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Has your guitar (or any you've seen) ever wept, gently or otherwise?

I can't remember for sure, but I think not. I'd love to have my own guitar <3- Spacecake

no- Diane


Just once when I held a lighter to the strings.- The Venerable Yank

Yeah, my guitar is a wuss. I have two guitars, one new and one older and I never play the older one so it tends to whine or cry if I don't play it every once in awhile. I'd play it more often if it wasn't broken though. (Through no fault of my own)- Pyro Princezz

I could make a joke about weeping when I snapped my banjo but that's just crass...- Mzebonga

nope- mad_patrol

Good Answer AwardNo, but I stabbed a rock and it bled for weeks. When confronted about the situation with disbelief, I simply asked if they have ever stabbed a rock. Responses were a minimum.- thecyberpixie

No. If it did, I would call an exorcist.- D4F

yes its i wept once but only once then i woke up and found blood on my wall- Insaneone

Monkey ButtWhat the heck is that supposed to mean?- gravity wins

If it did, I would build a shrine around it and charge the faithful to come and venerate..- Mermaid

Good Answer AwardI saw a rabbit with weepy pink eye once, but then he died. I guess you couldn't call that gentle. Maybe that willow tree drooping its long branches to the ground in my grandmothers backyard could be said to have gently wept, Until it got blown down in a passing hurricane. There you go, gentle weeping is usually followed by disatser so the moral is "don't ever weep gently".- BlueManGuy

Only when I snapped it's strings off. God I hate that.- ROXTOYZ

Good Answer AwardGuiters never weep, they aren't little emotional wusses like violens.- Neos9

no, but i have welts and sores that weep instead.- South-West-Suicide

My guitar doesn't have eyes. Although, I'm sure if it did, it'd cry all the time. Mostly, because I accidently bash it on thinigs while carying it around. Also, I'd probably cry if most of my life was spent locked inside of a tiny case.- me

mine was broken after i threw it at my brothers truck... havent gotten it fixed yet...- IshKaBilly

Guitars are more likely to scream. Pansy ass pianos weep. Saxes blubber, bagpipes complain, and oboes oboe...- Zombie Sock Monkey

no,i tried to make a guitar cry once but i think it was ignoring me,- The ultimate fan of plankton

No.- iamdan

Um...No. I don't think guitars can cry....- tophatloser

Good Answer AwardNope, but my flute whimpers violently whenever I get near her. Poor thing. Her life's not easy, you know? I'm completely tone deaf.- Insaneslasher

it was overreacting- idiotnameless

only when i message its neck!- gladys

I like to think that the guitar they use in the band radiohead weeps gently everytime it's played, but that's probably just Thom Yorke...or me, whenever I listen to them. God, i love radiohead.- idontmindthesunsometimes

yes- mad_patrol

The bass guitar I use may very well weep when I'm not using it. I'm still a beginner on bass guitar and it probably feels forlorn over my lack of knowledge in 'badass bass technique'. I'd like to take this moment to apologize to my friend's bass guitar...and to take a chill pill. That's right, I said 'chill pill'. Psshaw.- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardMy sister's guitar weeps on a frequent basis, normally at the prospect of her playing it. Seriously it sounds like the death rattle of Ben Affleck being dragged through his own head by his scrotum by Herbert.- George

Good Answer AwardUmm...the only leaky guitars that I've ever seen were either sweating or bleeding...bleeding. Thats a good story. Well, you see, a friend of mine was playing guitar up on stage, and he is just such a studly man, that a large herd of females suddenly crowed around him and started to caress him. He enjoyed it for a while, until he went for his guitar solo and "accedently" smacked the fat chick in the face with the neck of his guitar. Well the fat one goes all bezerk and starts kicking everyones ass, so luckly he was a quick thinker and smashed the body of the guitar over her head, knocking her into a daze, he then took one of the spare strings and strangled her. The guitar bled, and it hasn't sounded better since.- SMUS!

No, you twat, because guitars don't have tear ducts! Your mother weeps, though. In bed. Sexually.- Smimmons

It sure has! After leaving in broiling heat, the laquer began melting off, so I suppose it might have been crying in agony.- Katoid

no, they scream in extasy- evilbubba13

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