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When was the last time you've "cruised" anything? (The halls, streets, on by, in water, etc.)

Well see me and my friends have this new saying. If somebody acts insane or does something completely stupid we say "you've just cruised dude"! Its kind of stupid but then again the man who inspired it was just as stupid so what do you expect? - PyroPrincezz

I cruise around in my roller shoes all the time, look at me go...back when i was a Turnbull AC...- Zombie Sock Monkey

uh right now im cruiseing the internet looking for games becasue im bored but other then that ive crused in a police cruiser so that was a fun day i got to hit a guy with a baton- Insaneone

I don't think I have the right sort of narciscism to pull that sort of thing off.- Mzebonga

I'm from Swindon, it's instinctual to cruise. Seriously a PRO FOOTBALLER told me that I walk like a black man, how cool is that?!- George

today walking homeish...frickin cars trany is shot...- Ishkabilly

Good Answer AwardI use to like "cruisin for a bruisin" until I got one. Now I'm cruise on down to the drug store for some pain killers.- piss off you bum

Today, actually. In my cousin's car... with him and his girlfriend. The roads were slick from a bit of snow the previous night. We nearly died. It was fun.- bluemonkeyfearer

Good Answer Award have never been indulged in the act of "cruising" unless, of course, you consider Cruisin' USA from the N64. i did quite a bit of cruising into first place on that game. other than that though, Hermits dont do a whole lot of "cruisin'" - freak ninja

I'm to fat and lazy to "cruise"- dive8

Two weeks ago.- Heidikins

9 yrs 75 lbs ago- dumbass

Monkey ButtLast night; my girlfriend.- zacanger

I cruised last Sunday and almost made it to Parry Sound.- ver

Probably earlier this year with Gord. We used his car a lot.- Johnny Poptart

Good Answer AwardThe roads baby.- JCP

Cruised. Last time would have to be, me cruisin' da Streets on my Bigwheel when I was just the coolest lil' tike ever.- Zelda

Good Answer AwardI cruise the strip at White Rock beach weekly. Usually when one cruises on this particular piece of asphalt, they like to blare their hip hop music. This tradition was destroyed by myself and my friends a few years ago. Instead of gathering our vast Tupac collection and hitting the road, we took one CD and blared that: Vivaldi. That's right, cruising to classical music will be THE new thing to do, just watch. Roll down your windows or take the tops off your Jeeps...then turn that shit up. Hell yes.- McDiablo

I don't cruise, I skip, get it right- monkeeskittles

i cruise every day man- california

Good Answer Awardi dont cruise i STRUT- 6inchhookerheels

on by board hella yeah!- WD-40


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