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Did you really think the ? question was just a mistake until you read this one?
If not, do you think you're clever or something?

Yes im clever, i am the WOC's deciple!!!!-EllyEmmyHolly

hey i know i'm clever-troublemaker

Monkey Buttblue-elbonyo

Well, I was hoping you were actually going to make it a question, I mean, seriously. You did it just so you could ask this? I mean, it was so awesome! I think I may cry, you meanie..-Streak9

No I didn't think it was a mistake. I thought it was a trick question. And no, I don't think I'm clever, because that's just un-human like.-Mr.Caring

yes- dumbass

No i knew it wasn't a mistake u just wanted to piss me off. ya i know ur plan-Who the hell do u think

It's not a mistake,since I know just how insane,mad and rabid you are.-mad_patrol

I knew it wouldn't be a mistake. How stupid would anyone have to be to think that? And I don't think I'm clever, I KNOW I'm clever!-missidiot

Good Answer AwardIt wasn't a mistake, you're just a lazy, uncreative bastard and wanted to fill up another question slot without actually doing anything.-me

I knew that it was intentional. I credit you for such a crafty ploy! I don't think I'm clever, I fucking INVENTED clever, sucka.-Cessna

no ,yes -the sockmonkey rapist




I think i am pretty clever actually...but only on thursdays... its where I wear my lucky underwear-Hashmier

Both yes and something.-Lottiefromboltontown

nope i dont think-Insaneone

No. And I'm convinced of my cleverness.-Tadpole

the only mistake is george bush. clever what? i am the box now, forgot this? I AM THE BOX-phoenix

Good Answer AwardI knew you were trying to fool me! Don't play coy with me! I know your wicked ways! Don't make me spank you. Unless you want it, then of course I would comply.-idontmindthesunsometimes

Yeah, I thought it was a mistake. What of it?-Bones


No, I didn't. Because EVERYONE knows the folks at The Insane domain don't make mistakes-Hufflebunny

Good Answer AwardOf course it was a mistake and this is just your attempt to cover your embarassment at making a mistake. You must be thinking you are clever for turning around such an earth shattering tragedy into what appears to be a test of our self esteem.-Little Smedley

Good Answer AwardWell, this is the Insane Domain. If you question anything on this website, you're dumb. I did not question the question mark. In fact, it helped me come up with a (crappy) smartass response. I thank thee, lovely question mark! me.-McDiablo

Monkey ButtYer face-Mikey <3's the ==D

no, I know your tricks-Poptart

It was fake?!?!Shit!!!-mad_patrol

I'm not clever: clever is finding a way to prove that anarchy works.-Zombie Sock Monkey

Good Answer Awardoh of course not! The insane domain never makes mistakes. Like oh, when Mzebonga took a YEAR to update for August. That wasn't a mistake he intentionally did that jus tto make us people that RELY on those questionarre good awards to live and judge the merit of our lives on. But i'm not saying that I judge the merit of my life on those...I have this friend though who couldn't eat or sleep until he knew how many good or bad awards he got. However he did lose quite a few pounds which I guess is good in this thin-obsessed culture of america.-Pyro Princezz

no, not clever at all except for making people lose the game.-ryry

No and yes respectively. Not that this was new information for you.-Mzebonga


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