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While outside one night, you notice strange lights in the sky. They seem to be moving around oddly, in a way that you've never seen planes move and you can't hear anything coming from them. A few times they seem to go high into the sky and then fall back down. You go to get your camera but when you return, the lights are gone. Do you tell anyone about your story, keep quiet so people don't think you're crazy or pack your bags and wait outside for their return in the hopes they'll take you far far away?

First I'd tell lots of people, therefore starting a cult. I would then take all of my followers to the spot where I first saw the heavenly lights and there we would await the return of the messiah. Of course they would have to buy special holy robes from me....-Katoid

Strange lights? How do I know that they aren't just my eyes seeing things or some optical illusion? (I know what you want me to think they are but I'm NOT falling for it!) Besides, I live in Alaska so strange lights are an everyday occurence, they're called the Aurora Borealis. But them disappearing isn't an everyday occurence so I suppose I'd tell everyone about that then probably get looked at like I'm a lunatic.- Loser with no real name

I write to the US military and politely remind them that, contrary to the impression given by Prime Minister Blair, this isn't their airspace and they would do well to fuck off like the disobediant colonial bitches they are. Why can't they just be more like Canada and Australia? What's with trying to emulate Daddy all the time?-Mzebonga

If they wanna come and take me, let em. Fuck everyone who has anything to say about it.-idontmindthesunsometimes

Tell only the people I trust.-lisa

I would point the camera (assuming it's a video camera) at some streetlamps, being sure to keep the lights out of focus and shake the camera alot. Then I would send the video to the local UFO nutcase group and claim this as proof of alien visitation. I'd also claim to have been abducted by the aliens and probed but that the camera just didn't seem to be working at that time. They would be sure to go nuts for it and cough up lots of dough for an interview. -BoynamedBlue

Keep quiet, but not to avoid the loony bin. If they come back, I'll be the only person that won't look like a total fool.-Iyla (Eye-Luh)

Pack my bags and ẁait outside-Nuada

Oooh! I would certainly pack up my most prized posessions, mostly my collection of plush monkeys and fantasy fiction novels, and then I would sit on my roof with one of my lava lamps to catch their attention. Anyone who has shiny lights on their craft can't possibly be bad! No one insults the shiny!-bluemonkeyfearer

What exactly are these strange lights I've seen? I'm fairly certain they could have been anything that reflects light. They could have been some crazy guy, wrapped in reflective tape, sky diving from a cliff, shining a flashlight on himself in the hopes that people see him and believe that he is some kind of UFI (Unidentified Fucking Idiot). That's my belief and I'm sticking to it! -A Horse Named Poe

I would tell everyone I knew. They already think I'm wacked.-tattooed pilot

Honestly, if I saw something like that I would freak right out. In fact, I HAVE seen something like that, but it just ended up being an ambulance driving slowly down a mountainside. Whenever "Unsolved Mysteries" had episodes about UFOs, I'd be so paranoid that I'd have problems sleeping at night. So, if I were to witness such a sight, I'd definitely tell someone about it. It's either tell or cry myself to sleep...or purchase a butt protector for any unsuspecting anal probings. *Shudders*-McDiablo

i would eat twix probbly i dont know-donny fagen

Don't tell anyone.-Lynn

I wouldn't make a huge deal about it. I might go as far as writing about it in my blog, but that's about it. There are thousands of stories similar to this one, what makes mine special? It's not like a big surprise that there's more life out in the billions of galaxies; It'd be awefuly closed-minded to think otherwise. And it's not a huge surprise that they're evolved/inteligent enough to travel through space. I mean, Earth or, much less, humans came into the universe very late, and it's very likely that there is some sort of race that began billions of years before ours. So pretty much, I'd keep it to myself for the most part, maybe whip it out in conversation if it were on-topic. I wouldn't "pack my bags and wait outside". Have you noticed that we *see U.F.O.'s all the time, but none of them ever come down to say, "Hi" ? I'm sure they've watched us from afar, and I bet they think we're horrible savages. As far as I know, them coming down to pick me up is about as likely as some Tourist in Africa picking up a lion.-me

I'd tell my friends, and then spend the next month and a half camping out in the back yard in footie pj's... Just because... It's probably swamp gas anyway, or radiation from Venus.-Raccooncityangel

pack bags full of explosives........... dont ask me why-the sockmonkey rapist

I tell everyone and HOPE they think I'm crazy, I've heard mental asylums are fun!-Streak9

Get a camera and take pictures and show them to people.but if they claim its photo shop I will kick their asses-Neos9

I'd keep quiet-Bloodbane

I'd tell my boyfriend and best friend, then they'd call me crazy and smack me upside the head then tell me to go to a therepist or some shit like that. So then I would wait around for these guys to take me back, I would so do them. Even if it was a fat chick.-Kitty

well this so called "earth" is a hell hole and i would lyk to leave as soon as possible but i dont feel lyk fucking waiting for them soooo there should b four answers to choose from instead of three!-bert

I channel Jeff Goldblum and cleverly figure out the aliens plot long before anyone else, and use my white house contacts to inform the president, giving him just enough time to see his wife die before taking action by sending the fresh prince into space to utter lame catch phrases and unite the world in alien ass-raping. -zombiesockmonkey

I tell my uncle cletus up on the roof to stop playing with the fishing pole, duct tape, and flashlights.-drunkennewfiemidget

Tell about the story... who cares if they think I'm nuts?-Reaching to the Past

I would presume it's only alien spies, so it's pointless attacking or talking about them since i wouldn'e know where they come from - i would warn people if they attack though-Fleoa

y did that happen to u 2????-elbonyo

I would definitely cut back on the benedryls! And then lay on the grass saying silly things like "I funny" or "the full band sounded... fuller"-Miss Roger's Sweater

If this would happen to me,i would shut the hell up so that people leave me ALONE!!!!!!!- Noname Shit

I Would Keep quit and dont tell any one cause if I tell some one they will think im crazy and I would lose my friends but I will make sure next time it comes I will take pictures of them and hang them on the wall.-HUHUHUHUH

I would keep it to myself.-ajram

I tell people about my story they think im crazy anyway-Boo boo

i would pray -I'm In La-La Land

i take another hit and relax-iamzbob

The most reasonnable thing to do is to SHUT THE HELL UP,YOU FUCKING TWIT!!!!!!!-Dixie77

Id kidnap them and force them to watch the sky.................hell it works...-ROXTOYZ

I keep going out each night to find them. Then I will tell someone when I see them again only this time I would have my camera ready.-MOONSHIFT

neither, it aint hard to get a remote control UFO, polistirene, paint job, and a motor...u got ur UFO!!!-DVS1

I hope it doesn't abduct me and then 3 days later I pop out a green baby. - Simman

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