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AND THE AUSTRALIANS WERE LIKE 'WTF MATE?!?!?!' and i was like 'i know mate, steve irwins dead...!' AND THE AUSTRALIANS WERE LIKE 'GORRR...CRIKEY MATE!' and i was like...yeah... -EllyEmmyHolly


last week i got so fucked up i started to peel off parts of my face ..everyone started to freek out and now my face hurts-elbonyo

This has got to be the most awesome question ever! because it's not a question, it's a question MARK! Sweeeet!-Streak9

Who knows? That is the world's HARDEST question-Mr.Caring

Good Answer AwardYou asked me this at a horrible time. I actually haven't done it in a couple days, possibly three. I normally don't do that, but I haven't been doing anything lately. And I've been busy... and tired. I haven't been able to play DDR for the past few days due to other engagements or simply feeling like shit, so I haven't gotten sweaty. So beyond preventing my hair from getting oily, there's been no need for me to increase our water bill.-Joel

Monkey Buttanswer- dumbass


Yes, so what's the question?-missidiot

Ohhhh noooo don't you question mark me! *does littles black girl snappy thing* UHuhhhh...its gonna get all freaky up in here!-Zelda

That isn't a question you lazy bastard, it's a punctuation mark!-me

To question is prudent, to wonder is divine.-Cessna

yes-the sockmonkey rapist




i like chicken dumped in tater sauce!do you?-Assmunch

Plain stew is water with nesquik powder. Any but chocolate.-Lottiefromboltontown

what do you mean "?" there is nothing typed befor that it cofuses me so i think ill tell you something you might not want to know I HAVE A CAT-Insaneone

I don't think so buddy!-Tadpole

Good Answer Award42. this should answer all questions. another question: 4,8,15,16,23,42? -phoenix

Monkey ButtAnswer.-idontmindthesunsometimes


i love you-mike

You guys were too lazy to give a good question, so I'm going to be lazy and not going to give a good answer :)-Hufflebunny

!-Little Smedley

! Yeah, I got nothing--and, apparently, neither do you.-McDiablo

fap fap fap-Mikey <3's the ==D

I agree, WTF??-Poptart

Oh great,another brain buster!!!-mad_patrol

Don't blame us if we ever doubt you, you know we couldn't live without you: oh mushariff, you make my day a bit brighter. Stomp on bush then sell him oil, slather him up....-Zombie Sock Monkey

Good Answer AwardYou do realize that having a question mark as a question is giving me free reign to write in this little white box ANYTHING I want right? I suppose then I'll write about the evil little, creepy and manaical little creatures known to the general public as squirrels. Oh yes, squirrels. They may look cute and fuzzy but they are really evil. We almost wrecked the other day because one was standing in the road, just STANDING there with his evil little eyes glaring at us, daring us to run his cute little fuzzy self over and knowing that we wouldn't. we swerved and were glad that we didn't kill and "innocent" squirrel only to look behind us and realize that the car that had been following close behind us had done the dirty deed. What was the point of this rant you ask? Well mainly it was to waste your time like you wasted MINE! oh no never mind I waste my own time answering your questions...can you tell i haven't taken my medication today?-Pyro Princezz

do you remember THE GAME??!! HAHA.-ryry

You're really scraping the bottom of the pan this time...-Mzebonga


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