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What if you were a wookie, would you wear pants?

i know some one at school who we call wookie, he wares pants, we call him wookie because he always has a face full of hair... even though he shaves....- Ishkabilly

uh...i guess not i mean a wookie sounds like something with no reproductive organs so what would be the point...- stillmatic

no way man! wookies are expressing their freedom with their nakedfurryness. did you know wookie's cant see the colour yellow? - quckathedyslexicduck

Hell no!- nameless idiot

Why would I want to wear pants? If I were a wookie, then my entire nether regions would be covered in hair (unfortunately) so you wouldn't see anything anyway. Also, becasue of my hirsuitedness as a wookie, I would be too damn overheated in pants. The really is no need for me to wear pants if I were a wookie. And fuck shirts too...if you're gonna lose the pants, might as well ditch the shirt too! Rebel against the establishment of consevatism! - idontmindthesunsometimes

I would not wear pants if I were a wookie or any similarly furry being. Wear pants would be redundant as the purpose of wearing pants is to cover up your naughty bits and protect them. If I had a decent lair of fur, it would not matter if I wore pants or not. Have you ever seen any furred-creature wear pants? I doubt it.- wrapedinplastic

yeh but only if you do the thing with the milk carton- god

As many people know, male wookies (or wook-eye, the plural form of the word) perfer suspenders over pants, especially in their harsh climate.- water connosouir

Why change now, not that I don't wear pants, but I don't think wookies wear pants. Wait a minute, I don't think there is any such thing as a real wookie, so if I were a wookie I would be in a Star Wars movie so it would be up to George Lucas if I wore pants. But then he would probably type-cast me as myself and I only wear pants as part of my show costume, the kind that rip off at the seams to expose the full monty of course. So I would be a Chipendale Wookie with Tuxedo pants that tear off with the flick of a hairy paw.- Ballzack itchen

Hmmmmmm....... Maybe it depends who would be with me but i don't think i would want to be a wookie in the first place - Bert/Munchies

Fuck no. Wookies don't wear pants.- EviL

I'd actually wear a really pretty dress that would trim my waist size and high heel stilletos to enhance my leg muscles. then i would probably get implants or take steroids. depending on what sex i wanted to be. or if i just wanted to be a tranny... oh desicions desicions.- b_write

no...*wookie sound*- No-name the return

yes- AJ

Only for horse-riding- Fuzzy Duck

Of course not! It would be like a furry oven in those pants and not in a good way. The pants would also hinder movement...besides that, what's more fun than running around naked?- Katoid first inclination would be to say YES and then LEATHER PANTS. But on second thought fur and leather pants do not go together quite well. However if I shaved off all the fur on my legs as I'm sure female wookies would..right? Then HELL YES I WOULD! I'd be the hottest wookie ever! - PyroPrincezz

Yes! I'd wear pants just for a day just so I could go on this TV show called "Pants Off Dance Off" where you get to dance without pants for your favorite music video/song. I'd probably pick some heavy metal German song so I could be the first wookie to be a metal furhead.- A Horse Named Poe

Pants? Oh please, if I were a wookie, and from what I know about wookie's, which is actually nothing besides what they are, I'd free ball it! I mean, someone that big and animal like, has to have a little something to look at, right? And I'm sure if I wore pants, that would only be really uncomfortable.... - Drums

Hell no. This would be the perfect opportunity to go around pantless. I would do this all the time as a human, but there are laws against that. Yes, I'm a goody two-shoes who'd rather not break the law, thank you. If I were a wookie, I'd definitely pull a Donald Duck with the shirt and no pants thing...yes, complete with that hat.- McDiablo

hell no- TGPMS

A wookie without pants is just wrong- Plebbbbbbbbbbberrrrrrr

a wat wat??? - confused

Only after the brazilian wax job- Keith Lame

I would not have a mind of my own so I guess it depends on what I am told to do.- missidiot

Hell no, I'd show myself off in all my resplendent hairy glory.- Mzebonga

I don't know much about wookies but don't they have hair covering their naughty bits? I'm not even quite sure how wookies procreate. I bet it's messy.- Gladys

somewhat- the sockmonkey rapist

no ,ok maybe?- itsme


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