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What was the last thing you ate and if you threw it up, do you think it would be recognizable?


It didn't look like woodchuck anymore, thats for sure.- Self Healer

cantalopes... and noooo... it wouldnt somehow i always puke carrots :S but i hardly ever eat them...- Losah Nameless

camel toes are recognisable up to three days after mastication.- trash

Good Answer AwardI don't think a pound of melted gummy bears would be recognizable if I threw it up, hell it wasn't recognizable when I ate it. I went to a local restaurant and sat down to eat them with a vanilla malt and the non-English speaking waitress thought I was eating vomit and tried to throw it out. I told the waitress to stop meddling in my affairs and to go clean up the another table, but she did not understand what I was saying so she took it as a threat on her life and walk away slowly crossing her self and praying for salvation from Jesús. I am not allowed in that restaurant any more, but shame on her for not knowing that gourmet gummy bears always come melted from a vehicular unit! - If I only had a Navel....

Good Answer AwardIn my land of good and plenty, we are rationed only 3 croutons a day, so if I were to throw it up, the Czar would have my head, for dinner. Damn Politics.- justinentropy

I ate some homemade sweet pickles the other day, and if I had thrown up, it would have been the most interesting shade of green... other than that, I don't think so.- bluemonkeyfearer

The last thing I ate were some fajitas that I made. I served them with quesadilla and nachos. If I threw it up now, I imagine it would look much more like chum or offal.- Mzebonga

a bologna, cheese, peanutbutter, jelly and raisin sandwhich, and theres no way because I couldnt recognize when it was still fresh :/- Zebdi

Steak and salad was the last thing I ate but the last thing I remember throwing up was hot chicken wings...let me tell you, they're just as hot coming up as going down !!- Poptart

the last thing i ate was a horrid abomination i like to call chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, not because it is chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, but because it makes the gross and burt hamburgers that i actually ate sound more appitising. and to answer the question of whether or not it would be recognizable, it wasnt really recognizable in the beggining. i suppose to a scientist or a dentist, but other wise, no.- bobthemouse09

Cheez-Itz, and probably. Though somebody might confuse it for Cheetos.- Streak9

Good Answer AwardI ate a box of chips ahoy and I am sure that if I puked it up I could rearrange it until it kinda looked like cookies. Now if I ate a can of corn or if I ate the cardboard and plastic of my meals I am postive that I and anybody around me would be able to recognize the stuff in my vomit! But that would hurt to swallow so I won't try it, but it would be fun and I would gross out a lot of people so maybe I will......- The wierd side of Hell

shit,so probably- Nameless moron

Toast and honey. No.- marshmellow man

uh applejacks and i think yes. it would be quite recognizable.- lame mclamester

I ate potatoes. The good news? They stayed in my stomach. I tend to throw up easily. The last thing I threw up was sushi. Oh my...I don't recommend doing that. NO ONE needs to see nori in its regurgitated form. No one. It's like puking up snake skin. - McDiablo

last thing I ate, pork chops, mac-and-cheese and strawberry milk. I did actually throw it up and no, it is not recognizable.- Tiki

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm well i just ate a JACKET POTATO IF I THROUGH IT UP I WOULDNT CARE IF IT WERE RECOGNISEABLE OR NOT ahhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me an me capslock problem as per usual ya ggoin to get used ot this as well as me nipping off an singing songs amidst an answer is all quite normal an frequent NO FUCKING SPICE GIRLS ALOWED THOUGH ye any way trhe last thing i ate dont care recogniseable or not i dam sure the dog will enjoy it walla saved 72p ion a rtin of dog food but i dont plan on letting go of it to be honest i like my belly full now wheres me vodka whooooooooooo its a party by me self - lee

Japanese taco. I didn't know let alone recognize what it was when I ate it, so probably no to the second question.- COCK_BLOCKER


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