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Out of all the people you know in real life (family member, boss, teacher etc) who annoys you the most and what do they do that's so annoying?

ME and i can proof it if you gimmie a chance- blucat

some kid at school....HES FUCKING GAY! - Ishkabilly

Well that would be me, I mean nobody else is here enough to be much of a pest but I can't seem to get away from myself. No matter how much I try to ditch me in a crowd or on the road I always turn up back here with myself. I don't believe in drug induced departures from the pseudo-reality of this life so there seems to be no escape from me. You know that old cliche 'No matter where you go there you are.'? well its a real bummer.- BluemanBob

In real life eh... Well, I live with this girl that has the looks and personality of a 1968 Volkwagon Beatle. She talks down to everyone, as if she's on another level to us, she patronises, whines and moans and has an annoying voice that carries over half a mile in foggy weather. I once slept with her, a fact that makes my girlfriend feel physically sick, to the point that I had to clense my penis with parafin. Most of that story is true.- George

The guy I work with stinks really bad.- marcus

My girlfriend is the most annoying person I know. Everything is her way, all the time. And every problem in the end im the one to blame. PLUS she wont even take the pain and let me anal her.- Dumbass

My good friend and ex-secretary Lucifer had a habit of pooping when he laughs, and twitching while he drools, and there are times when he does a combo of farting and burping, but in the end, he's my friend, and I have to except him, no matter what bodily functions he may do.- Zelda

It's a tie between teachers, parents, and Alix, or as you know her PyroPrincezz. Teachers because they are incompetent and they think they are better than you when you know that they say "those who can't, teach", which amounts to the fact that they are probably pathetic losers who are miserable and take their miserablness out on their students. Parents because they shield you to much and won't let you make your own mistakes, plus they have way too many rules that have no point. I know I probably sound like the typical ungrateful teenager but believe me it would be driving YOU crazy too! Alix because she plays annoying music that I HATE just to torture the hell out of me, and all the quizzes that she makes me take (a la this one)Plus she does other things just to watch me squirm, I think she enjoys torturing people. But I do it anyway because I'm stupid!!- Spike

everyone annoys me by breathing.- iamzbob

Lindy Keefe....because she's anti-drugs, anti-sex, anti-alcohol, anti-free thinking, and pro-cunt. she breathes, and that irks me.- idontmindthesunsometimes

Out of real life I would have to say it would be a tie between two real people and one group of people. The first two people would be N who is an annoying two faced bitch who hopefully will fall off the edge of the world. Now this wouldn't be possible for anyone with half of a brain cell but because she is so stupid she would actually believe she fell off the edge and stop breathing. C is the second person and he is a bastard who cheated on my best friend and who I am in the process of kidnapping and torturing until he'll never want to do anything with another girl as long as he lives. *smiles broadly* The group of people who are annoying are rap artists. They are annoying because of their stupidity (one "artist" actually has a song out called "I'm in love with a stripper" if that's not stupidity I don't know what is.)- PyroPrincezz

My boss...because he's insane in the wrong way. He's addicted to morphine and his memory is shot. Plus he's incredibly stubburn and cannot for the life of him admit he's ever wrong. There is no reasoning with him, not logic....just morphine enduced rants about how he thinks things should be Yes..I'm looking for another job ;)- Poptart

My little 11 year old cousin. She doesn't leave me alone, and she cries when she gets a sliver. She never shuts up and argues constantly.- Kimi


My daughter Because she smokes pot and thinks it's cool just like I used to do before I grew up and realized that I was pissing my life away by partying instead of studying but now it's too late because I'm too old to start over again and be an airline pilot like I always dreamed I would be instead of a sewer plant worker who not only is the symbolic wiper-of-the-ass of society but also the litteral wiper-of the-ass of society but I make pretty good money at it because normal people would be too grossed out by working in a shit plant just like the geek at the circus who gets paid to bite the head off a live chicken but that probably doesn't stink as bad.- Cessna

my brother, he's ugly, he's smelly, He's my brother! what can be more annoying then that?- DarkAmberPixie

they all annoy me,since i killed them all they wont speak to me.well they do sometimes but only talk about themselves- some really fucked up brain

