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What if a robot told you that you had to obey it or else it would crush your head and wear your ribcage as a hat?


Good Answer AwardNot again, How many robots are there that want to tell me what to do. I can't even make a phone call without some computor answering and giving me all kinds of patronizing instructions and orders to push one or two If I speak English or Spanish. Go ahead, Crush my head, see if I care. - Self Healer

i'd cry and beg for mommy...- Losah Nameless

I'd ask what size hat it wore, explain my ribcage was too small then run like hell in a zigzag hoping it was as slow as Robbie the Robot.- trash

Good Answer AwardIt depends on what the robot told me to do if it was to be a general slave and was to things such as useless chores, fixing greasy meals and other insane odd jobs I would say OK I'll obey him. Cause it would not be any worse then what my Nazi parents expect me to and them I could say I was a slave to robot and how cool would that be!- If I only had a Navel....

Aren't I already obeying robots?- justinentropy

Good Answer AwardDon't you just hate it when the robot you created to take over the world for you goes through those nasty rebellious teenage years?- bluemonkeyfearer

There are days when the second option appeals to me rather than a life of continued subservience.- Mzebonga

id go upside his head with another robot- Zebdi

Is it a robot cat named Ana?- Poptart

I would ask if i could have ice cream and tell it i will do any thing they want so long as it has ice cream treats. then once it gets me icecream treats i will shake them in the air untill rosie o donnel comes to eat them and wait for the robot to wear her as a hat. when it does her DISGUSTING fat will crush it and i will be free.- bobthemouse09

Good Answer AwardI'd respond "Well, atleast I have a ribcage!!"- Streak9

I would be honored to be used as a robot fashion accessory! Cause we all know that robots have a superb sense of style and I am a organ donor....- The wierd side of Hell

give him a good hard look at my balls- Nameless moron

I would obey it. - marshmellow man

im a professional robot fighter. so yeah. i dont think i have a problem here.- lame mclamester

Good Answer AwardI'd challenge the robot to a duel and fight it out using only my ultimate shoulderchecking powers. I'd probably get wasted anyway, but I'm not one to go down so easily. I can be agile and quick and the robot might not know what hit it. I mean, really, it might not know what the hell just smashed against its head. That was my bionic arm of dooooom, Mr. Robot, and it's pleased to meet you!....on the other hand, I think it'd be funny seeing a robot wearing a ribcage as a hat.- McDiablo

what if?.. that happened to me at about age 4.. and you know what. I used some of my left over tennis ball explosives and killed the robot(I was too good to just pull the little plug out of the wall... besides, exploading tennis balls are so much fun!!)- Tiki

well goodl uck to the sucker it handy that just a tad bit earlier i shover 2 duricel long life batteries in me arse an as you lal no they go for ever an ever5 so like the pink rabbit (no reference to dildo's there at all all you eagle eyed ladies) i goin ot run sod this robbot he goin to get rusty soon enoughi am in england for god sake it dont stop raining ever so he goin to rust or get his circuits wet either way i ma safe na can then return to sitting infront of a computer screen an bin highlyy apethetic towards pretty much anythingi can also lean out my window an tell thowe fucking religious allers to fuck off 2 times today do thye not get the message from the door my sign excellently explains no religious callers except god himself dont they get the fucking message obviously not time to go crusify a virgin in white an a goat in the garden hop e thywe get the message - lee

Good Answer Awardi'd unplug his electronic ass- COCK_BLOCKER


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