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What if one day while wandering around, you find a doorway that had your name written on it, but there is no indication as to what was inside the building; Would you go in and demand answers or think it's a trick and run far, far away?

take all percautions before heading in. basicaly a 12gauge sawedoff and a flashlight- Ishkabilly

uh...i would run away i fell for that trick before and it ended with me getting beaten up by some guy waiting for me....and he robbed me....i guess curiosity killed the cat...or something- stillmatic

id go through the door. I'd tell whoever listening to get the hell out of my doorway, that it was my effing doorway and anybody caught here would have to answer to mr fisty. then i'd take a shit and think about selling it on ebay.- quckathedyslexicduck

i get confused easily so ..... yea i don't know what i would do- nameless idiot

It's a trick! They're trying to trap me! Damn commies!- idontmindthesunsometimes

I would be kind of facinated, and I might possibily do some research on it, but most likely I would dismiss it as pure coincidence. If the door looked particularly nice, like it didn't lead anywhere scary, I might venture through it.- wrapedinplastic

run iwould run- god

I would call george, and tell him to order me a hamburger. I really feel like a hamburger.- water connosouir

I would be glad that I finally tracked down the Bastard thats been using my name and I'd go in to kill him. Of course upon entering I would find the door locked behind me and the room would be full of people with the same name as me. All of them having fallen for the same ploy, they are discussing why someone would want to trap us all here. Seeing an opportunity to screw with their minds I would announce that it was I who had lured them all to their doom and that for ten thousand dollars each I would release them. The conditions being that compliance with my demands must be unanimous before they would be released. While they are all taking time to decide to pay me I would figure out how to unlock the door so I could let them out when they were ready to pay. I guess this answers question number 3 for you.- Ballzack itchen

it depends how my name was written and where the building was located- Bert/Munchies

I'd go in. Maybe there's sexy men, and garbage bags full of chopped off heads with money in them... ehehehe...- EviL

I would go inside, but only to find my mother sitting in a lounge chair laughing and eating my birthday/wedding cake....she's a bitch like that.- b_write

i would go and get a police man so he could go in first and that way if he got killed or if it was a trap i could just go away- No-name the return

i will think it's a trick and run far, far away- AJ

This happens to me all the time, but until now every time I try to enter the building I pop through into Narnia.- Fuzzy Duck

I knew there was a secret cult dedicated to me somewhere! I don't think I would go in though...I think I would be too scared that they would cut me into little pieces and eat me to gain my superhuman powers.- Katoid

I'd never run away from a possible confrontation! Besides I might get sucked into a wormhole, get transported to another planet and get to live among clones of myself.- PyroPrincezz

A trick? Like i walk inside and I realize I'm on a Nickelodeon show where they dump green ooze on my head in front of a million viewers? Well considering that happens almost everyday of my life I'd go in just to see what was inside. I don't know if I'd ask anybody. I'd probably just snoop around until security found me out. Then I would run far far away from the scary guys with nightsticks.- A Horse Named Poe

I would go in, claim the area as mine, adopt my own native language, and build a castle. After that,I'd join with Canada, so I can get free maple syrup, and then pour the maple syrup over all the Mongolian boy bands....because they're are just so kinda creepy 80 year old guy kinda way....- Drums

Oh, knowing me I'd just point at the door and say, "Whoa, weird, that door has my name on it" and keep walking by. Yes, I'm boring when it comes to things like this. I wouldn't feel really curious about what's behind the door unless the building is somewhat interesting--or happens to be the 7-Eleven headquarters *cough*- McDiablo

I'd go in.- TGPMS

I would sit there for 31.5 minutes thinking... yeh, just thinking, but then i would get bored and forget what i was thinking about so i would ring up my friend Bob but then i would realise he isn't there, "where is Bob?" i would ask myself, and then i would sit there thinking this thought for a further 31.5 minutes, but then i would forget what i was originally thinking about. Sorry, what was the question?- Plebbbbbbbbbbberrrrrrr

ii would so so so go in i mean my name is kinda wierd ye sera not sarah but SERA so ye i would go in maybe find someone thing nice, either way it was some kinda of sign rite?- confused

The last time I went in I left with an odd cloudy feeling in my brain and my asshole was bleeding profusely...- Keith Lame

I would march in and demand answers. If they shout APRIL FOOL! I will stick up my finger and mutter a few choice words. If there was none, I would badger then until a) they give me answers or b) they go to court and demand a restraining order.- missidiot

I would go inside and yell at everyone to leave, claiming that it was my building and I was reclaiming it. I would then sell it for a vast amount of money. Many years later, if my name was still on the doorway, I would attempt to pull the same stunt.- Mzebonga

If the door were a coffin shape I may be concerned. Otherwise I would think "wow, there's someone else who has exactly the same name as me and they live here".- Gladys

i would first take the written name and soder it to my forehead thus everyone will know who that mutalated corps was when i go into the bulding and am killed by ravage wookies with cancer.- the sockmonkey rapist

I would go in the room and take all the valuables and cash and run straight into the bAThtroom- itsme


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