Results for March 2006

What is the most annoying noise in the world?

MEEEE- blucat

nething that gives me goosbumps...- Ishkabilly

The sound of one hand clapping.- BluemanBob

An unanswered phone, jesus fucky christ. RING RING "I can't be fucked" RING RING "But I'm in bed, you get it" RING RING "No, cause I'm your annoying housemate and I want you to run naked to the phone" RING RING "Well fuck you bitch" RING RING "Ohh yes please" RING RING "Fuck it, I'll stick some jeans on" RING RING "Hello!?!?!" "Oh hello, I am calling you from the Bangalore Call centre to sell you something you don't actually want" "You know what? Fuck you too" I HATE IT.- George

A cat meowing.- marcus

Amanda Osbournes voice.- Dumbass

The jingling and jangling of those blasted shiny purses, if it were up to me, i'd banish those poor excuses for shiny out of existence.- Zelda

I'd have to say my dog barking, yes that is. That and the squeaking of phones. Oh yeah and Kelly screaming like a little girl. If you've ever heard him screaming about Billy Joe you would want to commit suicide after you murder him. That is if you've ever met him but hopefully you haven't because that might just be the smell under my bed...maybe I should check under there....- Spike

The sound of someone slurping the last drop of soda.- iamzbob

The sound of an english teacher lecturing his students on the "joy" of reading Beowulf.- idontmindthesunsometimes

Celine Dion singing Ac/Dc's song Shook Me All Night Long. *shakes head* some people just need to have their vocal chords removed...- PyroPrincezz

the sound of my boss' voice !!- Poptart

the sound of an atomic bomb being dropped on a building full of screaming school children and at the same time all the dogs in the world making that beging sound and scratching their nails on a board or somin..then stupid girls screaming "omg" with high pitched voices..and then somebody whisleing...and probably some wierd animal in the background..and police sirens realy loud..all that together..make a big horrible sound...the worst sound in the world- brown_stuff

People blowing their noses. Some of them sound like a train, and some sound like cats hacking up hairballs! It's GROSS!- Kimi


Teenagers giggling at a movie.- Cessna

Gnaaaaackaafrazzzlesheeeeeeeebooomba!- DarkAmberPixie

the noise of a baby luaghing- some really fucked up brain

Scratching a 3-D picture or Zippers- B_write

*Doodle Doo* <--MSN "message received" noise. Honestly, AUGH. I shut that suckah off. Also, those new things you can send, Winks, are freakin' annoying, too. Ha, I also turned them off. Take that, Bill Gates!- McDiablo

Any unneeded noise my brother (SHUT UP!) makes.- missidiot

eeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr- Donkey touching monkey

My little brother snorting. It's like a pig on Viagra or something.- bluemonkeyfearer

BBC Radio 1 DJ Sarah Cox.- South-West-Suicide

The most annoying noise in the world, would probably be the beeping noise a cell phone makes when the battery is low. The worst is when you're asleep and its beeping, so in your dream, you try and try to make it stop, in your dream, but you just can't. It's just plain annoying, and it wastes more battery by beeping every 5 minutes.- Hufflebunny

The sound of my own voice whether played forward or backward. - thomcomstock

Birds- NeoTrance

wahhhhh!!!!!!!! a baby crying - simpson

alarm clocks- Darkmoonofdeath

Two words - Fran Drescher. Need I say more?- Turtle

Cats puking. And by annoying I mean disgusting.- PRchick

his voice- deez nuts

My sister whining at my mom over something stupid when she should just shut the fuk up.- oneye

my brother trying to think.- Insaneone

The sound of a damn alarm clock malfunctioning at 3:12 in the morning.- colour-me-psycho

nagging voices- tdh

a child whining- cherilicious


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