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We've recently heard of a chick who is such a freak that she won't even take a shit in the same house as her husband, but also won't take a shit at work. (Yes, her insides are becoming messed up by this insanity.) Is that the most insane thing you've heard or do you know someone who is even more mental? Ishkabilly

i knew a bloke who thought that the moon was his friend and that Emu's were assasins sent from the planet Gleep. Apparently, during an interview with a turnip, a drunk Emu blurted the whole thing out. He was last seen building a rocket out of papier mache willys. - quckathedyslexicduck

Yea thats insane but one of my friends cousins won't piss or shit unless he is at his house he rather piss himself!- nameless idiot

My principal won't let the girls wear knee socks in the 80 degree weather. Instead, we are all confined to the navy blue opaque tights underneath the navy blue wool skort we all wear, attracting all the heat that the sun has to offer, and then all the girls get rashes and yeast infections and no one wants to fuck us anymore. The bitch is fucked three ways to the weekend!- idontmindthesunsometimes

No that is not insane. Women do not poo so if anybody were to think that they did so, it would be disaterous. As for pooing at work, that would be just rude. Anybody could walk in and smell you poo and that would not be very nice for them. - wrapedinplastic

yeh my mum eat my sister when she was seven- god

There's this strange woman who keeps knocking on my door and asking to shit in my house. I tell her to go away because I don't clean my bathroom and I don't want strangers to think I'm strange for that. If I had known she just wanted to cheat on her husband I would have let her in. I'd probably have to give her a hot olive oil enema to unclog all that brown matter. But then, If I could stand the smell, she would be my willing anal slave. She would come to my house daily for hot oil injections and bowel blasting. I could even get her to clean my house for me. Thanks I. D. this is a great idea.- Ballzack itchen

Yea thats crazy but i want to know where does she shit and does she piss in the house with her husband or at work? - Bert/Munchies

Yeah thats pretty intense.....- EviL

Well, I in fact do know someone who is more mental. Thanks for asking. It all started when I was young. It might have been watching my 8 year old sadistic friend throw cats off of a tree house into a pile of pillows and watching the cat freak out. I cried every time and I think she got pleasure out of this. meanwhile, I tried to overcome the desire to push her off the treehouse. (I am currently an activist for PETA) So after all of this, I started realizing things that put other things in a negative space. Meaning that I obtained the disorder known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I don't count the steps I take, or touch certain objects, but I move objects into other places so that they are either in color order, size order, calorie order (for food), price order, and all of my money is in number order ( those tiny numbers printed on the dollar bills) and it actually is quit a nuisance. if that beats the lady who can't take a shit at her house, i guess i am pretty happy to say i'm somewhat normal.- b_write

no- AJ

I know someone who not only won't take a shit at work, but he won't let his girfriend take a shit at his house! He claims that once he knows that a girl shits, he stops being sexual in any way. - Fuzzy Duck

Well if you define "know" loosely then I'd have to say the people that invented or helped to write algebra. It's...extremely random. The rules they make up are subject to change to fit the persons whims. And sometimes they don't even bother to change said rules, they just outright BREAK the damn things in half gleefully while I'm sitting completely confused ready to tear my hair out. On the other hand if you don't define "know" loosely then I'd have to say that I don't think I know anybody quite that mental...except maybe Beetlejuice.- PyroPrincezz

Well that is quite insane but I do in fact know somebody who is more mental then that. My other personality, happens to go around telling random strangers how the color of the sky is a conspiracy and that the government just WANTS us to believe that it's blue naturally. She believes that the sky used to be black but in the way of beautification of the Earth the government made a special dye to dye it blue. That should make you think, don't you like this personality better?- A Horse Named Poe

I know plenty of people who have their own special quirks, but that chick is going a tad bit overboard in that department. That said, it takes a hell of a lot for something to weird me out. I tend to find the freaks of the world a lot more interesting and would rather be around them than those who don't fully embrace their freak side. The normal people are the ones we should be afraid of, not females who refuse to take a dump. Now, let's just hope she doesn't have a bowel movement ooze out of her mouth (yes, the one time I watched "House" that ended up happening--delicious).- McDiablo

I know people more insane than that.- TGPMS

Your mum- Plebbbbbbbbbbberrrrrrr

ermmm thats rubbish ye, some people dont take a shit in there own home if people are over cos they are losers, plus its her fault if her insides are messed up hahahah!!! she will explode- confused

Maybe she waits to shit in sandbox out back,after covering it up noone would know... That's not really that insane,as long as she washes her hands when she's done- Keith Lame

No, the most insane thing I have ever heard was about a person who wanted all her food heated, even ice cream.- missidiot

I have to say that the inability to shit around anyone, especially your significant other, just about takes the biscuit in terms of insane shit that people do. Or don't do in her case.- Mzebonga

If she continues not to shit then it she will eventually vomit it. I know someone who has had that happen to them. After like two months of constipation. That is not the most insane thing I have ever heard, however, since once when I was in hospital I voluntarily didn't shit for three and a half weeks.- Gladys

yes my step mom.- the sockmonkey rapist

no- itsme


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