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When was the last time you wore a hat, what type of hat was it and were there any logos or anything on it?

the first monday of the month is hat day. and my hat has the logo "trd" on it. "Toyota Raceing development"- ishkabilly

I wore my friend's boyfriend's hat cause we were making fun of her cause she used to be a wigger. I don't remember what it said.- CultStatus

A Habs toque...earlier this week my car broke down on the highway during a wicked white out(snow storm for those of you in southern climates).- Poptart

a while ago. baseball hat. Dodgers.- sw

hella yeah it was a gangster hat with my area code on it! 813! ur just jealous!- 6inchhookerheels

today. east side board supply. represent.- jafro

I don't even remember.- Thursday

i don't wear hats unless they're free. - junkie


Good Answer AwardI wore my red bucket hat made of 100% cotton a few days ago. It made me feel special because it kept my head warm, but it accentuated how sickly pale I am. I looked in the mirror, and was disgusted, yet happy. It's amazing what a red hat can do for someone.- idontmindthesunsometimes

Today I wore my USA cap- Nature Freaky

Last time I wore a hat I was drunk off my ass. It was a girly pink cowboy hat without any logos on it. AHH it was PINK of all things >_< - squeakazoid

Good Answer Awardokay see for me im kinda in a bind when it comes to my head. if i wear a hat i look like a cancer patient or a big fat old guy who never left the decadence of a nerdy past...pending on the light. if i have hair too long..i look like some stupid-going-no-where-in-life-live-at-home-35-year-old-jobless-gamer. if i go bald i'll look like Fester from the Adams family...hands down. (constituting a deep-seated fear of balding at the prime of my youth. also i lived in nebraska for like five months and all the 21 year old guys out there were balding...scared the crap outta me!) so i just leave my hair the way it is. don't put anything on it. keep it simple.actually i generally avoid this conversation...freaks me out. - Dougy Fresh

I wear a nice warm hat on my way to work so that my ears don't get cold. I think it's made by thinsulate.- Mzebonga

Good Answer AwardOur thanksgiving dinner turkey. I tore the ass end open more and ran around with it on my head. - Lovin the butt sex!

um okay anyone who wears a hat is a total loser! the reason for this is mostly the only people ive ever seen in hats had bad hair, worked at fast food places, or had a sincere desire to go bald...and of course all of them had like 4.53 teeth in their mouth...- gaysparkles

I stole my friend's hat the other day- it was a black baseball cap that said "Tequila makes my clothes fall off" in pretty pink writing, and it said "what have I done?" on the back. It amuses me.- bluemonkeyfearer

Whenever I go shopping, I like to try on fun hats that I see, so that was probably the last time I put on a hat. I really like fedoras, but I don't think I could pull off wearing one. Too bad. I have one hat that I wear whenever I'm too lazy to do anything interesting with my hair. I call it my militia hat. That's pretty much the only exciting thing about it. How else do I make a grey hat interesting besides making it tap dance?- McDiablo

Good Answer Awardeveryday of my life, it's made out of tin foil.- Not working?

Good Answer Awardi was in this creepy sporting goods store and i dove into this giant bin of discount children's ski hats! i ended up with a hat that made you look like you had dred locks so went parading around the store with it on and was eventually jumped by some old lady screaming about how she wanted her wig back! Some people's children! I swear! that lady was so rude!- bobthemouse09

I'm wearing a hat right now. It's a nice cotton baseball style cap given to me by a vendor who thought it would improve his chances of future sales. I took the hat then threw the bum out of my office. I don't mind the logo, it looks better than my bald head and It's friggin cold here in the winter so I need to wear something.- Deadmanwalking

I don't wear hats. They make me feel like I need to be out in some dirt diamond, sweating as some superficial boys run in circles to try and prove to their fathers that they're not gay. No fun. So no hats. Sorry. - Rabid Dustbunny

Good Answer AwardAh, good times... The last time I wore a hat was when me and my friends had gone tobogganing and it was an outlandishly ugly, geeky, black, split hat. Or for you slightly less intelligent people a hat a joker wears with four floppy spikes on the top of it. It was a generally warm day and a hat was not necessary, but I being my normal self had to wear some thing that every body would notice and stare at just so I could get attention. And I did. Not only did my father have a laughing fit when he saw leave the house but the gas station cashier asked if I needed help finding any thing, like I was a retard or something. And I am NOT; I just love my ugly hat!- Blond-hair pink Freak!

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