Results for May 2006

Mzebonga has decided that JCP is too insane, and doesn't want to visit Canada anymore.
Where do you suggest he visit next and why?

simple- ducktape him to the hood of jcp's car and have her drive on the worng side of the road on a free way during rush hour. then he can dibate weather she is too insane- Ishkabilly

well i've always like hanwell, in west london. it has everything that canada doesn't, and yes that includes gun toting rabbits. - quckathedyslexicduck

UHHHHHHH........ He should hang with Elmo(even though he's a... whatever he is) and go to grouchland cause in grouchland drugs r free - nameless idiot

My bedroom. Do I need to elaborate?- idontmindthesunsometimes

I suggest that he visit Ethiopia. Then maybe he will see that Canada isn't really as bad as it could be.- wrapedinplastic

matabele land they have a house made of chickens- god

Japan..3 words..Tec, hnol, oogy.- water connosouir

Tierra del Fuego has some nice rocky shorelines and almost no insane people. Without insane Jane, Msebonga would get lonely and either jump off a cliff to an icy watery death or he would decide that JCP and Canada aren't really that bad anyway and he would come back. But who wants him anyway, I hope he jumps into the icy south Atlantic and drowns. Then I can go to Canada and have JCP all to myself! - Ballzack itchen

I don't know where he should go but WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T GO TO EUROPE IT SUCKS! wait i do know where he should go! go to mexico and see a donkey show i bet he would like that i know i did!- Bert/Munchies

Hell. If Mzebonga is too insane, I'm sure JCP can install the air conditioner down there...and the insanity would stop...- EviL

Most people will say COME TO MY HOUSE! but i would surely dissagree. I think a nice place to visit would be a tiny island and take jcp with you and just chill for a while to ensure that you both will eventually be equally insane. that surely is a good idea.- b_write

he should go to california...they are strange there- No-name the return

i think he should go to Africa so he can have some sense- AJ

I suggest he visit Korea and eat their delicious national food, kimchi. He should video-tape himself eating kimchi and send it to JCB.- Fuzzy Duck

JAPAN! Because JAPAN is the best place in the world. Not only are the Japanese about 10 times as smart as us fat, burger munching, Bush electing, lowest literacy rate ever Americans, but they have some badass technology. Plus they're nice, polite and don't steal.- PyroPrincezz

Hell visit us. I'd love to see the look on my moms face if some weird british guy showed up on our doorstep. He might be entertaining for a little while and would have a field day insulting all the morons in my town. I live in Texas...rednecks to patronize galour and most of them don't carry guns so he would be relatively safe.- A Horse Named Poe

He should visit Mongolia, so he can join the mongolian army, and once again, try to destroy the wall of china. Why should be do this? Because I had the strangest idea that if mongolian's show up again, they're gonna be made into popstars! I mean, who wouldn't like a Mongolian Boy Band?.......- Drums

Too insane?! How rude. There's no such thing as being "too insane". Well, just for that, I'd lure Mzebonga here and tell him to meet me in some town in rural BC. Before his arrival, I'd set it up with the locals for him to work in the nearby mine and then I'd leave town whilst busting a move into the sunset. Yes, facing the dark and dangerous life that is mining is actually a harmless punishment when it comes to being rude to the dictator--uh, I mean JCP.- McDiablo

Canada, because its the last thing anyone would expect.- TGPMS

I think he should just stay at home and sit on his ass all day :D- Plebbbbbbbbbbberrrrrrr

he can visit timbuctoo cos its far away from the rest of the world and no one will ever see him again!!!! hahah and its very nice there, i always imagined it full of martinies and swimming people and nice eygption things!- confused

Buffalo is always interesting,kind of like Chicago but with less teeth...- Keith Lame

I suggest he visit America, I think he'd get a kick out of that. He could assassinate the president (if he got close enough) and whoever thinks America rules!- missidiot

You keep putting words in my mouth: stop doing that! Anyway, on my list are the following: the Trans-Syberian railroad, the Great Wall of China, Tenerife, Ypres (in Beligum), Hamburg (to drink Holsten Pils), Lake Titicaca (hee hee) and, I dunno, Milton Keynes...- Mzebonga

South Africa. There's a good chance he'll be robbed and possibly raped. Then he'll be even more bitter. He's not yet curmudgeonly enough.- Gladys

Japan cuz its the best contry in the world!- the sockmonkey rapist

canada u pussy- itsme


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