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If you won a contest where you could go anywhere (on Earth) you wanted with any two members, where would you go, which two would you take and why on earth would you agree to go anywhere with members from this website?

Good Answer AwardI would go to Japan! Tokyo to be specific because I'm sadly obsessed with Japanese everything. From anime, to Japanese metal (yes it exists), to their horror movies I just love it. And I suppose I would take JCP and Mzebonga just to be entertained by their bickering. If they even bicker in real life and its not all just a rouse for us at the insane domain. Well you've got to think a second here. If I'm crazy enough to be wasting my life on this site, then you seriously have to question my mental state. So me agreeing to go somewhere with the people from TID is probably just caused by my psychosis.

I'd take Mezz and his choice of guest to my AZAS meeting in Kansas. The Anti-zombie attack squad is meeting for the first time this spring to plan for the zombie apocalypse, and sock monkey input is always good...- Zombie Sock Monkey

Good Answer Awardid say id go with JCP and Mzebonga becasue i owe JCP sea monkies and i apreciate Mzebonga's views on stuff hes very insightful. I would take there where ever they wanted to go and if i had to i would cut myself in half to do so althou i moight died from that oh well everyone needs to have fun with a cut in half body.- Insaneone

Monkey Butt?- mad_patrol

I would take me, Emerald and Dirty Darla. I could put Darla and Emerald in my suitcase and spend all the extra money saved on flights on my trip. Then I could go to Moscow and take the trans-siberian railroad over to Vladivostock and get a boat/flight down from there to China.- Mzebonga

Monkey ButtI'd take Mzebonga and JCP to Swindon and dump them there whilst gleefully watching via webcam feed the antics that are bound to ensue. That'll learn 'em. Oh and Mzebonga will be naked.- George

to cuba with Mzebonga that way i could aid JCP in killing him and get away with it- Ishkabilly

Good Answer AwardI'd go to Dominatrix Prudence's Pleasure and Pain Palace in Upstate Nevada. I'd take M'bonza and JCP and have JCP dress up in the Black leather teddie and the stilletto heeled boots and watch her give M'Bonza the whipping of his life while he's handcuffed to a wooden crucifix. I'll be sitting in a dentist chair, inhaling gas and tearing the limbs off of sock monkies, and occasionally shouting insults at both of them. I'd agree to go with members of this website for the simple reason that no one else would go on that trip with me.- piss off you bum

I would go to New Zealand with JCP and Herbert. If I die, I'll just come back to haunt them.- bluemonkeyfearer

Good Answer Awardsorry guys, I've been gone for a while. I would have to take JCP and Mzebonga to Amsterdam. Mainlly bewcause they are the only two members i really remember from them late severly-stoned nights, and Mzebonga has bing in his name. I'm simple like that. Not very creative or humurous, but fuck you guys it's truth. - freak ninja

The bottom of the Ocean- dive8

I would go to Fiji, not sure which two, just for the experience.- Heidikins

I'd go back to Ireland (I miss it there) with the monkeys, but then I'd kill them, sell their souls on eBay, and buy a house.- zacanger

mzebonga and jcp to hawaii so I can push them in a volcano.- ver

JCP and Mzebonga and we'd go to Teotihuacan and we'd hang out on the avenue of the dead.- Johnny Poptart

Good Answer AwardI'd take myself and me. Yep. The others smell funny and mess up my stuff. Also, some of them don't obey too well.- JCP

Monkey Buttcontest where - Zelda

Good Answer AwardI know I wouldn't be able to pick two people, so I'd cheat: I'd make everyone wear two sweaters--you know, those sweaters that three people can comfortably fit in? Think of the three-headed knights in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"; something like that. I'm sure the sweater sharing would be the cause of constant bickering, but hey, I'm willing to do anything for a little entertainment. I don't really know where we'd go or what we'd do, but I don't mind as long as we cause a ruckus wherever we end up. Oh, and finalize our world domination plans, of course.- McDiablo

Damn, you had to throw the on Earth in there didn't you. An island with man eating zebras, Mzebonga and JCP, because I'm just a little strange, a bit hungry and watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force. That's why.- monkeeskittles

i would go to southern mexico with the next two people after me in alphabetical order so we could learn to speak southern mexican in alphabetical order- california

Good Answer AwardDISNEY WORLD!!! jcp and herbert and because its like hairspray and a lighter.. brilliant and fun.. - 6inchhookerheels

i would go to africa to show the tribal people my sexy partyboy dance.. herbert and DC (if we could find him)- WD-40


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