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You're being told some VERY important information by someone, information that may save your life one day, do you still listen even if they are dressed in garbage bags, wear purple socks, have a mullet and smell like skunks?

Yes, I'd listen. And then I'd eat them.- Kinky Kelly

How did you know what I'm wearing- gglass

You went to University of Massachusetts too, didn't you? That describes my Calculus professor perfectly. Of course I listen to him, then I find a tutor to teach me what I really need to know so I can pass the exam anyway. - JimmysaysListenupdude

Every one deserves a chance to voice their opinion and by simply hearing it once it can change fate.- IshKabilly

Well I could over look the garbage bags, purple socks, and smellines. Though the mullet is questionable, rednecks cannot be trusted. The shallow gene pool affects their memories and thinking ability.- Chicken of Despair

Mullet I listen. The rest no.- haeboe

Good Answer AwardSounds sort of like my next-door neighbors, except they have a skunk and smell like mullets. Close, though. Anyway, I don't understand Ukranian or Brooklynese or Polynesian (or whatever it is they babble), so the question is moot.- Hey! It's NEDLY - NOT dumbass!

well of course not...purple is a gay color. (blue + pink = purple.) however if they changed into, say, lime green socks then yes i would listen to them. maybe even take notes.- lamenamegameforshame

Good Answer AwardI'd take my chances (and risk losing my sense of smell for a few hours) and listen to the strange dude. I learned from Robert Munsch that oddly dressed people are more in tune with the world around them and have important lessons to share--you go, Paper Bag Princess!- McDiablo

HEY!!! are you making fun of how i dress!? kiss my dick!!- Great Jihad

Hey, I wear a garbage bag! That's VERY insulting.- Zelda

Smell like skunks? No, I wouldn't listen, I'd be too distracted by the smell and would further go on to say, "Pass the weed!"- The Bubble

Well if they are psycho then no but other than that if they were told if we were gonna die and stuff like that then yes but if they are an ordianry person then no i would go to a real psychic to read my palms.- tt

No way. They probably grew up in the Bible Belt, and just wanna tell me that If I don't get "saved" then i'm going to hell. I've heard it before.- idontmindthesunsometimes

Well it'd be something to do...- yam

i think i would remember it and then if i ever needed the information i would use it. in the mean time i would steal the person's garbage bags because under them i know i would find rosie odonnel's next plans of attack on my fridge. or i might find rosie herself!- bobthemouse09

Good Answer AwardI would have to say yes since you just described me.- Rico

Good Answer AwardSure, why not? I had a good friend named Jim one time. He ran around completely naked, never bathed or anything. He had a beard that he wore as a bikini...anyway, he told me that Jesus was a pretty cool dude, but that he'd be off'd by the Roman Mafia...he was right!- G-Rod

yes- tine

yes I believe everyone has some pertinent information. YOu can learn something from everyone- Kster

Yeah- Gazza

as long as i can pee on them .... yes- elbonyo

yeap- ZC

yes- beatch

Good Answer AwardBoy. I'm really struggling with this one. Part of me is yelling that it doesn't matter what they look like if they're saying something important. The other part of me is screaming, "Flee, flee for you lives!!! It's wearing purple socks!"- bluemonkeyfearer

Hell, no. I make a point of not listening to anyone who's not wearing a green tutu and a rabbit-tail-shaped buttplug.- Insaneslasher

maybe.. what color is the mullet? if its green/brown and smels like skunk piss then i will believe him but if not he can go suck on some sour lemons that i grew out of my toilet..- 6inchhookerheels

Madora looks just like that, and I still listen to her. Except for the purple sock thing. Cause she's wearing flip flops. But she assures me that she's just in disguise, so it's ok. As for the life saving information, I think I might listen but only if it will save my life and it includes peanut buttter, squirrels, sock monkeys and/or Reese Witherspoon.- Rabid Dustbunny

Good Answer AwardOf course. Heck, I'd listen even harder. I would make a note of it to create a hat for them made entirely of coins, too.- yoghurt_yoga

That's the guy I got that book from. Good thing I kicked his ass when I took his book.- burp master

It'd have to depend on the information. If it was interesting, I might listen. I might also de-bag them, sponge bathe them, and give em a haircut. Then again, I prefer life to be a mystery. Which does in fact mean that I would rather die from being pushed out a plane and landing in a pond of pirhana because I didn't know the population of Taiwan, then attempt to listen.- Katoid

Sure, doesn't hurt me to listen for a second. Now, if they happened to smell like ham, i might consider cutting them off to initiate murder....- Zombie Sock Monkey

is it a really creepy scary leering pervert? or just grubby and cast off? either way i guess the answer is the same-ill be listening- sikkgrrl

Sure I would listen. You just described my 9th grade home ec teacher!- cessna

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