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Have you ever had "the time of your life" and if so, what was it?

Probably when I was plotting to kill my ex-boyfriend because he....oh wait the statute of limitations hasn't run out yet. Okay nevermind! I'd have to say when I was convinced to jump off a roof into a pool and you know there wasn't any water so yeah. I almost died but I ended up getting some pretty nice pain killers so I hallucinated some nice halluncinations for awhile which was of course, the time of my life. - PyroPrincezz

When the first little mullet called out for the first time, and patrick swayze took it by the hand, and all was good...- Zombie Sock Monkey

ive had a time in my life but not sure if it was the time of my life id have to rewind all the tapes my mom has to find out really.- Insaneone

Monkey Buttnone- mad_patrol

I think, so far, the high point of my life has been jabbing needles in my eyes. The rest just resembles a dull sort of aching.- Mzebonga

I have, but it's way to corny to actually tell you, so I figure I'm going to have to lie. Anyway so me and my friend James hired this old VW camper van and we were touring around the world, you know how it goes, seeing sites and whatever and James finds this guitar and he's like "Hey George old boy" and I'm like "The fuck you want nigga?" and he's "I would love it if you showed me how to play this stringed instrument, you play so well and you always seem to win the eh... Feces Grandma?" "Punanni?" "Yes that's the fella." Anyway I taught James how to play and suddenly I was no longer black and cool and amazing at the guitar and he was. He changed his name to Jimi Hendrix and the rest, I'm sure you all know. That was true. REAL true.- George

Monkey Butt............ahh......yea...- Ishkabilly

The short answer is No. I've never enjoyed anything I've ever done enough to the point I would cherish the memory for more than five minutes, let alone the rest of my life. The closest thing that might qualify would be when I left my parents home for the last time, never to return again. I couldn't stand the bastards. Since then it's been the quiet despiration of living a meaningless, miserable, lonely life with no friends. That was the best day of my life. Now that you've made me think about it I'll probably just go ahead and kill myself tomorrow.- piss off you bum

I've had lots of times of my lives. Once my mommy and daddy decided they didn't love each other anymore... and daddy left. Once my mommy decided she loved a rehabilitated alcoholic and left me to live with him and his flaky children. Once my cousin flipped a car we were in and I watched him bleed from the ears for twenty minutes until the paramedics arrived. And once my brother lit the living room carpet on fire.- bluemonkeyfearer

Good Answer Awardwhen i hear that phrase, it makes me think of that song, when i think of that song it reminds me of prom night. damn, i hate memories.- freak ninja

Having sex with two woman at once- dive8

Good Answer AwardSomething involving troll dolls, ice, and a plastic replica of man's internal organs. Seeings as it was the time of my life, apparently, I don't remember it. I just remember waking up with my ass bleeding and a five-dollar bill taped to my forehead.- weirdDAR

Laughing so hard I almost pissed myself from being too drunk and stoned.- Heidikins

shaveing creame fight- dumbass

Approx. 544,367,100 seconds (17 years, 2 months, 30 days, 13 hours, 5 minutes)- zacanger

sauble beach sauble beach sauble beach- ver

I'd have to say seeing Spinal Tap at Molson Park. After seeing them I said I could die right now.- Johnny Poptart

I have no idea. How sad is that. I guess in some ways I hope that it's still to come. If it's over and I can't think of it right now, that's depressing.- JCP

The "Time of my life" that strikes my memory the most was definitely the time when I threw a dog turd at one of my best friends. You had to be there, thats when we got in a poo-throwing war. I totally won.- Zelda

Good Answer AwardI try to have a few "times of my life" each week. I'd rather not waste time moping around and feeling bored. Just get out there and do something fun and crazy--of course, something that fits your own personal definition of "fun" and "crazy". As a tip: the more random the better. Like, one time I had the time of my life inside an MRI machine. Yep, you can have fun inside a giant magnet. When you're in there, there's not much to do but sit still. You're not even allowed to twiddle your thumbs. So, since the machine buzzes as it takes pictures, I started making up a techno song in my head. Yes, this amused me greatly. Urge to dance....RISING...- McDiablo

Is this a reference to that Green Day song? If so, why would you do that? That's just...okay, no. I won't ask. I'm suppose to be answering questions anyway. Time of my life? Normal answer, when we headlined our first show. Weird answer, 10 seconds ago, when I screamed out, "OH MY GOD! A FIREFIGHTER! LET ME TOUCH YOUR BODY!"- monkeeskittles

yes, the last 35 years- california

is that like the song by green day? well there was that one time wen me and a couple of friends jumpd off the roof of my house.. funfun.. and calling random people named mj.. heehee - 6inchhookerheels

if i had the time of my life i would pole dance for my girlfriend and after having sex w/ a penguin..- WD-40


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