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It's been so long since we've really spoken.
Is there anything going on with you that we should be aware of?

Good Answer AwardI've decided that my computer is out to get me and am now planning a war against it. I'm outnumbered but with a little luck and courage I might just win! If you want to join my cause I'm on the corner with a can and a sign saying "my computer is evil" I keep getting weird looks for some reason though.- PyroPrincezz

i dropped a chainsaw on my face on halloween. It sucked...- Zombie Sock Monkey

yes my gilrfirned left me, my brother is being a dick, i've been diognosed with depression, people have been pokeing fun at the fact im a hopeless romantic, ive also realized that life on the planet is meaningless i mean its frail and easy to lose im acually sloce to giveing up on everything and just leaveing one day and never returning and i wouldent let anyone know where i was going, becasue no one apreciates the things that i try to do for people. well that all im going to say befor i decide to leave right now - Insaneone

im a douchbag- mad_patrol

Don't get me started...- Mzebonga

Last night me Psymon and the boy upstairs lit loads of fireworks, it was fun, so we decided to make it more fun, with various flammable substances and less mind than was good for us, such as lighting fireworks with other fireworks (one wouldn't light, so we put another one upside down in it.) Don't worry the videos WILL be on YouTube shortly.- George


Good Answer AwardBesides my obvious self loathing mental instability you should be aware that I like to save water by pissing in my kitchen sink instead of using the toilet. Well, you had to ask, so don't go saying "thats more info than we need to know", or "we didn't need to hear that". I'm just doing my part for the environment. By the way, you probably wouldn't enjoy a road trip to Nevada with me.- piss off you bum

I pondered suicide a couple of nights ago. My brother, cousin and friend that live with me still haven't noticed the scab on my wrist where I slashed myself with a piece of glass. I think they're stupid.- bluemonkeyfearer

Good Answer Awardwe've never really spoken. it was always more of a one-sided beatdown lecture, where your towering ego and massive intellect always pummeled any self-sufficent feelings I had for myself. You know why it's been so long? counseling. You really fucked up my head when i was younger- freak ninja

Yes , I've let Homeland Security know about you- dive8

Monkey ButtNo.- Heidikins

Good Answer AwardWell, I got my ass-cheeks pierced together. My soul is now owned by an obscure Oriental demon, and my brother is now my sister. Besides that, life as usual. Oh, and my girlfriend and I are getting married right after the sex changes.- zacanger

Monkey ButtNo. That's that.- ver

Uhhhh I don't know. I'm going to learn Mandrin.- Johnny Poptart

Monkey ButtNO.- JCP

Um. I discovered how to make poo dissapear, or dissolve. Just shoot it with a water hose. It's got to be the greatest discovery since the TOASTER! - Zelda

I had wax flushed out of my ears. When they say "flushed", they aren't joking--it's like flushing a toilet in your ear. It felt kind of good, too, kind of like my head could possibly explode from the pressure. Fantastic. Now, I can hear EVERYTHING. - McDiablo

Good Answer AwardNot really. My shoulder itches. I possibly have fleas. I forgot about this site for awhile, with school and the band and such and I'm a terrible, terrible person. I may have to donote to make up for my foolishness. - monkeeskittles

Who are you people?!- nikki47

yes my hair has grown back- california

i made a new friend his name is victor but i call him finding emo.. heehee 1 day last wednesday i was STRUTTING in the hallway wen i grabbed his chain and exclaimed "I CAUGHT AN EMO!" ahh and i almost got hit by another car 2day! it was very fun..- 6inchhookerheels

Monkey Buttumm umm umm umm ummmm i put dish soap in my hottub..- WD-40


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