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What are your thoughts on snoring and people who snore?

Good Answer AwardI think that snoring is okay in moderation. As in, when you are sick or have a cold. I'm nearly perfect and even I snore when I have a cold. But people who snore all the time. It's really fucking annoying. They should be smothered with a pillow and shot in the head. I think it's generally fat people that snore a lot too. Go to the fucking doctor. Use some fucking breathe right strips. Plug your nose and just breathe through your mouth dammit. - Kinky Kelly

billy the kid wasn't completely wrong !- gglass

I don't care as long as I am not in the same room- bone03

Good Answer AwardOne way to stop my woman from snoring is to roll her over and stuff something long and hard in her mouth. When other people snore I think it's either a desperate desire for attention, or an extreme form of passive aggression. I mean, how can you be more passive than to be obnoxious and annoying while you are asleep. You're woken up by your victim and then you get to act like you are the victim and are being persecuted by those you are torturing with your sleep deprivation technique. What an asshole you are when you snore. - JimmysaysListenupdude

Good Answer AwardPlug their noses with peanut butter and watch them squirm as they wake up and try to figure out why they can’t breath and where the smell came from.- IshKabilly

They need to get a nose strip.- Chicken of Despair

It can be irritating. Not a big issue. Smother them, true story.- haeboe

Hey, I didn't even have a clue I did until my ex-spouse told me so. And I'm not sure she has my best interests in mind, you know?- Hey! It's NEDLY - NOT dumbass!

Good Answer Awardsnoring is really a type of secret language with which old people use to communicate back to their mothership on how to torture the unsuspecting adolescents of the world.- lamenamegameforshame

Good Answer AwardPlease, seek help. If I'm in the same room as you, I will mentally curse you and blame my tiredness the next day on you. People who have mild sleep apnea drive me nuts because I am constantly concerned if they're alive or not. They'll inhale and...not breathe...not breathe...not breathe...*THIS IS ME FREAKING OUT AND MAKING THE FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS*...then they breathe. Whew!...and then they inhale and the freaking out starts all over again. *Sigh*- McDiablo

Good Answer Award" wow, sounds like a cruise ship being sucked into a huge whirlpool, while the orchestra plays bodies by disturbed, with a distinct sound of alot of fat people trying to squeeze into a speedo"- Great Jihad

I'm thinking, if you have a wee little nose, you'll have less room to breathe, which causes snoring. My friend has a wee little nose, I wonder if he snores.- Zelda

Shove some toilet paper up yer nose and have some respect for us quiet sleepers! Well, actually, they really can't help it...well, actually, they can. They have fingers, and I would hope they have TP so yeah, shut the f*ck up, I'm trying to sleep!- The Bubble

I really cannot say anything about that because i snore when i cannot breathe throughout my nose and through my nasal because i know that when other people snore they grunt when they sleep so thats my opinion.- tt

Good Answer AwardI would assume that most people who snore have sleep apnea, but are completely unaware of it. So, this means that people who snore stop breathing periodically in the middle of the night, and thus do not enter a restorative REM sleep cycle. This means, during the daytime, these are the tense, coffee-addicted, freaks and weirdos of the world who fly off the handle at the drop of the hat. They will all die young.- idontmindthesunsometimes

Good Answer AwardMy thoughts... I dont think, I just push him out of bed...- yam

my thoughts are scattered most of the time, but ill try to make this amusing for the rest of you. i think people who snore are really just aliens. they come to the earth in an attempt to save it and the only reason our earth continues spinning is because of the super sonic vibrations their snores give off.- bobthemouse09

Anybody who does it but hates when other people do it is an ass.- Rico

People that snore don't bother me. I sleep like a someone who sleeps well.- G-Rod

they need surgery- tine

Hey they can't help it., they are asleep- Kster

They cant help it, but its annoying.- Gazza

i snore... and i dont like me... wait i fuckin hate me... i suck... i suck i suck.... so um.. ya i guess im agenst it- elbonyo

dumb..annoying- ZC

i snore...they rock- beatch

Good Answer AwardMy thoughts are complicated. My brother snores. It bugs me. My boyfriend snores. It doesn't bother me. Therefore, I conclude that snoring only annoys me when the person who is snoring annoys me. If it gets too annoying, I can always smother the offending person with the nearest pillow.- bluemonkeyfearer

They're tasty with a bit of mustard. Yeah, snoring too.- Insaneslasher

well i believe that so called "Snoring" is really little purple people living inside your head. and while you sleep they eat cotton candy which makes the "snoring" sound. and surprizingly i love a parson who snores.. it annoying and it makes it hard for me to sleep but its worth while but everyone else that snores are lame..- 6inchhookerheels

Good Answer AwardThey don't really worry me; unless they're in the same room that I'm trying to get a well deserved nap in. If this means my room, I have enough ammunition on my bed (Ie: pillows, stuffed animals, peeps, uzis, etc.) to make sure they get a crappy night's sleep. If this means math class, I make sure that all my pencils are sharpened to proper stabbing form and lay siege to the back of their necks. - Rabid Dustbunny

Good Answer AwardPlenty of thoughts on the subject. One very fond memory of my parents, my sister, my two uncles and aunt, my grandmother and grandfather all snoring in my grandparents' summer house in the country where the walls are just put up for visual privacy. I don't mind if my significant other snores. As long as he doesn't snore too loud for me to get sleep, e.g. as loud as 8 people in a wooden house. I never used to snore. Now I snore every now and then, much to people's amusement, as I tend to fall asleep in random palces, usually when hanging out with my friends and I feel safe. But I babble more in my sleep than I snore. I think it's funny. I submit you to the grasshoppers. - yoghurt_yoga

Put them all in a room and seal it up so they suffocate. - burp master

I hate snoring, so whenever I hear someone snoring within my hearing range, I simply shove them up a against a wall with something. Or inject them with liquid caffiene.- Katoid

People who snore need to be fed peanut butter in their sleep, those are much better noises to be making.- Zombie Sock Monkey

drunk people snore really loud, garrys always drunk and even with the spare room vacant between our bedrooms i still wake to the sound frequently. when he passes out on the sofa? oh man, no rest will come those nights!- sikkgrrl

If they do it behind closed doors it doesn't bother me. What I hate is when they do it out in public like they're trying to show off or make a statement or something! As long as they keep it to themselves I suppose it isn't really hurting anybody. I mean, I'm not a "Snorephobe" or anything.- cessna

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