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You're trapped in a clear box like those mimes PRETEND to be trapped in.
How do you escape, using only a sock, fire and super kung fu powers?

We would teach the sock to use super kung fu powers (much like the power rangers) so that it can BLAST through the box with fire!!-EllyEmmyHolly

make the sock into a super ninja mask, use the fire and kung fu powers to create a Fire ball - Ryu style and escape!-troublemaker

Good Answer Awardi wouldnt.... id tell people to "come here" and laugh when they run into the clear wall.... hahahahahah-elbonyo

I light the sock on fire, let my hand burn until its numb, and then use my SUPAH KUNG FU POWUHS to kick the flaming sock and make a hole. Then, afterwards, I'd leave the flaming sock on my neighbor's doorstep.-Streak9

Good Answer AwardWell...first..I put the sock on my hand and use it as a puppet for self motivation. Second i use the fire on the box, making the molecules of the box scatter from eachother because they're really hot and that's what molecules do when they're hot. Then, with my super kung fu powers, I shatter the box into one million and one tiny peices-Mr.Caring

light the sock on fire.burn baby burn...- dumbass

First i light the sock on fire and i die because how would super kung fu powers help if the box was clear, like u would be able to see where the box was-Who the hell do u think

I'll just pretend to be a mime,so that the FBI can't spot me.I'll play the game of 'be trapted inside' until they go away.Then I stop the game and I run away to Texas and hope that they never find me here.Well of course I don't have any socks with me.I just ran off!-mad_patrol

First, I would light the sock on fire just to make me feel better. Then I'd use my super kung fu powers to smash the box. Easy!-missidiot

First, I would burn the sock with the fire. FIRE! Can I get a heck yes to pyros? The I would use my awesome kung fu skills to attract attention, then they would rescue me, thats when I attack everyone, and then dominate the world.-Zelda

Good Answer AwardLight the sock on fire, let the flame suck up all the oxygen, die, and come back as a polterguist. A Super Kung Fu Polterguist, fuckin' all the shit up.-me

Good Answer AwardI would use my powers of telekenesis to seperate the long-chain molecules of lexan into disassociated strands so that I could permiate the confines in one fluid motion. I would then stretch the sock over my raging hard-on, warm my tootsies by the fire, and open a box of popcicles with my Kung fu. Voila!-Cessna

open the door-the sockmonkey rapist

Burn the invisible wall with the fire and after put out the fire with the sock then kill everyone who try to put me back in the box with my super kung fu powers.-freedom_fighter@!

i will magically use teh sock 2 make a puppet and give my kung fu powers to teh sock and use teh fire to help the sock and set my self free mwuahahaha!!!-Jadeyness!!!! I would light the sock on fire while im wearing it and use my super kung fu powers to break the clear door down into the pit of spikes... game over-Hashmier

put on the sock then burn the sock and kick the sides of the bow with my super kung fu powers-the drunken italian, Mario

Good Answer Awardi use kung fu to destroy the sock, then when its parents come back to collect it i escape while they're distracted by their grief. Then I set them on fire.-Lottiefromboltontown

i open the door-Insaneone

I put the sock on my hand and punch the box with my super kung fu powers.-Tadpole

i'll put the sock over my head for not getting shocked, then i set myself on fire and wait till i turn into ashes. my ghost escapes and reincarnates the clear box, after it used the super kung fu powers to laser-beam a big smileyface on it. the world is a box!-phoenix

Good Answer AwardFirst, I'd put the sock on my right foot. Then, I'd use my super fung fu power to kick through the box (using the socked foot, of course....I'm not a moron). Lastly, I'd find one of those mimes who only WANT to be trapped in a box and light them on fire.-idontmindthesunsometimes

I put the sock over my fist to protect. Then I use my super kung fu powers to punch open the box so that I can escape and set the person that put me in there on fire.-Bones

put the fire out with the sock and karate chop the sock-mike

Good Answer AwardI'd say it would all depend on what sort of clear box. If it was a clear plastic box, I could obviously use the fire to melt a hole, and just crawl out. However, if it was a glass box, it would be more difficult seeing as how the fire would cause the box to become all smokey and I would probably die from smoke inhalation. If I was in a glass box, I could use my kung fu powers to break the glass, but that would result in several painful cuts all over myself from the shards of glass. Instead, I would probably take the sock, use my kung fu powers to chop it into several pieces, and I'd create a crude, but attractive sock monkey stuffed with nail clippings and stitched together with my own hair. This sock monkey would be so attractive that all the other sock monkeys would come and attempt to free the sock monkey from the box by smashing their tails agaist the sides of the box, resulting in my freedom!-Hufflebunny

Good Answer AwardI'd choke the mime (who happens to be trapped in the box with me)to death with the sock, then light his body on fire up against the clear wall. As the wall heated in the flames of the burning mime it will weaken due to a thermal expansion differential making it possible to karate kick my way out. -Little Smedley

Monkey ButtSorry,I can't anser you.I just died.-Skull

Good Answer AwardI'd light the sock on fire because that's the only thing that calms me when I'm trapped in clear boxes. I'm not sure what I'd do with SUPER kung fu powers, though. I'm only used to having regular ones. Well, I'd combine my ninja skills and these SUPER kung fu powers to achieve a badass escape routine that the Power Rangers would be jealous of. Yeah, take that, Kimberly!...thePinkRangerwhowastotallymyfavouriteeventhoughIhatepink.-McDiablo

Monkey ButtI pwn them in the face-Mikey <3's the ==D

First I place the sock on my cock(because it looks fn' cool!) and meditate for an hour or so, then I'll light up a Blue Angel, several actaully, in the same spot causing the glass to become brital. Then using the Super Kung Fu powers I'll smash my way out.-Poptart

The box ceases to exist, because of my super kung fu powers, and i use the sock to fill with shit and light on fire, throwing at the nearest yuppie bastard.-Zombie Sock Monkey

after about an hour of pondering how I would get out i would probably crack under the pressure and become suicidal. So I would put the sock over my head, light it on fire and than karate chop the box for fun while i'm burning alive/suffocating only to find when it is too late that the box didn't really exist at all.-Pyro Princezz

light the sock on fire and use my kung fu powers to throw it like a projectile through the box. -ryry

I set myself on fire and use the sock to smother myself. As the temperature gets too high in the box I vapourise. Because gas takes up more space than solids, the box expands beyond its limits and explodes. Then I use my super kung fu powers to reincarnate myself.-Mzebonga


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