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It's now at least one month into the new year; A year full of promise and success.
Have you done anything truly amazing yet and if not, why the hell not?

because you asked me- ishkabilly

I made two of my friends obsessed with A.F.I.- CultStatus

Yes, I promised to record an album this year and things are coming along nicely...surprisingly enough- Poptart

Monkey Buttokay. what IS the scientific name of the red hangy weird thing underneath a rooster's beak???? I googled it and wikipedia'd it and STILL could NOT find out!- jessica

no. i dont want to- sw

yes! i peed/pissed on my math teacher! it was sooo bubbly! then a week after that i upchucked all over her fat whiney ass.. stupid bitch.. heehee.. (sigh) i have no soul.. - 6inchhookerheels

yes- jafro

I lost some weight.- Thursday

Hmm, I'm junkie actually. So, there's not too many prospects for me. I can't do anything.- junkie

I've gotten mono. Does that count?- idontmindthesunsometimes

Yes, 01-01-07 I had my van totalled. Got a new one. AND some naughty things that I shouldnät say. - Nature Freaky

Freedom- freedom_fighter@!

well, the only truly amazing thing i've done was manage to clean my boyfriends apartment in two hours. the place looked like it hadnt been cleaned in years and im sure there were at least 5 different life forms in every corner. other than that, im a huge slacker and i havent done jack shit yet.- squeakazoid

Good Answer AwardI GOT FUCKIN SHIN-SPLINTS. you know it never occurred to me that if you haven't all since you were a sophmore in highschool (making that something like six years) and just charge through five laps at the track that you'd get shin splints. I HATE SHINS...SON OF A BITCH!- Dougy Fresh

I've reached out and touched a few people and not been arrested. That's pretty amazing. And lucky, since it would contravene the terms of my probation.- Mzebonga

I farted on the math teacher.- Lovin the butt sex!

yeah because unlike every other which apparently is full of failure and deceit how can i not be amazing in all my acts? you know who gave you the moral power to deem this year the time of greatness? i think 2011 will be the best because the world is obviously ending in 2012- gaysparkles

Good Answer AwardWell, I kicked off the new year by doing something I swore I'd never do- I moved into the realm of *internet dating*. That's truly amazing... but not really in a good way. Maybe I'll be murdered by a psycho internet stalker. That'll be fun.- bluemonkeyfearer

Monkey Buttwell i did do somwthing amazing, I found my butthole and now know that something smelly comes out of it!- Boobers

Three words: Dance Dance Revolution. I have never played this crazy game once in my life, but a few weeks ago I played it for the first time. It's a complete sweatfest, but it's very enjoyable. Japanese techno is scary, though, and the Expert setting is insane. How anyone can watch all those arrows moving up the screen so quickly and somehow press the correct arrows on the pad is beyond me. Unfortunately, busting a move on a control pad isn't as funny as accidentally punching your kid in the face with a Wii controller, but it works for me.- McDiablo

because I'm better than you, that's why not- Not working?

Yes! i have done many amazing things! worked miricals, beat hobos, conversed with many telemarketers, stole a free ketchup packet from mcdonnalds, and most importantly, increased my efforts to find Rosie Odonnel! she has once again stolen the produce out of my fridge and quite frankly, i am pissed about it.- bobthemouse09

Good Answer AwardThe most amazing thing I've done so far is to just blow off any important work I had intended to do this year. I mean, Why the hell even try? Whats the use? Who the hell cares? Thats my plam for the year, to hell with everything, I don't care anymore. You can all kiss my smelly brown eye, and please use your tongue.- Deadmanwalking

The only really interesting thing I did this month was realized that if I stood really still after eating a pound of cheese, I could let the spit dribble all the way down to my feet and still be able to slurp it back up. Exciting. - Rabid Dustbunny

Good Answer AwardWell to say the very least, I have done absolutely nothing! Yes, I know, I am extremely boring, but you know what, just surviving is a big deal to me! I can say I am alive and that should be enough, but no every body says you have to do something exciting with your life! I am just as content knowing that while other "people" are out there have a so called "fun time," I am here answering questionnaires, while watching Avatar with my little brother. No, I am not just content I am overjoyed at the thought of spending the rest of the year doing lame-ass activities!- Blond-hair pink Freak!

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