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Have you done anything exciting, strange, insane or funky this summer and did it involve sock monkeys,
sharp objects, melted cheese or peeps in any way?
(winter if you're on the OTHER side of the planet)


I havn't done anything more exciting than shooting that damn woodchuck that I caught eating cucumbers in my garden. Man I hate those furry little bastards.- Self Healer

sock monkey on toast anyone?- trash

Good Answer AwardI visited tourist traps! That is my favorite thing to do during the summer months. I visited alien landing sites, went to caves that were really sewage pipes, petted kangaroos at a Roo ranch, saw the weirdest place that had floating glasses of lemonade, small children and ducks, chatted with real live Indians that were selling real live Indian junk and well many other exciting rip offs. My all-time favorite was the HOTELS!!! Those were the best tourist traps because they made you think that you actually had to sleep in a building at night and every sane person knows that that is not true cause when you travel you sleep in your car or in a 24 hour department store! Just like the Hobos!- If I only had a Navel....

Good Answer AwardI'd say so. First you have to know the story of how I knew it was summer. I live in a desolate land, where the sun only shines upon those who are rich and unkind. I won the lottery, and was sent to this island, where everyone was getting laid after coming off of planes. I soon realized that it was Hawaii (when I saw that everyone was ugly, and that is saying a lot because i was blinded by a freak toxic waste accident) and i found a gun. That is when Hawaiian samurai came from their huts and we commenced to battle. They were deflecting my bullets when i saw a microwave. Hurriedly I ran toward it, but to no avail, because a man was already using it to reheat his Omlette Du Fromage, I then proceeded to shoot myself in the face, and was reincarnated as not a yellow, pink, or blue peep, but a black one, sitting on the dessert tray of Satan himself.- justinentropy

Exciting, strange, insane, or funky? Perhaps not. Kinky? oh yes. There may not have been any sock monkeys, sharp objets, melted cheese, or even peeps involved, but there might have been some syrup and kama sutra. I'm bad. >_>- bluemonkeyfearer

I was without running water for two weeks and had to flush my toilet with the run-off from my shed.- Mzebonga

Good Answer AwardI would have but due to last summers activities, ive been banned from using sock monkeys, anything with a point, cheese or sugar based foods, although for a laugh I did stuff my neighbors into a small box and peed on it :D- Zebdi

Kind of....I made a replica of Herbert out of kabab sticks, sparklers, marshmallows and straw string. After several bevies he was placed in the fire and burned with exceptional brilliance and variety of colours. - Poptart

well i did go on a picnic in the rain and it was very annoying because me and my friend(meat) only had grapes, water, and a stollen news paper for company. I was very angry when my paper way soaked and no longer readable so me and Meat ran crazilly throuh allies and streets untill we got tired and settled for a few board games inside her hat.- bobthemouse09

I made a grilled cheese sandwich :D- Streak9

Good Answer AwardIt did involve cheese!! I tried to lure the local cats to my house so I could start a cat petting zoo and charge admission and make a lot of money! To get the cats I went out and bought nearly 30 pounds of miscellaneous cheeses and lots and lots of milk, then with the cheese in small cubes and the milk in small bowls I went through out the town leaving trails of dairy products to my house. I got about 5 cats and a few dogs before I got hungrey and ended up eating all the cheese myself. It was a good idea though if only I could control my hunger. :-(- The wierd side of Hell

yep- Nameless moron

Leo the sock monkey did me in the bum.- marshmellow man

yes.- lame mclamester

Good Answer AwardSadly, I didn't have much of a summer. I spent most of it working--then I realized I hated my job, quit, and got a new one. Woo, go me! I'm sure things at my old job would have been fun had I incorporated sock monkeys, sharp objects, melted cheese AND peeps, but alas, it couldn't be done. I mean, I worked at the airport. Do you realize what would've happened had they found all that stuff on me? I'm sure it would've involved a rubber glove--and it would NOT have been enjoyable in any way.- McDiablo

JUump in a disgusting lake, I'm prolly going to make sock monkeys out of the socks I wore, I sliced the underside of my toenail open with an overly shapened pocket knife, I created a knew was yo make macarroni and cheese, while chocolate covering peeps for my neices.(good enough?.. and yeah, its all true.)- Tiki

well only last week i made a cup of tea happily goin qabout my daily task well hourly task me bin me off in cloud cookoo land thinkin about sheep blue milk an nay other random thought that crossed my mind only relised when i went to rab my cup i had in fact made a cup of tea in the sugar bowl needless to say it was rather sweet bu the sugar rush was top banana- lee

Does calling your friends in the middle of sex and asking them complex personal questions count as fun?- COCK_BLOCKER


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