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What song do you HATE the most and why do you hate it so much?

OOOOOoohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........A one way ticket to hell and back...Not only is the song sung by a man/woman, its got the WORST title ever - A one way ticket to hell would get you to hell. To get back you'd need a fucking RETURN. That and the song sucks balls anyway....BIG HAIRY DONKEY balls!-EllyEmmyHolly

the one thats always playing on my fingernail i hate that song i have no clue what it is butt it just wont stop-elbonyo

Green Day - When September Ends. Simple enough, Green Day can go fuck themselves. That and I'm not a slave to boybands like the corrupted teen girls, who are *ahem* still developing..-Streak9

Monkey ButtI hate annoying people. Because, well, they're annoying and they do annoying things like being annoying. Gosh Darn! It's just SOOOO annoying when people are annoying. I mean, why do they have to be so annoying? Don't they know that they're annoying people? Hey, follow this dot -->>. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . You Lose! -Mr.Caring

'Shut up' from Simple Plan.I din't insult you,it's the title.I hate it because the singer sucks.-mad_patrol

I hate Superstar by Jamelia. She's a boring little bitch and I wish they'd stop playing it on the radio!-missidiot

Any rap song that has to do with a popular article of clothing. Such as Stiletto Shoes, Airfoce Ones, and White T-Shrits. Why don't they just grab a microphone and repeatedly scream "CONSUME, CONSUME, CONSUME!!".-me

Good Answer Award"close the window come alive, and it will be need to bother now. let it out, let it all begin. all's forgotten now, we're all alone, we're all alone" I think it was Boz Skags. This girl in High School, Caroline would play it at lunch time on the juke box every friggin day! I always secretly wanted her. She had great legs and a killer smile. Damn! why did I have to be such a loser in high school? All I ever wanted was friends. I joined the fucking chess team, for crying out loud. Girls like her only wanted jocks! Of course. Son of a Bitch! All I could get was a fat girl with self image problems. Caroline looked so fine in that Catholic School Girl uniform! Those little knee socks, Skirt and smart little vest. Why did I have to piss away the best years of my life with that fat bitch? Now I bet Caroline has like, 6 kids and a Lincoln Navigator, not to mention she's old and gray and shit so now my fantasy is shot. Thanks a fucking lot for asking that stupid question!!!!-Cessna

The Telephone Man,cos it's so darned cheesey.-caz1232005

erm................MC CHAVNESS MUSIC!"!!!!!!! TIS RUBBISH!!!-Jadeyness!!!!

Good Answer AwardAny song by Nickelback. Nickelback and its followers and clones have tainted and destroyed modern alternative for this entire era. With grinding, ANNOYING vocals, cliche lyrics, and ONE SONG that has been morphed and re-written 400 times, it's a wonder they've sold ANYTHING, let alone become so horrendously popular. Fuck you Chad Kreuger. Fuck you in the ass.-Joel

Push the Little Daisys...Because Its so horrible i want to just rip out my eyes-Hashmier

Monkey ButtYour voice!-Jenny

Good Answer Awardi hate "oops i did it again" becaus its very annoying and gets stuck in my head multipule times for days upon end-the drunken italian, Mario

Monkey ButtI hate you more.-Lottiefromboltontown

any japanese song becasue they are tooo freaking uppity-Insaneone

No hate. Just love.-Tadpole

happy birtday. last time i coudn't remember the day those motherfuckers were singing about, so i took a spoon and took them apart with it, that was much better than the damn cake.-phoenix

"You're Beautiful" by James Blunt. he's just whining like a little bitch who can't get any ass, and it's no surprise he can't get laid b/c of those fucking weird teeth of his and his preteen little boy voice. He sounds like his balls never dropped! It's so aggravating!!!!!! I hope he gets ass raped. And enjoys it.-idontmindthesunsometimes

Anything by a group of five skinny guys with ironic haircuts and tight pants. Die hipsters. -Bones

rap and country, cause-mike

Good Answer AwardI would have to say that Sexy Back song by Justin Timberlake. It's just so damn catchy! I can't say I like it, but when you hear it, you just have to turn it up, resulting in other laughing at you, while they probably have several different versions of it on their Ipods.-Hufflebunny

I love you, you love me, we're a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you won't you say you love me too? Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarffff!!! *** I think you all just got diabetes from reading that so that is good enough reason to hate it. Besides, I can't stand goofy purple dinosaur costumes or adults acting like fairies. Oh, also, any George Michael songs.-Little Smedley

Monkey Buttyou-Skull

Good Answer AwardThis changes daily. I think today I'll go with "L.O.V.E" by AshleeeeeEEEEEEeeeeEEEEE Simpson (seriously, why is her first name spelled like that?). Can I say that I HATE this music video, too? Am I allowed to include that in my answer? This girl can't even do the robot. The robot is a dance move people do to make them look cool--because they CAN'T DANCE. Poor, Ashlee can't even do that to save her shit-tastic dancing/singing/girls for life, girls for life. Yeah...I'd rather listen to Prozzak, Eiffel 65, and Crazy Frog than endure Ashy Washy's horrid vocals and hear her spell a freakin' word for most of the bloody song. It's a spelling bee! It's a song! Someone shoot her newly constructed nose off NOW.-McDiablo

Monkey ButtGood music because I love Opeth *fapfapfap*-Mikey <3's the ==D

Anything my Nickelback....I think it's self explanatory -Poptart

My own voice-I just can't stand to the sound of my voice-mad_patrol

rap. It's justified music theft, except that everyone loves it. Bastards.-Zombie Sock Monkey

It's a tie between three songs. "inside of you" by Hoobastank, simply because a song about how great sex is with a woman is just redundant. Like we all don't know sex is great? i mean seriously! how stupid do you have to be? Plus it's poppy as hell which makes me hate any song. "Hate Me" by Blue October simply because I don't like the guys voice and it's a really whiny song. And lastly we have "Lips of an Angel" By Hinder, once again because it's whiny and the guy sounds like he is about to cry which is just irritating. Oh and I forgot, Achy Breaky Heart by Billy ray cyrus for obvious reasons.-Pyro Princezz

the birthday song. because my birthday is on christmas, and everyone calls me Jesus. But thats not too much of a stretch for me. -ryry

Good Answer Award"Sometimes" by Britney Spears. I had a girlfriend who used to force me to listen to it claiming it was "really romantic" and "said what she truly felt". Somehow it is now clear to me why I end up hating people I date.-Mzebonga


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