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Do you worry that HACKERS will break into your computer, steal all your IMPORTANT files, email any embarrassing photos/files to your friends/family and then destroy your hard drive?

No. I'm not that paranoid. - Kinky Kelly

Bring it on I'm so broke the worst a hacker could do is end up owing a percent of my debt. And as far as embarrassing me GOOD LUCK your lucky if I show up in church with pants- gglass

No, are you planning something?- bone03

Good Answer AwardI don't worry about internet intruders anymore. Not since I installed the "New and Improved Computor Identity theft prevention next generation nuclear warhead device". Any attempt to hijack my hard drive or download sensitive data will result in the total annihilation of the Earth in a fifty trillion gigaton antimatter enhanced thermonuclear explosion. So hackers beware. Don't touch my shit.- JimmysaysListenupdude

I have my own defenses and if some one is really persistent to get through my firewalls I will destroy their own computers… let them watch their computer melt…- IshKabilly

Not really, all its not like I have porn or plots to take over the world, or an online diary, those things are fucking retarded.- Chicken of Despair

I don't have embarrassing things... I'm normal. I promise. On the other hand, I cannot afford another harddrive. - haeboe

Well...I didn't until now. - Hey! It's NEDLY - NOT dumbass!

Good Answer Award1. no. 2. all my important files, like plans for a how to guide about taking over the world, are not on my computer but rather written on random bar napkins and old classified ads and shoved in a nike shoe box in my closet. 3. if someone sees these so called embarassing photos, i will brainwash them into thinking it was not me but my evil twin from switzerland. 4. well it would be a good excuse to get a new one...- lamenamegameforshame

Good Answer AwardMan, this scares me even more because of the random capitalized words. I'll probably unplug my computer for a full year and spend most of my time cuddling and consoling the monitor, petting it, and saying, "It'll be all right, you're safe from the evil HACKERS." - McDiablo

Good Answer AwardHOLY JESUS JUMPING UP AND DOWN ON A FAT GUYS HEAD CHRIST!! what if they see my naked photos of Mzebonga spanking emerald, god fucking son of a french tickling whores dented up ass.... i mean... theres nothing of the sort on my hard drive.....(suckers hahahahahaha)- Great Jihad

No, no one would dare hack me, and my hardcore hardrive, I'd go kung fu on their arse.- Zelda

I have had an email hacked before, but anything they find on my computer would embarrass other people more than me. It would be a good laugh for myself, so, by all means, be my guest. Mwahahaha!- The Bubble

No, but there is music on there and there is an journal of my everyday life so when i do an journal like so i dont have to worry about when people get into my computer so i have a password to my CD-ROM.- tt

Sometimes, which is why I don't download porn...I make my own.- idontmindthesunsometimes

No. 1. I dont keep embarassing photos. what half-arsed twit is stupid enough to do that? and 2. All I do on my computer is play rollercoaster tycoon...- yam

Good Answer Awardwell lets see, if they did manage to get in then my array of viruses that are currently eating my computer will eat theirs as well. plus, if they send ne thing from my computer the viruses will get on the emails and everyone else's computers will be effected as well so they wouldnt even be able to open the embarassing emails and the hackers will be out a computer.- bobthemouse09

No, I have no shame.- Rico

Nope, I'm a computer geek. I write my own firewalls...they even protect against Microsoft!- G-Rod

Monkey Buttno- tine

I have nothing interesting on my computer- Kster

Monkey ButtNo- Gazza

redrum- elbonyo would they really devote the time to looking through my contacts and findind family and friends? - ZC

Monkey Buttno- beatch

Only when my brother is on the computer. After all, I'm not the dumbass that manages to piss off half of the people using the internet across the country.- bluemonkeyfearer

Not really. Creepy porn works better than most firewalls.- Insaneslasher

Good Answer Awardwell considering that im a secret agent.. yes i do worry about that because i have many embarrassing photos/videos of all the important secret agent's various parties.. where many of us are drunk/makingout with the same sex/stuffing our faces with cake/being nude. we have quite the interesting parties..- 6inchhookerheels

Good Answer AwardNo, not really. Luckily, I'm not a paranoid freak and don't worry about things like this. However, if this DID happen, I would be more embarassed by the Spam guy picture featured recently on InsaneTalk than of anything I could come up with. - Rabid Dustbunny

Yes! I knew I wasn't the only one...- yoghurt_yoga

Again? That keeps happening to me. How did you know, are you guys doing it? I hate you, I hope you die!- burp master

Not really. That's because they know that if they even touch my fuckin computer, they'll wish they'd never been to the Congo- Katoid

Good Answer AwardNot too much... i encript my files with gibberish, making them look like my opinion on the stock market, kenny g based blogs, and pictures of my grandma bathing my grown uncle.- Zombie Sock Monkey

Good Answer Awardi wish the hackers would do a b and e on my imac, it would be like an adventure or a ps 2 game or a reality show or something. i got a 1981 imac filled with images of double penetration close ups and a bunch of emails about making my dick (huh?) bigger waist smaller with a free 3 day trial offer and my daily tarot card readings (those are important documents-i got em backed op on dvd- sikkgrrl

I have nothing to hide and my hard drive is close to self destructing anyway. I say, "Bring 'em on"!!- cessna

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