I work with a lady from the southern states and she's always saying words of endearment such as the following: Buttercup - cups aren't made out of butter Sunnyshines - that's not even propper english Babycakes - who makes cakes out of babies? Babe - foret that Honey - i'm not her honey Sugarpie - what the hell is a sugar pie?- B_write

A few girls on my soccer team annoy me on game days. They are the textbook definition of "getting away with sexual harassment against males." They like to talk about their Saturday nights and the ass slappings that occurred. Yeah, please, I'd rather not hear about that. I won't even get into the girl who worked at Source Adult and talked about vibrators that were "disguised" so you could leave them around the house without anyone suspecting what they are. Corn on the cob vibrators?...ummm...- McDiablo

My brother. He is younger than me, dumber than me, even ruder than me, makes stupid comments, reads what I am writing right now, sucks on his own flesh with a straw while making annoying noises, corrects me when unnesscessary and wel, you get the picture.- missidiot

Myself my farts really stink- Donkey touching monkey

There's a psycho guy who is my little brother's....ahem....butt-buddy. He thinks he's so special, sexy, and cool. He honestly believes that he can sing beautifully, that he is a championship boxer, that he's one day going to get laid. He screams out "she's so HOT!!!" every time he sees a girl, and sometimes even hits on ME. The saddest part? He's nearly 21 years old and is none of the things that he believes he is.- bluemonkeyfearer

I'ts not just a certain persone, but a certain thing in ALL people. The guy who thinks its funny to make cruel practical jokes, the guy who thinks hes a gangster and inflicts his "attitude" upon people, the bully who picks on people to make up for something inside hes lacking. theres a name for it, but cant quite think of it.- South-West-Suicide

There is this one guy who sits beside me in Band class, and he's just one of those repulsive/geeky guys. He constantly has a running nose, which is probably an allergy to the cologne he seems to bathe himself in every day. The worst part is how he thinks he so clever and hilarious, but really, he is about as funny as a fart in an elevator- Hufflebunny

I am probably the single most annoying person that I know. I don't listen, I interrupt constantly and I scratch my... vas deferens just behind the cowpers gland.- thomcomstock

Husband - negative and ignorant- NeoTrance

it would be my sister she anoys me al the time by just doing little things tormenting picking on me etc.- simpson

My parents, b/c they never listen 2 me- Darkmoonofdeath

Myself. I am disgusting. I'm messy, never shut cupboards or drawers, leave apple cores and fruit stones lying on every surface, leave pubic hair on the soap and toothpaste caked to the sides of the basin, I snore, I leave my alarm on full blast for two hours in the morning, I eat with my mouth open with an strange slapping noise of my tongue, I grunt, snort, spit out mucus everywhere including filling glasses with it and leave them around the house, I don't wear deodorant and try to force my outrageous spiritual beliefs on everyone else. I'm seriously considering suicide.- Turtle

I have a co-worker who uses formal words for no reason. Why, in an e-mail, would you say you "attended" a movie when normal people say "Hey, went to a movie this weekend!" It drives me mad.- PRchick

my best friend, if common sense were air hed have suffocated along time ago, any situation no matter how little turns into armageddon to him, hes the only person on earth who thinks that if you dont drink anything for 10 minutes your going to dehydrate, or if we get a light dusting of snow he thinks his cars going to be buried under 25 feet of snow- deez nuts

My cousin Nelly. She sings badly but everyone tells her she's good. I hate herand I wish she'd shut the fuk up.- oneye

ME i annoy myself by being too nice to people letting them walk all over me and it hurts all those tred marks.- Insaneone

My mother...I'm tired of her effing loud voice!!! EVERY friggin day she bugs about how she's always working, and how I don't help around the house, which is a LIE, i help!! And how she's always gotta do everything herself. She tries to make me look like the 'bad-guy'! - colour-me-psycho

every1 and everything- tdh

jeannine annoys me because she just tries WAAAAYY to hard Not to be annoying...and thats crazy annoying- cherilicious


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