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Orange curtains. Should they stay or should they go? If they go, WHERE should they go?

They should go the hell away from me because I don't really like orange :) If they didn't know what was best for them I'd just have them for breakfest. With toes.- Spacecake

the should go in an orange house, if it exists- Diane


Monkey ButtThere's no way I'm answering this one again.- The Venerable Yank

Mmmmmm orange curtains. I think they should be recycled into orange sherbert personally. - Pyro Princezz

If they go there will be trouble, if they stay it will be double. SO COME ON AND LET ME KNOW... Should they stay or should they go? Turn them into cat bedding.- Mzebonga

in the dump- mad_patrol

The living room.- thecyberpixie

Go, they should become bed sheets- D4F

they should go in the bathroom becasue your gay and gay people like orange becasue it reminds them of oranges and other gay people who like oranges becasue they are gay and like oranges dont get me wrong gay people are nice people just alittle too gay for me to bend to pick stuff up around im some what of a homophobe buit ill befriend a gay person becasue i dont hate them i dont dont wanna get cought bending over near one becasue im not gay and dont want to getit up the ass becasue im not gay like a gay person who likes it in the ass dotn get me wrong there are gay girls who just touch their privates together becaue they are lesbians and they sometimes dont wanna egt strap ones to have fun with hmm whats the point of a strap on if the girl is a lesbian thats like dateing a guy with boobs it confuses me why do they do that an answer would be nice becasue im not a lesbian im a sraight guy who is straight i know im rambleing on but why not ramble its a free country and i can type what i... zZzZzZzZzZzZz... sorry fell asleep now where was i oh damn i forgot oh well im gonna go now thaks for your time OMG A SQURELL RUN FOR YOUR LIFES YHEY HAVE RABIES AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! RUN BEFOR THEY GET YOU RUN RUN OMG ITS CATHCING ME YES! it hit a tree *THUD* fucking tree- Insaneone

Those orange curtains should go into the dungeon with all the people who angered me or tried to create a phone with customizable ring tones before me.- gravity wins

Death to orange anything. If anywhere, they should be used to pad the dog bed.- Mermaid

Like Oscar Wilde said before he died. "Either those curtains go or I do." They should of course go to Hell . Where else would orange curtains be sent.- BlueManGuy

Monkey Buttwha?- ROXTOYZ

If I cant think of anything witty to say to this last minute, thought out in 2 seconds question, give me my ape ass.- Neos9

they should just go on a blank of the wall, so when people try to open the window, there isn't a window to open...just to make that even better, you could just but a window frame to hang on the wall.- Katoid

Good Answer AwardThey should go in the front garden of that neighbour who lives on goverment benifits, add some colour to the house, and take away the attention from the eyesore that is taht burnt out ford xr3 on the drive way. fucking cockroach.- South-West-Suicide

Oragange Curtians! They should go..... to me !!!- me

i had orange curtains once in my house... my mom turned them into my bed sheet... they are on the bed currently- IshKaBilly

Only to stay if they are retro-y orange. If not, go with purple...- Zombie Sock Monkey

they should go on the curtainrail.- The ultimate fan of plankton

Hmmm, turhtfully that would depend on the room. - iamdan

GO! To the dump. Ew!- tophatloser

Are they shower curtains? Man, those are annoying. They stick to your legs in the must worrying ways once they've gotten wet.- Insaneslasher


If they go it will be trouble, but if the stay it will be double....hmmm...they should go into the garbage. Then the homeless people can decorate their squat with them.- idontmindthesunsometimes

go- mad_patrol

They should stay. Seriously. Orange is an underappreciated colour. When used appropriately, it can be a nice way to accent one's room. I, on the other hand, have a room that's painted orange with random orange accessories so I might be a little biased with my answer.- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardI don't want your lousy fucking curtains JumpingCentiPede, keep them.- George

Where should they go? Into the gullet of who ever put them up. I'll use it to hog-tie them while they slowly burn over a pile of broken glass...DON'T RENOVATE MY HOME BITCHES!- SMUS!

They should definitely go. I have no idea where, as long as they stay the hell away from me. Orange curtains suck. In bed. Sexually.- Smimmons

Good Answer AwardIt really just kind of depends. What color is the rest of the house? If it's a bland color, the orange could really spice things up, but they could also clash horribly with everything else in the house. What I would do, would be to put them on the attic window if there is one. Then people will just wonder what the hell is going on in the tiny attic room and when asked about it, you should just say they've been there for as long as you can remember and deny every allegation that you put them up there yourself.- Katoid

why were they up in the first place- evilbubba13

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