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When you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grew up and
have you abandoned/lost that dream yet?

I pretty much wanted to be every athletic thing a little girl could want to be. I went from gymnist, to figure skater, to ballerina. Pretty much back and forth. Ironically enough, I suck at every sport and athletic event ever invented. Then somewhere around me being 10 years old; having the realization that I couldn't dance, or do flips, or skate without falling, I decided on being a musician and I haven't abandoned that dream since. Although I imagine when I see how little being a musician actually pays I'll be abandoning it pretty soon.- PyroPrincezz

Good Answer AwardTo be a national geographic photojournalist. I have abandoned it in favor of shooting basement porn with kidnapped celebrities.- Zombie Sock Monkey

when i was a little child i wanted to help everyone and im liveing that right now i have helped many people through their problems and ive set aside my own and by doing that ive become less talkative about my own problems and never really got to deal with them its not the greatest way for me to live and im quite sure all the stress that it puts me under will kill me but i still feel if i can help someone i should befor i help myself.- Insaneone

I wanted to be an Engine Driver but only on a steam railway. I've not entirely abandoned the dream because you can go to places and volunteer for this sort of thing but, really, when it comes to it, I'm very rubbish at jabs that involved getting my hands dirty.- Mzebonga

Good Answer AwardWhen I was 15 I used to want to be gay. True story (truer than the last anyway). I thought it would be weird/cool to be gay, however gay is pretty normal now. In terms of do I still harbour this dream? To an extent, however I've given up on it. I'm not well-dressed enough to be gay.- George

I wanted to be a music teacher, or just a teacher in general. What a stupid idea!!!- missidiot

THAT GUY FROM JARASIC PARK!....think about it... of course its lost- Ishkabilly

I wanted to be a wildlife biologist. Now I settle for watching cheap underground mexican porn featuring farm animals and overweight hookers. In a way I'm living my dream as we speak.- piss off you bum

Good Answer AwardIn my senior year of high school, there was an English teacher. Not just any English teacher... the most frightening English teacher in the world. Or so they all told me. I arrived in Intro to Comp, a college English class, only to find that Ms. Knispel was not scary, just really intelligent wonderfully insane, and highly critical. She demanded hard work and respect from her students. She was obsessed with cats, fluffy pens, the color purple, and Lord of the Rings. When I got a compliment and a 99% on my term paper... everyone told me I was her clone. I'm already grown up, but my dream didn't come to me until last year. I want to be a Ms. Knispel clone, forcing unhappy teens to write essays for all eternity.- bluemonkeyfearer

i dont remember what hapened ten minutes ago, let alone when i was a kid. but through rigourous mental back-tracking, i do believe to be the greatest, most proficent, superbly accurate mattress tester in all of existence. never shall i give this up, never.- freak ninja

RICH as in $$$ it is gone lost for ever unless I start playing the lottery- dive8

Snoopy. Yes.- Heidikins

superhero,yes- dumbass

A garbage man. Our garbage men were nice. We gave them cookies and beer on Christmas. I wasn't allowed to have either cookies or beer. Now I'm a rock star. Oh well.- zacanger

I honestly don't remember what I wanted to be. It's complicated.- ver

I used to dress up as a rock star and play in front of the mirror. I'm still an aspiring rock star and holding onto the dream.- Johnny Poptart

I wanted to be a writer or a singer. I had no clue what either job required. Being a writer, well I guess I do that really so the dream is still around I guess.- JCP

I wanted to be a Vampire. I still have that dream. I also wanted to be Mrs. Potato Heard, unfortunately I doubt that will happen.- Zelda

I wanted to be a lot of things: teacher, marine biologist or zoologist, animator. I abandoned those dreams, though: I have no patience to teach people stuff, I suck at science, and I'd rather not question my drawing abilities for the rest of my days. Now, I'd like to write and actually get paid for it. I have no real plans, though. Everytime I make them, they end up being slaughtered--brutally. I'd rather not know what is to come than plan everything out. Makes things more interesting that way...yeah, sure. - McDiablo

Good Answer AwardI wanted to be a penguin. Such a pretty penguin. And sadly, that dream has been crushed. So, I resorted to being in a band and writing songs about my anguish over never becoming the great penguin I know I could be.- monkeeskittles

a construction worker i'm livin the dream- california

Good Answer Awardwen i was little..r my mommy said that i could be nething that i wanted.. nething in the world.. i wantd to be a fire truck bcause i thought firetrucks started fires not put them out.. and yes ive now decided that i do not want to be a firetruck.. but a fireman stripper..- 6inchhookerheels

Good Answer AwardSo many things. A big one was when I wanted to be a spinner and weaver. I just wanted to shave the lambies and sit at my little wheel while I turned that shit into some YARN. And then after that turn that yarn into my new sweater. I abandoned that dream and I abandoned it wrongly. I thank you, members of theinsanedomain for reminding me of what is truly important.- Joel

Good Answer Awardi wanted to be a vet but now i want to be a sexy astronaut partyboy.- WD-40


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