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What are your most favorite and most hated things about this website?


red is fun and i like that but things that make me answer things makes me type sometimes- blucat

favorite- the Q&A- Ishkabilly

Favorite = color red most hated = sock monkeys- BluemanBob

Ohh Look, JCP fishing for compliments! Well, I like what you've done with your hair, but your blusher and foundation are a bit mismatched... Nah, I like the fact it's not about anything, that helps... believe me. Ummmmmmmm I dislike the lack of articles about how great I am, I can't write all of them can I?!- George

I like the spontaneity and the general goofy atmosphere of people airing out their minds. Sometimes it is in the frivilous that we find significance. Most hated? I am generally a positive person and dislike the word "hate". Truthfully, I have never been a big fan of sock monkeys.- marcus

This questionare. Both.- Dumbass

Favorite= Everything (especially article on How to Throw Bread at Ducks, which is a much needed skill to be learned upon this society), and Hated Things= Nothing.- Zelda

Yall don't put music on there, is the hated part. Because honestly you could find insane music and either torture people with it (a la pyroprincezz) or find insane music that sets the "mood" for the website. Or you could really fuck with peoples heads and put britney spears on. Of course then you would probably lose your less loyal followers but then again you would know who your truest fans are. My favorite thing is that you guys are completely weird and random and give great insults and believe me I think you guys are the most weird/insane site in a good way I've ever found and believe me I've looked!!! - Spike

The questions have gotten a little lame.- iamzbob

I love everything and everyone....except Herbert.- idontmindthesunsometimes

My favorite is probably the utter and complete insanity which I haven't been able to find anywhere else on the net. And believe me, I've been to the dregs of the net. The most hated thing is probably...*thinks* *thinks* I don't know I honestly cannot think of anything I hate...except maybe Mzebonga. But I don't even really HATE him just dislike him...- PyroPrincezz

Fav - Ask 'so and so' questions Hated - this is too hard to answer, I LOVE TID !! haha - Poptart

i hate...the website..and i love..the website- brown_stuff


I have never been a big fan of sock monkeys. Or even real monkeys for that matter. I don't like the picture of that guy with his mouth open. I like that people can talk about whatever they want. I like the expression in JP's picture.- Cessna

I love the sock monkey turns me on.. I really don't hate anyone, or of yet..- DarkAmberPixie

i like the crimson blood red background but i hate the crimson blood red background.- some really fucked up brain

I hate how everything is the same font and's dull. i like the funness of it.- B_write

I like this here Questionnaire, the Question area, Rants, and the Lists. I really like lists. I write them all the time, especially when I'm in class and funny stuff goes down. So, yes, I overly appreciate list writing. What I hate? I think I'll have to get personal here and say this: I hate my Profile now. Haha, I read it the other day and was like, 'Wow. I need to update this.' My tastes change all the damn time, so I'd have to update it once a month or something. Yikes!- McDiablo

I like some rants. I like that the list about people who suck is SO true. I don't like that rant about women, wait a minute, no, I don't care much about that one.- missidiot

ive never been to this website before and i dont intend to come back- Donkey touching monkey

Favorite: getting good answer awards on the Questionnaire *wink*..and my special friend Herbert! Hated: Mzebonga will burn in hell...and I bet he'll like it there! Furthermore, all of the sock monkeys but Herbert can go with him!- bluemonkeyfearer

I dont actually hate anything about this site, and i love the concept. The Angry Britt dude Rocks too- South-West-Suicide

Favorite: JCP, Hated: I am not involved in it.- thomcomstock

most fav would be its funey and i dont hate anything about this site its great- simpson

My favourite thing is when Mzebonga answers a homework question for me. My most hated is when, what I thought was such a carefully crafted and clever answer, fails to win me a green thing. I cry myself to sleep every time I'm a failure in such an important part of my life.- Turtle

I adore Mzebonga, so much so I would be willing to stalk him if he were not thousands of miles away. I hate the pictures of icky things. Spiders? Icky. Eyeballs? Icky. Sock monkeys? ICKY.- PRchick

im sorry but i cant answer that with out my lawyer present and unfortunatly thats my best friend- deez nuts

I love myself posting to it and hate it when other people have their shit up here.- oneye

the sock monkies are my fav and my lest fav is not have herbert to send questions to anymore *cries* WHERE ARE YOU HERBERT I MISS YOU!!!!- Insaneone

I love there Questionares! I don't really hate anything about this site.- colour-me-psycho


i luv it all no hate here- tdh

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