Herbert.- idontmindthesunsometimes

I will clean the females. Although I prefer females be dirty in the mind. Catch the stuff on fire and fling it on some of the stupid charities.- Nature Freaky

Cleaning?! I'll clean the bedroom so I can laugh at the funny underwear. Well, if it's still cold out here we might need that fire.- squeakazoid

Good Answer Awardwell i am qualified to clean everything on the human i can give you a bath or something. as far as the old items are know this part really frustrated me namely by virtue of the fact that your options are time-consuming and complicated! i have discovered that the best measure that ought to be taken is just to throw stuff in the trash! especially clothes. its easy...its legal...and who knows...some nasty old rotten tooth asian woman smoking some old ciggy...might find new clothes that way. its not like those people walk into value village and can afford anything. consider it like this: those nasties shopping at value village is just as unrealistic as you or i shopping buying out the whole of the versaci it? just throw it in the trash! - Dougy Fresh

Good Answer AwardI've found that a good strenuous workout with a mattock in the garden is quite therapeutic. So I propose that I dig the best damn fire pit the world has ever seen.- Mzebonga

Lets give all the hobos a sponge bath.- Lovin the butt sex!

i really enjoy cleaning counters...there is something sexy about counters that just make it irresitable...and donating things to charity is jacked up...fuck those losers...they should have thought about all the consequences before deciding to be poor!- gaysparkles

I refuse to clean, but I'll take anything interesting that you're throwing out, and I'll help you set the rest of it on fire.- bluemonkeyfearer

Good Answer AwardI think you should donate all the good stuff to charity and burn the useless crap. When I worked at a thrift store for awhile, people brought in this shit that we would just chuck in the garbage. No one wants your broken, unwashed shit, people. Take it to the dump and pay the dumping fee like everyone else. And I thought I was a cheap bastard. - McDiablo

do the fire thing, and if you do, I will clean Not working?

Good Answer Awardi will help with the cleaning. cleaning is me and me is claening. i will deffinatly clean stuff. my friend akira will help clean the toilets... unless she is prohibited from doing so by the evil pink flamingos who live in her hair. and SCREW CHARITY!!!!! unless......... make them earn it! hold competitions and force unsuspecting hobos and such compete for the worthless crap!!!!- bobthemouse09

Good Answer AwardI'll come up there and clean your clock! Don't expect any free work out of me, you are a bunch af sefish low life bums and I could care less if you live in a filthy rat trap apartment in the low rent district. Why don't you just light the whole place on fire then you can start fresh. I suggest you pile up those ******* sock monkeys under the staircase and use them for kindling. - Deadmanwalking

Good Answer AwardI will assist in the cleaning up of the fridge. After I've waded through the moldy cheese and condoms, I'm sure I'll find something halfway edible in there. Eventually. Then we could send the condoms to Africa and save a few lives from AIDS. And donate the moldy cheese to the sick childs. Maybe the mold will kill their bacteria. Then we'll all be better people. - Rabid Dustbunny

Cleaning? Why? My philosophy: "Don't clean any thing that is not dirty,” and I live in a perfect world so nothing ever gets dirty so I never have to clean!- Blond-hair pink Freak!

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