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What is in your pockets and backpack/purse/bag right NOW?

my hands being bad with myself- blucat

Keys, a pocket knife, a kansas state quarter, and a silver dolar "Bill"- Ishkabilly

wallet, keys, keys, coins, 2 cell phones, pencil, binocular lens caps, lens cleaning cloth, a buisness card (not mine), 5 dollar bill, lots of lint.- BluemanBob

Backpack - The majority of my script - THE USHERS, so far it's fifty minutes of various people saying the word "cunt" a lot. Wallet - Psymon's bus pass, because he's stupid enough to lend it to me, various train tickets (including a doozy from Malmo to Kristianstad in sweden...) and pictures of family and exes. Ironically I don't have any pictures of my current girlfriend. She has to wait.- George

wallet, keys, another set of keys, cell phone, change, small pocket knife- marcus

Lint.- Dumbass

Nothing unusual, in my pockets: my handy dandy notebook, and light saber, my pet squirrel Damien, and Corn. In my backpack: worthless school crap, rocks, safety pins, a pinecone, a thorned stick, and foil.- Zelda

How did you know about "the" purse? *rummages in pockets pulls out a condom* I can't quite tell, it's quite dirty. unidentifiable substance which might just be the remnents of Kelly. - Spike

Tooooooo much but no money.- iamzbob my purse, i have a vial of virgin's blood, my favorite polly harvey cd, a set of leather hadcuffs, flavored condoms, a shower cap, and a bag of patchuli inscence cones (in addition to the normal stuff, like gum, money, chopped fresh fingers, cigarettes, etc.)- idontmindthesunsometimes

Well there is air in my pockets, in my backpack is nothing because I have no backpack, they're all dead from one of my friends using my backpack as a leash at school, in my purse...let's see. *gets up from computer and grabs all 5 of her purses* Let's see we have three batteries, one tube of liquid black eyeliner, gum...more gum..a lot of gum. >_> OKAY I HAVE A BAD HABIT!!! Let's just leave it at 50 packages okay? You won't get anything else out of me....*screams* OKAY STOP GIVING ME THAT LOOK!! Okay I'll tell you okay? 100 packages but that's it I swear....- PyroPrincezz

pockets, nothing purse, NA lunch bag - a freezePack and a camera that's about it....- Poptart

the universe- brown_stuff


Keys to my car, airplane, and work. Pocket knife (small). 42 cents in change, wallet with my wastewater treatment license, Private pilots license, medical certificate, pictures of my daughter, notes to self, a small cross and a prayer to St. Francis.- Cessna

Lint...- DarkAmberPixie

i dont have pockets or backpacks as i see them as they way of the human,i am not a human.- some really fucked up brain

Five dollars and 32 cents, a lighter, my driver's lisence, a lipstick, a notebook, 5 pens, 3 markers, 6 pencils, 1 sunny d - barely drank yet, 1/2 a reeces pieces, a chapstick, calculator, my assignment book, a ski hat, and a book called "Writing Down the Bones".................yeah, that's a lot of crap.- B_write

In my pockets: Nothing. My duct tape wallet was in one of them not too long ago. Heh, that thing makes my cards all sticky. In my purse: Not much. My purse is small and, oddly enough, thin. I don't pack a lot of shit in there (unlike some people--dag, yo). So, what I have in there is a pen, some change, a, erm, "feminine hygiene" product, lip gloss (what??), and my disabled parking pass. You never know when you need to use that thing (to piss off the elderly...heh).- McDiablo

Hm, let's see... An iPod, some lipbalm, an eavesdropping device, two pens and a notebook full of some depressing story I wrote.- missidiot

my hands- Donkey touching monkey

A cell phone...which happens to be against school rules. My driver's license...with its horrid picture... My check card....with no money in my account. My backpack is beside me...with my calculus and government books, as well as a couple of other random things like two Terry Goodkind novels and a sudoku book.- bluemonkeyfearer

Mobile Phone, 2.40 and my ID Card. Oh, and my hand.- South-West-Suicide

I am not wearing pants at the moment, but wait a minute and I'll check my purse...- thomcomstock

coins- simpson

cell phone, DS, Wallet, gameshark, money, notes, and other useless things- Darkmoonofdeath

What have you got in your pocket? What have you got in your pocket? Your pockety pockety pocket on a Sunday morning. Some scabs. I'm collecting them in a big jar. Sometimes I have to sandpaper off a bit of skin so that I get more scabs.- Turtle

A vial of my own urine. But I'm not keeping it, so don't get all weirded out.- PRchick

nothing!!! wooooop woooooop- deez nuts

MY HANDS. Yea bitch and some nail clippings too for later. I bet I could build myself out of my nail clippings.- oneye

the severed head of your nextdoor negbour- Insaneone

Lint, string, a saftey pin, and....Carmex.- colour-me-psycho


money- tdh


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