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What if someone you know put you on one of those surprise makeover shows, where they wanted to give you a new haircut, tell you how to dress better, showed you how to eat better, redesigned and painted your room, made you jog for a few minutes each day , and gave you some free products for "being a good sport"?

il do it all exept for letting them toutch my room- ishkabilly

I'd tell them to go f**k themselves, cause I like the way that I am.- CultStatus

as long as it wasn't that nasty British bitch who removes all the cheese from peoples diets! Not that I'm a huge fan of cheese but she's a real cunt, I know I'd snap and flip out on her...she's an ugly pear shaped cow!!!!- Poptart

Monkey ButtI would sell the products. or use them- sw

id shoot them all.. i mean who the fuck are they to tell me wat i can and cant wear eat or look lyk never mind making me "jog".. fuck them! damn i want a taco..- 6inchhookerheels

fuck that- jafro

Sweet!- Thursday

i'd run away. if they resist, I'll cut their hair and spray paint all over them. - junkie


Good Answer AwardI'd say to them, "If you wanted me to be your plaything, you should've shat me out of your womb!"- idontmindthesunsometimes

I would get naked, eat some broccoli, spray paint peace signes on my walls, and jog to thier house, take thier favorite things and light them on fire and fling them at stupid charities because I just don't want my hair cut...... Ever!- Nature Freaky

Kill the bastard who pretend to 'do this for your own good'.He/she dosen't mean it,he/she only want to look good on television!- freedom_fighter@!

Good Answer AwardI'd take the free products, put everything back the way it was (including myself). Then I'd come hunt the persons dumbass down who put me on this show and give them the best damn ass kicking of their life for doing that. I would then makeover their room with all sorts of freakish things, change their wardrobe to all spandex, give them nasty food, and make them jog while holding a carrot in front of their face for at least half an hour each day. When , they fell asleep I'd probably give them a makeover with a sharpie and leave them the free products for "being a good sport." :)- squeakazoid

Good Answer Awardhell yeah id do it! because if youve ever watched those shows they say mean things about those people....on camera....the whole freaking country. you thinking what im thinking???? they make you look totally fab...give you a new wardrobe...remodel....possibly some behind the scenes money... AND THEN LAWSUIT MATERIAL.... fuck that makes me horny. - Dougy Fresh

Good Answer AwardThat's no different to having a girlfriend in my experience. Except for the free products at the end of it all.- Mzebonga

I'd shit on their face while they were sleeping.- Lovin the butt sex!

thatd be awesome...ive always kinda wanted to look like the pope so id be fine just as long as i got some big curly cane and a hot robe - gaysparkles

Kill them all. Just kill them. They can give me the money, and I'll redecorate my own fucking room. NO ONE makes the Des exercise. No one. I will stab them. With sporks. Just like I did to that guy who told me that my jumblees bounce in a way he'd never seen before. He bled all over the couch. Okay, so that wasn't a spork- it was a fork. Same concept. (true story! I'm a psycho bitch!)- bluemonkeyfearer

I'd let them give me a haircut under the condition that I choose which strand of hair is cut, tell them that I didn't need to dress better and that they merely needed to imporve their eyesight, tell them I would eat better if they paid for it, torch their rooms in retaliation and then have them completely redo my room, eat extra ice cream to spite them since I walk about 3 miles daily and sell the free products on eBay. - oxie

Good Answer AwardLet's see: Got a new haircut? Check. Dressing better? Not so much, but my T-shirts are cooler than yours. Redesigned/painted room? Check. Excerising? Check. I'd probably endure all the BS just to get the free shit then I'd go back to my old ways, which were really the new ways these TV show hosts were teaching me, but they don't need to know that.- McDiablo

Monkey ButtI would slaughter some puppies and wear them on the unvailing night.- Not working?

iv would pretend to go along with it untill one day i would snap and take enourmous bags of orange puddin (realitive to the size of Cameron Diez's head cuz it is REAAAAL big) and make them eat it. then i would take all their crappy free products and bat them with the products. after holding them as hostages in my house for several hours i would have MY camera crew jump out from their designated hiding areas and suprise the shit out of them because they were all on my tv show with out knowing it. then i would kick them ourt of my house and threaten to charge them with trespassing and rape if they ever came back.- bobthemouse09

Good Answer AwardThey must know me quite well to sign me up for that. They just left out the six years of free psychotherapy that I would need to start to act like a normal human being, otherwize the rest of that crap would just be a waste of time.- Deadmanwalking

I would find that 'person', rip out their lower intestine and strangle them with it, whilst questioning the remains of their upper intestine on their mental state. What is it with you people and trying to change me? Fuck off and die. I'm fucking awesome the way I am. The cool thing is, if you don't like it, you can set yourself on fire and throw yourself off a bridge and no one will care because I am the Lord and Master!!- Rabid Dustbunny

Good Answer AwardWell, that like might be a problem! Not that I like don't like love getting makeovers and like have them like all the time! But the thing is that I would like be the one who like gave the like most stellar makeovers ever, because I am the most like girly-girl in my whole bunch of like fashion challenged friends. So, like no offense to my like bestest friends, but you guys at the Insane Domain like gave me like a totally great way to suddenly like push them in to the world of fashion so then I could have like awesome, popular, hot, friends!!!!!!! (Disclaimer: I could not talk like this if I tried, typing this was impossible, and my friends would brutally murder me and string my pieces along the hallways of our high school if I was ever like that. Basically I am a freak but not that much of a brainless one! ) - Blond-hair pink Freak!

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