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There is a wardrobe in an empty room. Do you crawl in and try to find Narnia or do you burn it because Mr Tumnus is a big loser and no one should have to put up with him and his folk ever again?

wtf? i just watched narnia and now i answer this question?! actualy... i would enter.... and if i found narnia, i would come back to our world, retreive an atom bomb and go back to narnia, then i would set it off to test my theiroy if the cascade explosion would spill out into our world- Ishkabilly

Narnia. Hands down. I once took a cupboard on a safari to try and get the whole narnia experience, but i got charged by a heard of hippos. - quckathedyslexicduck

Well I would kill Mr. Tumnus and the Ice Queen chick and rule over Narnia then burn the wardrobe- nameless idiot

Fuck Narnia! I'd rather go to Hogwarts....or Hell.- idontmindthesunsometimes

I would totally crawl into Narnia. Mr. Tumnus is cool. Not many people will ask you to come to their home and offer you a nice cup of tea. It doesn't matter that he will turn you in to the White Witch, because Aslan kicked her ass and I doubt that he would make that kind of mistake again. It would be excellent to live another life and then come back to your own and not have aged a day.- wrapedinplastic

i am god - god

I will stuff my 14 week old tuna sandwhich in he wardrobe, which will sufficate all of the inhabitants of narnia...muahaha.- water connosouir

First I'd stuff it (the wardrobe) full of sock monkeys and I'd get my little sister to go in to see them all in a box in the corner. I'd tell Mr T to go in and get her out. Then I'd burn the wardrobe with them in it. Not only is Mr Tutmos a loser but anyone who would fall for fantacies like that should be torched as well. Then I'd get crocked on tequilla and piss on the ashes, I wouldn't want to burn the whole house down.- Ballzack itchen

I belive that every one should be given a chance to find happiness ......Ha bet you thought i was being serious? even if i was being serious Mr. Tumnus sucks ass and i would feel sorry for n e one who had to meet him so i would burn it not just because i like to burn things but he is a giant loser and he should fall down a very long and dark hole and die.- Bert/Munchies


ummmmmm...weeeeee *faires*- No-name the return

no- AJ


I liked Mr. Tumnus! He seemed kind of like a pedophile to me but I'm too old for him so I'd chill with him! I think he liked that little girl a little too much but I'm 15 so I'm safe...Plus I could totally kick the witches ass with something called "modern technology". All I'd need would be a flamethrower, a couple of grenades and some pirahna and probably Fabio and I'd have Narnia as my own little kingdom!- PyroPrincezz

Well actually I thought the ice queen was more of a loser than Mr Tumnus. I mean what a bitch! Although I suppose I would be too if I had to live in a nice cheery place like that. You can't be cheerful ALL the time I mean it just gets annoying. Like that ride in disneyworld with the little munchkin people singing "it's a small world after all". You know..if you put that song on your website and somehow made it so people couldn't log off your site or shut down there computer once the site was up you could probably make a ton of money by having people pay you so you would get the site with that song off there computer. You'd also have to make it so they couldn't turn off there speakers as well. But hey it could work. That technically should have been my answer to the above question but I took up too much room up there with my tyrade. (not sure if that's the right spelling, probably not.)- A Horse Named Poe

I would do neither. But only cause I don't I don't know who Mr.Tumnus is, but I'm guessing he's the author or whatever, of that book....What I would really do, is take the wardrobe to the top of any building, call out some random common name like John, wait for anyone to stop and look. If they do, strike up an interesting conversation with them, and have my friend, on the other building across from mine, who stole the wardrobe behind my back, drop it on the unsuspecting John Doe.....- Drums

Yeah, I'd go in the wardrobe--I'm cool and curious like that, but mostly cool. I'd then proceed to seduce Mr. Tumnus and de-loser-fy him. You've gotta love a dude who doesn't wear pants.- McDiablo

I'd burn it, but for heat, not revenge. - TGPMS

Narnia? Mr Tummnus is a big loser and no on shloud have to put up with him and his folk ever again? HMMM NARNIA!!!- Plebbbbbbbbbbberrrrrrr

errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr narnia my arse hahahaha what a load of bullshit oppps i jus swore, haha oh well what you gonna do *baaaaa*- confused

Um,what are you doing in my room?That is where I am right now,who the fuck is Mr Tumnus and what is a Narnia???- Keith Lame

Burn it! Mr Tumnus is an imaginary character (in my waking moments anyway) and should be thought of in that way.- missidiot

I crawl in and hide and hope that nobody finds me for 15 years and then, when I'm legally dead, I reappear and get any insurance money or such - maybe sell my story to the media.- Mzebonga

The chances of it being a portal into Narnia are very slim. I would think that there would only be one wardrobe which goes into Narnia. But if I burnt it down then I would never have to face the disappointment of not being able to travel to a fantasy world.- Gladys

Ill modernise it by killing all animals, cutting down trees, and paving the ground then ill suficate and die from polution! everone wins!- the sockmonkey rapist

I would crawl in and eat the lion- itsme


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