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Are you (or anyone you know) a top secret government genetic experiment gone horribly wrong?

....Yes.- Kinky Kelly

YES- gglass

I've long thought that may be the case. But I havn't been able to find any proof yet. My parents changed their names after the adoption.- JimmysaysListenupdude

If I told you, you would some how die instantaneously.- IshKabilly

Good Answer AwardI'm not but I have a friend who is. She's like an old woman in a teenagers body, who's bipolar and in the Irish mafia, not to mention those crotch crickets.- Chicken of Despair

Monkey ButtI hope not.- haeboe

Good Answer AwardWell, what the hell. Now that you know that I 1)snore and 2)drool on books, I might as well come clean. Fact is, I don't know, but I have my suspicions about my ex-in laws (do they qualify, being exes?) I have one word of advice for any of you contemplating matrimony, though. Never marry ANYONE whose parents glow in the dark.- Hey! It's NEDLY - NOT dumbass!

NOOOO! how'd you find out?? it was my pink and orange striped tail wasn't it?...oh, well now you've done it. you know too much. i advise you to pack up all your hats and shoes and run away to china. HURRY!- lamenamegameforshame

I'd like to think I was a test subject for the future bionic army, but I don't think I was cool enough. However, I could be involved in some sort of genetic experimentation without even knowing it. I have given up lots of blood to unknown places as well as various body parts (including my right humerus bone and deltoid muscle, my hymen and other tissues/ligaments). It really does make me wonder...- McDiablo

Good Answer Award*sniff* why are you people so fucking mean to me, god like i dont have enough problems looking like mzbonga with jcps hair and emeralds lips, i hope you all get herpes in your ears and breast cancer in your armpits, you insensative assholes.- Great Jihad

No, i'm a test tube baby!- Zelda

ugh, too stoned fer this one...- The Bubble

Yes, she once made a mutant like a spider monkey like mutant and put some antidote on it and she did the wrong thing and sent the experiment to an agency, she did not know so once she sent it they looked at it like well we gottat delete it before she comes the woman was a man dressed in a suit and she sent a picture of a monkey holding someoes dick and it was terribly funny and she saw it and went bananas.- tt

Monkey ButtI am not inclined to comment.- idontmindthesunsometimes

most likely...- yam

well on insane talk there is this guest person who bred with itself cuz someone (probably iskabilly) told it to go fuck itself. im starting to think that it is an experiment gone horrably wrong cuz its ALWAYS THERE. another experiment i know of is a pewrson named rosie odonnel. she was part of an experiment to see if a person could survive in a black hole and she ended up eating the black hole. she escaped from the lab and now eats everything in my fridge(especially the produce) to try and fill her black hole, but all it does is make her more obese!!!!- bobthemouse09

Good Answer AwardTake out the top secret part and you've just described my whole family.- Rico

You know...sometimes when I look at my shoes...- G-Rod

Monkey Buttno- tine

I was sworn to secrecy- Kster

Monkey ButtNo.- Gazza

how did u know. no distroy u i must- elbonyo

darn tootin- ZC

yes- beatch

Sometimes my brothers make me wonder. They're both rather weird and scary...- bluemonkeyfearer

*looks around in a paranoid fashion* N-no! Of course not! Why!? What did they tell you!?- Insaneslasher

there is this chick i know and her "name" is Tessa. (if you've ever been on myspace you know what a whore train is) well she is a leader of one. she is a fake cunt made by the us government.. damn them! she is skinny tall blondish and has no sense of personality. pretty on the outside ugly on the outside. but instead on the experiment gone horribly wrong she turned out exactly the way they wanted her to.. isnt that sad?- 6inchhookerheels

I'm not sure, it's always a possibility. Although I'm pretty sure that my sisters were at least hatched, if not spawned from somewhere. Perhaps it was a government agency. Maybe it was Hell. Who knows. - Rabid Dustbunny

Yes.- yoghurt_yoga

Good Answer AwardI don't llike to talk about it but they were trying to find a cure for B. O. and now I smell like a rotting fish no matter how aften I wash and how much deoderant I use.- burp master

Cousin Tara has leaping boobs.- Zombie Sock Monkey

arent we all?- sikkgrrl

yes, but really I was a top secret government experiment gone horrifically Right!- cessna

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