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Has global warming convinced you that it's responsible for shitty weather in your area, frizzy hair,
bad manners, bratty kids and the general ugliness of everyone around you?


Good Answer AwardWhat global warming? People don't need an excuse for their general rudeness, ugliness, and mean spirits. Little bratty kids have always been around, it's part of being junior humans in training for adult evil mean crappy behavior. If you think this weather is getting bad just think about what it was like in the last ice age, living in a cave with no hot water, or the hot climate that the dinosaurs had to endure, tar pits and volcanoes and all that stuff. Did you know that as the sun ages a couple more billion years it will expand 1,000 times its current size and fry the earth to a cinder. Now thats global warming. Start up your SUV, drive down to the park and burn down the trees, live it up.- Self Healer

Good Answer Awardmeh- Losah Nameless

yes.- trash

Oh my Moses! Its global warming that is causing this world to go down the shit hole!? I thought it was the aliens that are trying to convince us this world useless and to move to Mars so they can use it for their own dirty purposes! O r maybe the aliens are causing the global warming and I was right all along hmmm.....- If I only had a Navel....

No. I believe it to be just another scapegoat. Like God. Hail Pope Gore.- justinentropy

Good Answer AwardIs the global warming the one responsible? I hadn't realized. I just thought it was a result of idiots breeding.- bluemonkeyfearer

No. People are responsible for their own bad attitudes.- Mzebonga

no, its been like that since i was 2, but i am convinced that global warming is the reason the word " cozy " pisses me off- Zebdi

The planet is getting a fever in an attempt to ride itself of a sickness....HUMANS ! Our days are numbered.....- Poptart

well, since i am against Al Gore and all his cat eating ways, i refuse to watch his idiotic liberal bullshit about global warming, because i know that it is really him doing all these horrible things. and if he poisions my well one more time i will pee on his from step. so no. global warming doesn't exist anfd al gore is a fatty.- bobthemouse09

Oh, lord, yes.- Streak9

Good Answer AwardYes he has; I was talking to global warming last night and he mentioned that he is also responsible for the complete stupidity of the people at Wal-Mart. He says that he was the one that gave Sam Walton the retarded idea in the first place. Global warming knew that humans would have a complete dependence on one store cause they are to lazy to shop around and global warming would have further more control over our lives. But really global warming is quite a nice guy and fun to talk to as long as you put off as much ozone killing emissions as possible!- The wierd side of Hell

yep- Nameless moron

yes.- marshmellow man

of course. - lame mclamester

Good Answer AwardGlobal warming is like the Low Carb Diet--a pain in the ass. It's all everyone seems to talk about these days. You can't turn on the TV or listen to the radio without someone blabbing about it. Enough already! I realize the earth is dying. Yes, us humans are most likely responsible for that because, well, we suck. I live in an area where people bitch if it's too hot and whine when it rains too much. Weather + People = BAD.- McDiablo

yes. My mother has a bad temper to the heat. and since it is getting hotter I blame global warming for my mothers anger and I blame my mothers anger for why my neices are bratty. so yes.- Tiki

nope it has convinced me to leave the electric on at all times use more hair spray an deodrent an thel ikes all in the vaue hope that it wil lget warmer an my suntan will kick arse ever more an if it gets hot enough maybe all the polish etc wil leave us to our own decvices as it to warm here for us lol - lee

Not really. I think that the shitty weather is just shitty summer weather, i'm bruce willis bald so i don't give two shits and britney spears' virginity about frizzy hair, bad manners? (were American. FUCK YEAH!), kids are bratty because of MTV (didn't you know that?!?), general ugliness comes from the inbreeding of peoples kurt cobain fucked pness.- COCK_BLOCKER


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