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What if ALL phones, even cell phones went ring-a-ding-ding?
(That's right, a world without customized ring tones.)

Argh, I hate phones, cell phones and everything similar to them. I would shoot them all and if I didn't have enough bullets I'd just shoot myself. In the head.- Spacecake

then no one would know who was getting a phone call- Diane


All the more reason not to answer.- The Venerable Yank

Good Answer AwardI would die without my guaranteed to offend Marilyn Manson cellphone tone. Everytime it plays I don't like the drugs but the drugs like me I get evil looks and i've actually had people run away from me. considering that i live in the Bible belt of the world, it makes sense. Oh and my death metal/black metal custom tones that I absolutely love because it seriously freaks people out. I have no idea why.....- Pyro Princezz

Monkey ButtThey should do that with my voice. Then I could get royalties every time a phone rings.- Mzebonga

i'll go nuts- mad_patrol

Then restaurants would be less interesting.- thecyberpixie

Good Answer AwardI would never have to hear a bad song made worse by converting it to 8 bit music.- D4F

oh that was my plan to do when i became presedent- Insaneone

I would create a new phone that DID have customized ringtones! Then I would make a fortune! I would be rich! Think of all the money involved with being rich! Whee!- gravity wins

I would throw mine at the nearest douche bag everytime it wouldn't last long..- Mermaid

We'd probably lose all desire to bring them into movie theaters and classrooms. I bet nobody would talk on their phone while driving either.- BlueManGuy

Good Answer AwardHold on, I gotta take this call.....- ROXTOYZ

It would be better off if I didnt have some dumbass rapper tell me I have a call waiting through confusing lyrics of WHERE MY MONEY AT, and then have a guy on the phone ask for some money.- Neos9

i'd much prefer people used telekenisis instead. No more annoying tones. That way, you could have a decent and semi pleasurable bus journy without "Ring-a-ding-dong-fucking-frog-nessy-noise".- South-West-Suicide

My phone doesn't have the option to customize it's ringtone. It's really old.- me

Good Answer Awardyou mean at once?... wow i haveing flashbacks to "the lawn mower man" movie...- IshKaBilly

It would be better than the tone most people use now. I hear that one, and my brain goes into slaughter mode...i also interupt all people on cell phones. They pollute my ears, i will make their lives harder... - Zombie Sock Monkey

Monkey Butti know its unrelated but yesterday i played a sound file backwards in slow motion and it sounded really funny.- The ultimate fan of plankton

From one point of view, I wouldn't have to listen to those static filled low quality crap ass rap ringtones.- iamdan

I don't thinmk people would care. If they didn't know about customized ringtones, then they wouldn't have anything to bitch about.- tophatloser

Good Answer AwardCoincidentally, the last phase of my evil plan to achieve world domination is making customized ring tones dissapear. So don't worry, we'll all know in a few months.- Insaneslasher

someone wiil die - idiotnameless

I would make that my new jump rope theme. ring a ding ding i went in between!- gladys

Then I would run-a-run-run off the top of a tall building and plummet to my death, screaming from the insanity of the never ending ring-a-ding-ding of everyone's cell phones.- idontmindthesunsometimes

I,ll go mad then kill myself- mad_patrol

Good Answer AwardAll I have to say is: Thank God/Buddha/Ra/Vishnu/Zeus. There's nothing worse than hearing a shitty version of an already shitty song as someone's ringtone. Argh. The only thing cool about the 'ringtone business' is a German company called Kinkel Tones (or something like that). The rest of it sucks. 'Ring a ding ding' may be unoriginal and will sound the same as everyone elses phone, but maybe that'll scare people away from having a cell phone to begin with. Seriously, some people shouldn't have them at all--but that's a rant in itself.- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardFuck you JCP, fuck you. There is no sound in the world more unpleasant than that of a telephone ringing. Do you know what it's saying to you? It's saying this: "You're a cunt, pick me the fuck up, you know you have to, you don't know what the other person wants. C'mon answer me for fuck's sake, come do it, do it, do it, do it." If it wasn't for my phone playing tranquil ambient music I certainly wouldn't bother with having one, FACT.- George

Total and utter chaos. Everyone on the phone at the same time going "Hello? No, I said hello first. No, you called me. No I didn't. NO I DIDN'T! I HATE YOU! DIE YOU RAT BASTARD!" *click* "Ha, showed him."- SMUS!

Good Answer AwardI would have my ears removed and plastered all over Vincent Van Gough's paintings.- Ms. Undulation Creation

we wouldnt have to hear justins timberlake's "sexyback" in the middle of classes - jbkleenex

Good Answer AwardSometimes I wish all phones went ring-a-ding-ding. Choosing the appropriate ring tones is odious and just plain stressful. I can't count how many times I've been in a group of people hoping and praying that my cell phone would not ring, because I simply do not want these people to hear my ring tone. So What if ALL phones, even cell phones went ring-a-ding-ding? Well it would remove a lot of unnecessary social pressure that I don't want anyhow. - Joel

That would be pretty damn funky. But also confusing, because if you were out somewhere and someone's mobile rang, you wouldn't have a sodding clue whose it was. Which would suck. In bed. Sexually.- Smimmons

whenever a cell phone rings every dumbmother fucker is gonna reach foor their shit- evilbubba13

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