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What if your favorite movie of all time actually came true?

i'd be out looking for nemo and be all bright colored and a fish- blucat


Then strange people would be skipping around making horse noises with two empty halves of coconuts while searching for the holy grail and I would be pulling a cart through the streets calling out "Bring out your dead" and banging on a flat bell with a stick. So actually there wouldn't be much difference from what is already going on.- BluemanBob

JCP, listen, we CAN'T TALK ABOUT IT, it's the first AND second rule. And you heard the guy, no shoes and NO SHIRT. MOVE.- George

Then I would be hurtling through space to find a monolith in a room with an old version of myself dropping a glass on the floor. I love the Blue Danube.- marcus

Then we would all be the exact same as we are now.- Dumbass

Let's see, I have 2 favorite movies, one of them being queen of the damned, if that came true, our world would be the same, vampires roaming the streets at night...not very different, and my 2nd favorite movie is little nicky. If that came true, then we should all thank nicky for saving our asses, and not letting cassius and adrian make earth hell.- Zelda

Ummm...considering that my favorite movie is Cat Woman I'd end up banging Halle Barry. Well of course who wouldn't...*drools* Uh..I g2g and something...- Spike

We would all be raped.- iamzbob

Then I would fuck the shit out of Donnie Darko before he died.- idontmindthesunsometimes

Uh oh...*looks around* *hears roaring and giant footsteps* AHHHH!!!!!!!!! *runs away from a T-Rex* *T-Rex chomps PyroPrincezz and eats her in one gulp* *sitting in the t-rex's stomach waiting to be digested* You guys just had to say favorite movie of all time didn't you? Well look what you did now!!! *cries* My favorite movie was Jurassic Park!!!! - PyroPrincezz

it did...bloody Germans !! hahaha - Poptart

...i would b killed 10 times...and then jung upside down from a helicopter and dipped into a volcano..then taken along loads of cacti and then..shot repeatedly- brown_stuff


It is impossible to say what my favorite movie of all time is. I mostly love true life stories so I guess that question is moot for me.- Cessna

Omg lyke I'd pee my pants!- DarkAmberPixie

then the entire world would perish under my rule- some really fucked up brain

I would freak out because my fave. movie of all time is the exorcist movies and Jack the Ripper............scary.- B_writeWhat if a MIXTURE of my favourite movies came true? Wow...there'd be ninja flipping, elf fighting, Jedi mastering, and other weird stuff thrown in there, too. That would be too awesome...not to mention confusing. It would be the ultimate hodge podge movie life.- McDiablo

I would have a wand, a broomstick and would think Harry Potter cheated in the Triwizard Tournament.- missidiot

I'd live a long time ago in a galaxy far far away- Donkey touching monkey

I'd go live in one of the little hill houses with the round a lot and not be ridiculed for it, marry Dominic Monoghan, and have many little hobbit-children. XD- bluemonkeyfearer

Doctor Octopus would be dead and id have a realy fit girlfiend.- South-West-Suicide

Well, my favorite movie is probably Rent, so if it did actually come true, nothing would really change. Everyone in my town would still be singing their conversations and doing drugs.- Hufflebunny

I would be David Bowman on a nine-month deployment aboard the Discovery enroute to Jupiter (actually Saturn in the book, but let's stick with the movie version) with HAL (Heuristic Algorithmic Logarithmic). There would be a small twist though. HAL would actually be an anatomically-correct, red-headed, female automaton with an intense, erotic curiosity and the capacity to feel love and pleasure like some women. Or, if all else failed, the curiosity would remain.- thomcomstock

i would make love to the girl that was like in the movie if she was alot like her- simpson

You'd be dead- Darkmoonofdeath

It would really depend on who in the movie you were. I mean, if it were Titanic then you'd want to be Rose rather than Jack since he looked pretty fucking cold. However, since my favourite is a film where no one comes out on top it would be a difficult choice. I would either be a speed freak in a psychiatric unit, a hooker, an amputee or in prison. Yes, my favourite movie is Requiem For A Dream.- Turtle

Patrick Dempsey would deliver me pizzas with extra anchovies and treat me like a lady, then f**k my brains out. Oh, why has this not come true yet?!!!!!- PRchick

thered be zombies and britts everywhere and i dont think i could take it- deez nuts

I'd be all kung fu fighting and then everyone would have to kiss my ass.- oneye

then a little boy would get stabbed (it was at the end of the movie)- Insaneone

OMFG!! WE'RE SCREWED NO ONE IS SAFE!!!- colour-me-psycho

it would be total chaos- tdh


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