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When do you think the end of the world will occur and what will cause it?

A banana...grown to gargantuan sizes because of GM crops, with the power of mutation because of radiation. This happened because someone *coughemmacough* put it in the microwave as a banana split with a mars bar...The end of the world has happened already, we are all just in mortals just dont know it-EllyEmmyHolly

a week on tuesday - someone striking a match around the vacinity of my flatmate - the fumes from her feet will catch fire instantly and cause a huge nuclear explosion...-troublemaker

soon .... zombies...... ha ha ha fun will be had..... just think aboot it u can shoot all the people u want and they wont shoot back ha ha ""boink""-elbonyo

Good Answer AwardI believe it will occur in 2063, when I'm old, and have eaten alot of beans, chicken, and chili. I'll have an enormous fart-fest, and the noxious smell will either suffocate or drive everyone to insanity. And when its still floating around and the sun explodes, it'll catch ablze and crisp the Earth. Sweet.-Streak9

It will happen in 10 days. It will be caused by a bomb, planted in the center of the earth, put there by mole people, blowing up the earth's core. Thus ending the world as we know it-Mr.Caring

Monkey Buttballons- dumbass

When the aliens reviele that dogs are acctually bombs and they blow them up but only the people that dont owen dogs are alive but they die from stupidity just like me-Who the hell do u think

When 50 Cents will be president!-mad_patrol

I think the end of the world will happen in maybe one hundred years or more when I'm dead so I don't feel it. I think that the world leaders become too evil so our god decides to obliterate them. Then I get resurrected and live forever.-missidiot

Good Answer AwardHmm...well obviously when the penguins take over, they will rid of every trace of human existence, then they will turn it into a night club, and dance, dance, dance! -Zelda

Good Answer AwardAnywhere between 50 and 100 years from now. Vogons.-me

Riley Martin gives us another 6 years. I personally think that Jesus will come within the next 10 years when the United States breaks off their alliance with Israel. You don't necessarily have to believe in him, he believes in you. -Cessna

100 years, none of your businus-the sockmonkey rapist

sometime soon,I don't know what will cause it.-caz1232005

ANY DAY SOON!!!! i think giant jaffa cakes will take ove teh world!!!! :P-Jadeyness!!!!

Good Answer AwardYesterday... because everything that was here yesterday was destroyed and replaced with the things of today-Hashmier

When it will be World War 3.The world are so ignorant and stupid that im sure that they will do more then 200 World War!No wonder with president Bush!!Hey Bush: YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Jenny

it will happen in five minutes and the world will end the same way it does on the flash video "end of ze world"-Assmunch

Good Answer AwardWhen trees come out of hibernation, and uproot...probably destabilising the fountations of old buildings, which everybody loves. When they fall, civilisation follows. The trees then fall over and crush all animals, and eat all the grass. Pro deforestation!-Lottiefromboltontown

it will occure when i become the president of the united states and my falling asleep and hitting " The Button" with my forehead will make it happen-Insaneone

I must forgo answering this question for karma reasons.-Tadpole

the big clear box will be too dirty by 2092, on november 2nd, and the headache will be to hard to bear so everybody has to anti-box, the concurrent powers will be too strong and box away the world-box in a bigger one, then it slowly dies, after the physics-law in the yellow bible on page number 9.-phoenix

In a few years. I think that Criss Angel will cause it. That fucking guy can do anything.-idontmindthesunsometimes

Monkey ButtBlah. Boring. -Bones

yeah, we will destroy it ourselves-mike

I imagine the world will end when scientists learn how to create artificial gravity. One of them will have to crazy idea of putting gravity in outerspace, causing all the planets to fall downward into oblivion. The earth would fall so fast, due to the large and obese population, that it will eventually turn into a large fireball and everything will burn. Either that or global warming will fry us all in a matter of 10-15 years.-Hufflebunny

Good Answer AwardI heard that if you fart and burp at the same time you will die. If you could get everyone on earth to synchronize simultaneous faurping that might bring the world to an end. Alternatively you could listen to any religeous nut and the end of the world is always just ahead but not really specified. The few who ever picked a date (for the end)had to eventually admit they were wrong and lost their free money as their followers left them. Since the world only really exsists for individuals as they perceive it through their senses the world comes to an end for each of us at our deaths. Since that would be hard to predict there would be no particular time to designate for the end of the world. I'll just say that in about four billion years the sun will enlarge into a red giant and swallow up the earth and vaporize it, but all life will have been burnt up long before that. Maybe the last few humans living in subteranian shelters will still be around to witness the end of the world. I'm sure that if the world were to suddenly end one day then afterwards someone would bring up new translations of Nostradamus's work that predicted it in some obscure way. -Little Smedley

I have this theory: Whenever a friend of mine, someone who shares my name, and I are separated, bad shit happens (ie: Slurpee prices go up *cough*). I think that if we are separated long enough, the world could very well end, but that might be going a bit overboard. I'm just waiting for the "big earthquake" that's supposed to hit Western Canada sometime in the future. That'll be the end of my world--and all you suckers will miss out on it.-McDiablo

Monkey ButtWhen I show it whos boss and fap all over it-Mikey <3's the ==D

Good Answer Awardhmmm, that's a toughy. Humans won't last much longer, gone in the next hundred thousand years..then will come the rise of the insects, they will eventually be the reason for the end. They'll wage a planetary war with the Trocovians, who live on the otherside of the Orion Nebula. The Trocovians will win the war and destroy Earth. But that's not for another 17 548 114 years from now....the end will come on a Tuesday-Poptart

One word:Mzebonga-mad_patrol

Zombies. Zombies. Zombies. With bad hair.-Zombie Sock Monkey

Men. Plain and simple. Men's stupidity will end this earth one way or another. Either that or we will stop evolving and start devolving. Which has technically already started happening. I mean look at football...and the fact that Budweiser is now making it's own friggen channel. Wow now I bet that is going to be some highbrow viewing folks. Not that i have anything against football, i just don't like having the football ads shoved down my throat. Oh and what exactly is with all the football movies ANYWAY?!?!? Seriously, you've seen one you've probably seen most of them. there are a few unique ones however. There is also yet another way. Women will eventually get fed up of men's stupid ways and start a civil war on them trying to take over the world and make men nothing more than breeding stock. The world will end in this war probably. It will probably happen around 3006 because for some reason stupid people get elected TWICE to lead nations..*cough* George Bush *cough*-Pyro Princezz

I'm going to guess about, next week, a Thursday. Thats baked bean day at the cafeteria, were all going to die....-ryry

Good Answer AwardMankind is not going to cause the end of the world. The end of civilisation maybe but not the world: we're not that important. The end of the world will occur in about 70 years and will be caused by a Pluto changing its orbit so that it can come and kick our asses for claiming it wasn't a planet.-Mzebonga


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