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Awards given out by JCP

What is your favourite recipe for summer fun, excitement and general insanity?


I like to paddle my kayak to the outer harbor islands and search for flotsam in the rocky shoreline. The best things I've found are dead seagulls and lobster trap pieces.- Self Healer

patron, weed, and lots cash.- Losah Nameless

tormenting local aged neighbours by smiling lots and asking how they are - freaks the hell out of 'em!- trash

Good Answer AwardEvery Tuesday or when I get bored of reality I go shopping. Yeah I know everybody does that, but the thing that makes it exciting is I go in my underwear (hey it's not any less then what some women wear) and see how long it takes for some one to call the cops and they give me yet another ticket for disturbing the public. Last time I did this I made it past lunch I think the inhabitants of my city are getting used to my antics, but after about 29 of these tickets you would think they would commit me to either a jail or an insane asylum....- If I only had a Navel....

Good Answer Award3 ounces of urine, 2 ostrich eggs, and 1 tube sock.- justinentropy

2 women wearing black, 1 night of walking around the city, and 15 times being whistled, yelled, and barked at by random passersby. Add in the females that yelled at us as well, and you have a heaping serving of exciting summer fun. xD I know, I know, I'm slowing losing my insane way of life and adopting the awful ways of the "normal". My boyfriend is insane enough for the both of us. O_o- bluemonkeyfearer

For me, it starts with getting off work and going somewhere else. After that, I make it up as I go.- Mzebonga

Good Answer Awardone word: TUBES!!- Zebdi

Good Answer Award15.648 L of Kilkenny 2.045 L rye whiskey 5 unused condoms 1 fire pit various discarded pieces of wooden furniture 212 grams of weed 164 10 inch sparklers 1 inflatable pool 2 pair of striped undies 1 squeegee 1 acoustic guitar mix well and bake for 6 hours - Poptart

well, it includes me, Skittles, Meat, Akira the belly dancer, Tyler the illeagle immigrant summoner, and our favorite transvestite. plus a store full of angry asian people, a couple of boxes of pudding and a pineapple. eventually we just get sick of the angry asian people and go watch musicals involving, but not limmited to, transvestites while eating our random array of food. sometimes we hide from the hick farmers of our town in their own wheat fields.- bobthemouse09

Lots, and lots of destroying things, maiming things, and sometimes blowing up things :D- Streak9

Good Answer Award"borrowing" my neighbor's child's bike and pretending that I am Zorro running from the Spanish government on my gallant steed when really the evil Spanish government was the bulldog that they have sicked on me to get the bike, my gallant steed, back. OH Oh another recipe is trick or treating on random nights it is a load of excitement and drives people crazy but when the get the shotgun the fun's over! Or throwing a party and inviting all your coworkers that you despise and when they arrive you call the cops on them saying that they were breaking into your house! I love the police men and they hate me cause I actually make them work! I have so much insane fun in the summer when school is out!!- The wierd side of Hell

beating off alot- Nameless moron

Good Answer AwardFlaming marshmellow fights in ladies underwear.- marshmellow man

skinny dipping.- lame mclamester

Take a bunch of people, pile them all in a car, and don't forget the camera. You never know what you will see and experience on your drive. Heck, you might come across funny signs like this one. OH YEAH.- McDiablo

CAMP WABAK!!!!!!!!- Tiki

ketamine laga vodka cocaine extasy an a beach full of ya mates loud speekers an a dj playing out tunes well even if ya not having fun least ya goin to be fucked better than jemma jameson lol - lee

alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, marijuana, alcohol and hookers ;-)- COCK_BLOCKER


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