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Have you had any random and insane thoughts today that you would like to share with the rest of the world? (Thoughts that could help bring in tons of cash would be especially good.)

101 ways the earth will end- Ishkabilly

i'm in the process of patenting an excellent new cream that is sure to make millions. i have no name for it yet, but basically it turns all outy belly buttons into innies. - quckathedyslexicduck

Today i had this dumbass song stuck in my head: ROLL ROLL ROLL THE JOINT TWIST IT AT THE ENDS LIGHT IT UP AND TAKE A PUFF AND PASS IT TO YOUR FRIENDS! So when i was in my Science class (during this huge test) ihad a sudden urge to sing it so i did a my science teacher started laughing so hard he fell on his ass! - nameless idiot

I thought today that if vampires suck the blood from anyone, would they contract AIDS, HIV, herpes, hepatitis, or any other disease that is transferrable by contact with blood? Or better yet, would they be carring the disease after sucking on an infected person? Suppose you were attacked by a vampire that had just sucked a dirty prostitute or homeless person. Would you then contract the disease the infected person had from the vampire? How would you explain that to someone? "Yeah, I got AIDS from a vampire." Would anyone even believe you? Would the vampire be remorseful? I thought about that all day today.- idontmindthesunsometimes

I have not especially had any insane thoughts today, and if I had any thoughts that I thought would make any cash, I would not tell you.- wrapedinplastic

gibble crawl in iam the lion- god

i am feeling lonley...and confused about this reality we call the planet earth. I wish i was back upon the suagahogs of Zorg. but i can only dream of them now.. - water connosouir

I had some yesterday that were worth millions, but you asked about today so I guess you're out of luck, beyatch!- Ballzack itchen

i many random thought like the show spongebob squarepants that show is not ment for small children it's really meant for midle-aged parents that smoke pot TEE-HEE and if a 50 pound popular super-slut fell in a forest would she make a sound?- Bert/Munchies

I used to have an imaginary friend, named Becky, and I used to make her run beside the bus, as I was going to school... and she'd get hit with dozens of cars.... and trucks...- EviL

most people don't wear boots when they jump on a trampaline - No-name the return

no- AJ

No random or insane thoughts, just random and insane ACTS! Thoughts are for the WEAK!- Fuzzy Duck

Tons of cash huh? Sell Mzebonga as a sex slave! But random and insane thoughts I have aplenty! Like where can I buy a Conan O'Brien beachball!!! And what would happen if you walked into Walmart without anything on except a shirt and shoes and nothing else. - PyroPrincezz

yes...yes i do you ALL SUCK- Wah wah

What would you do with tons of cash exactly? I might give you my idea if you would use it to spread insanity. Maybe ads on TV for the insane Of course your ads would be more entertaining than the norm. All the ads for "When is a car more than a car" are just stupid. I hate to tell them but a CAR IS NEVER MORE THAN A CAR! It's a stupid, four wheeled, machine, that gets you from point A to point B because you are either too lazy to walk, too fat to walk, it is too far a distance to walk, or you can't walk because you have no legs. You know a lot of problems in this world would be solved I think if they got rid of the media. Not only is the media brainwashing people, but it is stifling creativity in most people. Haven't you noticed how a LOT of movies are remakes? It's like nobody is even bothering to come out with anything new! King Kong, Poseidon, the omen, War of the Worlds, all remakes. Plus filmmakers are even pilfering books and ruining them. Which when they actually make a decent film from a book, isn't terrible. Half the time though they end up completely destroying the film! Not to mention all the violence, sex, drugs, other, that little kids see on television! A History of Violence is a great example. Seemed like a great movie...TURNED OUT to be a stupid movie with violence and sex galore, obviously marketed to fat guys with nothing to do, or militia members. Anyway my point, which is in there somewhere, is that ads are pointless and people have become too obsessed with the almighty dollar. True you need money to be relatively happy, but that doesn't mean that you HAVE to have the latest car that has artificial intelligence.- A Horse Named Poe

Well, not really, ya know, I was just wondering why rocks don't get to have sex..I mean, I bet they'd like to..if they had brains, which I'm sure they do....because, ya know, they just sit around and do nothing all day like the rest of us cooler-than-all-of-you, sure! I didn't have any random thoughts to day at all!- Drums

Well, just yesterday I was thinking about if I were to have kids, I would have hundreds and make them into my own ninja army. Uh, yeah, not one of my greatest ideas as I despise one kid let alone a couple hundred. Maybe I could give all those kids to you guys and you could sell them to make some quick cash. I mean, you've gotta keep this website running somehow. Boo ha haa! - McDiablo


Fuck off, stop stealing my ideas u mo'fo!- Plebbbbbbbbbbberrrrrrr

yes every one sleep with one eye open, beacuse as always the sheep of nightmares is going to attack you in your sleep, awaken you from your sleep and baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa in your ear louder and LOUDER until you awaken and then, just then will you wake up and find a ball of cotten wall besides you.- confused

Usually,but often I share them right away... I'll answer after bring your goat to work day is over.- Keith Lame

I just realized that I do not know one person who is not dumb/insane/rude/boring. That includes myself.- missidiot

I've had a lot of paranoid thoughts that I don't care to share with you. I hate days like that: where you have this nagging irrational problem, that you know is such a tiny possibility, yet you can't fully dismiss it.- Mzebonga

When you have tapeworm, do you shit them out?- Gladys

super happy Jesus clown fun time 0f course- the sockmonkey rapist

sockpuppets that are not monkeys- itsme


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