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The expression is "It's a dog eat dog world.". We've never seen a dog eating another dog, have you?

No, I haven't even heard this expression before. I prefer cats.- Spacecake

yes, yesterday- Diane


Only in the movies.- The Venerable Yank

Actually yes i have. I had to tape several steaks to said dog though before the other one would eat it.- Pyro Princezz

Good Answer AwardA friend of mine lives next door to so really ugly lesbians, so I imagine it happens.- Mzebonga

yeah,mine- mad_patrol

I've eaten a dog.- thecyberpixie

Yes, but it was a live dog eating a dead one.- D4F

yes i have and a gerbal eating another gerbal is all a matter of time befor i eat you- Insaneone

Yes. Last night, on reality TV.- gravity wins

Good Answer AwardYES! I have seen a mother Labradore eat her still born puppies. But we were out of it wasn't much of a 'show'..- Mermaid

Yeah, the last time I watched a girl on girl porn movie. Well it would probably be better described as two dogs eating pussy (cats). It falls back to that time when the frankfurter fell off the grill ad the pooch picked it up and ate it.- BlueManGuy

I've seen animals eat their wounded before O_O- ROXTOYZ

I gave a dog a hotdog once... hope that counts.- Neos9

Of course I have! all I feed my great dane Snookums is Chiuahuas....- Katoid

I've seen a ant eat its own face, does that count?- South-West-Suicide

Well, we got this japenese take-out that we couldn't finish, so we fed the rest of it to Scruffy.- me

yes i have... varry disturbing... but i dont think fletcher knew that that was a live little watcha ma call it- IshKaBilly

Good Answer AwardI actually have. Ever wonder why the disneyland crew never really mentions goofy or pluto anymore???- Zombie Sock Monkey

yeah,when maddona kissed brittany spears,- The ultimate fan of plankton

No.- iamdan

No. That would be sick.- tophatloser

Good Answer AwardNot really. You see, I try to keep dogs as far from myself as I can. Not because I don't like them, but because they like me too frigging much. Goddammed leg-humping beasts...- Insaneslasher

yes, discovery channel it was on right after the crocidile hunter *giggles inapropriatly*- idiotnameless

yes! it was interesting to see one dog squirt ketchup on another dog let alone sit up right take a fork and a knife and say "so how do i mark this territory?"- gladys

No, but don't some desperate horny losers spread peanut butter on their balls and cock and have a dog lick it off? Then technically, that makes is a "dog eat man and man ejaculates" world. Pretty fucked up world we live in, huh?- idontmindthesunsometimes

I saw one doing that once,yes.It was really weird to look at...- mad_patrol

Good Answer AwardUnless it's a dog eating a hot dog, then no. Expressions like these don't make sense, but people don't often question them. I, myself, don't say this particular expression. In fact, I stay away from them. I like to come up with my own expressions and words. I think that's more enjoyable and you can use your brain in a good way rather than using it trying to figure out stuff like, "If men are dogs, can dogs be men?"- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardI've seen that nasty lesbian porn on Mzebonga's computer, they were certainly a couple of dogs eating each other /male chauvenisticness- George

Yes, it was a sort of ying-yang type of deal. A white dog starts eating the others buttocks, while the black one eats the others buttocks. It was quite akward.- SMUS!

the expression is "Doggy style" it has to do with sexual things.- jbkleenex

No, I have never seen a dog eating another dog. I've heard a few rumours about those sick twisted bastards that do research and shit for Iams (the pet food people), though. Dirty feckers.- Smimmons

Good Answer AwardWell, a while ago I got a great dane and I named him Fluffers. eventually after growing to a gigantic size, the neighbors pets would suddenly go "missing". After finding assorted bones and other animal remains in my basement, I realized that Fluffers had been eating not only the food I had given him, but the neighbors pets to. To remedy this problem, I've been breeding small dogs such as chihuahuas to feed to him. So I can say from experience, I have seen a dog eating another dog.- Katoid

yes, my dog eats smaller dogs if they come in my yard- evilbubba13

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