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How do you plan on celebrating with us and will you participate in contests for fun prizes?

i will have cake and ice cream until i puke and then enter contests- blucat

meh maby it maters if im online or not at the time...- Ishkabilly

I really don't care. why is everything always about you you you? The only contest I would compete in would be throwing cowchips at your sock monkeys.- BluemanBob

Fuck you! You guys are evil vegitarians! I know your sort! You wait until you hear the sound of a wounded vegetable and then you STRIKE, cutting it down in it's prime... If we aren't supposed to eat animals why are they made of meat? Oh celebrating? umm sorry, sidetracked. Okay, I suppose I could invite you cordially to my house party on the 31st of this month, it's going to be some crazy shit, and I fully expect Psymon and Tazmanic to get it ON in a gay orgy of loveness. If this doesn't happen, I suppose I could set fire to herbert and use his cremated ashes as a prize for a movie quiz or something...- George

I will jump up and down in place for ten minutes. Fun prizes? yes, give me some.- marcus

Fuck no.- Dumbass

I would celebrate by hosting an Insane Celebration, straight jackets, padded walls tranquilizers, oh the joys we will have.- Zelda

Go find Billie Joe and kidnap him along with Davey Hadoc, Tre Cool, Scott Weiland, Billy Idol, Gerard Way, Bert McCracken,Jade and Mike Dirnt and get to know them REAL WELL and send you guys pictures! And of course I'll participate in contests for fun prizes..unless the prizes really aren't fun and you guys are just being evil and lying.- Spike

I plan on hiding in my closet with my sock monkey while masturbating.- iamzbob

I give reeeaaally good massages! I could donate a 10 minute massage to every single person working for I will participate in contests, however, only if i get to smack someone around as a prize. my inner dominatrix is just ACHING to come out and play.- idontmindthesunsometimes

To celebrate I would probably get a whole bunch of fireworks, booze, candy, and Dr. Pepper, and all of my friends together and then send you a live video of the following events, which inevitably would happen: I accidentally burn my whole neighborhood down with the fireworks, get so drunk that I jump off my roof onto the head of Spike, Spike tries to lure me to my death with candy because I jumped on his head, and trying to use Dr. Pepper to drown Spike after he tries to kill me. As for the participating in contests for fun prizes, I think I'll do all the contests because the fun prize might be a whip so I can make Spike clean up the mess from the celebrating.- PyroPrincezz

I'll make JCP a banana sundae :) Of course I'll enter contests !!! FREE STUFF- Poptart many time do i have 2 say no...stop asking for charity- brown_stuff


I plan on masturbating 10 times a day in commemoration. What kind of contests are we talking about here? I could dig it. oops! does that expression date me? I wish somebody would!- Cessna

Yes, i will be participating in all the fun!- DarkAmberPixie

no id much rather sit in my room smashing dead rats off a wall with a tennis racket- some really fucked up brain

I would love to partake in such a joyous event. If only you would email me and tell me I won, because I have been very good this past year, and would love a prize. even if it was just a toy soldier of Herberts... I do love herbert dearly.- B_write

I'll celebrate by purchasing multiple Slurpees each week and saying, "Hey, I'm only buying one to celebrate 10 years of insanity." Basically, it'll be yet another excuse to drink a lot of Slurpees. Uh, not that I need an excuse.. Contests sound fun. I wonder what the prizes are...? A new sock monkey? Ohh, then Emerald could have a friend to beat up--um, I mean, hang out with.- McDiablo

No, I am too busy being a computer geek/writing weirdo. I don't plan on celebrating with you guys but rather enjoying the rugby in the Commonwealth Games. GO AUSSIES!- missidiot

I'll pick my nose- Donkey touching monkey

Will I, perhaps, if I am lucky, manage to procure a blue monkey from the midst of these so-called prizes?- bluemonkeyfearer

I'd celebrate by cutting my dose of Diazepam- South-West-Suicide

Send me a plane ticket and feed me and I will celebrate until my pants inadvertently fall off. I plan on doing/being interviewed on anything your collective heart's desire. I will do whatever is necessary for your attention (Look at what I can do!). I will participate in contests, sweepstakes, lotteries, pools and even peepshows (as looker or lookee)and wet t-shirt contests, yes. - thomcomstock

Yes- NeoTrance

i plan on just having fun laughing along the way- simpson

No- Darkmoonofdeath

Of course I will be participating. Even if the prize is a kick in the teeth or a pencil up the nose or even some shit on a stick I will ruthlessly try to win, using as many underhanded and illegal tactics, just because that's the way I am. In order to celebrate I'm thinking of giving each and every member of ... wait for it ... a party hat! Who in their right mind could resist being jolly while wearing one of those? Huh?- Turtle

Hell, I've been drunk since January - I though the celebration had already begun! I will gladly participate in contests for fun prizes, as long as those contests don't involve walking a straight line or reciting the alphabet backwards.- PRchick

first off i dont celibrate anything that doesnt have to do with the anniversary of when ferdinand magelan first said " hey my balls stick together when its hot out" second im pretty sure all your prizes are really homicidal nanbots programmed to write anti-semtic messages to hitler whos hiding in a trash can outside illinois- deez nuts

I will strap a firework to my ass and light it on fire for you.- oneye

I will throw a huge party and invite no one except my shoes and all the sock monkies and we'd have cake and ice cream and bananas and watch tv then have a pillow fight and drink lots of pop and i would hold burping contests and see who could drink pop out of a shoe the fastest.- Insaneone

i'm not the party-ing type...YEAH I said it.- colour-me-psycho


say congratulations - tdh

i dont- cherilicious


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