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Reptilian beings are trying to take over the planet and they want to recruit you into helping. Claiming they live below the surface of the earth, they say they're tired of being made to hide from humans and have been planning for years. What would they have to do or buy you in order to get you to go along with whatever plans they have or would you instead try to warn the government of this evil reptilian plan?

Well I think they would have to buy me every CD I've ever wanted and also probably buy me a laptop, cellphone, and would also have to do the weird hitler dance that the weird german dude from The Producers made the two guys do before he'd sign his play over to them. I'm not into hitler or anything I just think it would be funny to see reptilian beings trying to do that dance. As for warning the government, screw the government! If George Bush is too stupid to REALIZE that reptiles are marching up to the whitehouse with bazookas and guns then he deserves everything he gets. Besides I'd love to keep him in like a cage and listen to his weird little sayings that make no sense. Like "You misunderestimated me"- Loser with no real name

Simple: they just have to leave me alone. Give me an island or something. And broadband. And some dancing girls. And some effective contraception so I don't end up on an island filled with screaming pregnant women and crying babies.-Mzebonga

They wouldn't have to do anything. The government, as fucked up as it is, deserves a terroristic attack from reptiles. I would be more than happy to sit back and watch the destruction. Perhaps the reptile can do a better job of running the country then say, G Dubya himself.-idontmindthesunsometimes

I would spend my money stalking up on safety goods and materials and maybe some weapons of mass destruction.-lisa

I would cooperate willingly in exchange for a position as warden of a human prison camp and the promise of my choice of human slave girls for my personal abuse. I would force all of the prisoners to build a bridge through the thickest jungle in South America without any tools and when they finished I would laugh at them and say "You fools, this bridge isn't even going to be used, It was just a pointless task to torture you. Muahahahahaha! Now start handing over your children, the reptilian masters are hungry and want fresh meat! Mua ha ha ha ha!" -BoynamedBlue

I'd like a hundred million dollars very much, Mister Reptile Thing Evil Guy.-Iyla (Eye-Luh)

Warn the government-Nuada

I would expect to recieve my own personal library of fantasy fiction novels, a lifetime supply of beef jerky, and world recognition for my obvious superiority. I would then lead the reptilian army in its battle to take over the world.-bluemonkeyfearer

SCREW the government I'd totally help the beings take over the world, assuming that they wouldn't eat me afterward or use me for breeding stock because they want to make some weird half reptile/half human species. Which, as cool as that new species would look, I don't particularly want to have sex with a reptile. Although I know plenty of people that would, oddly enough. I think they'd have to promise me that they wouldn't do the aforementioned things to me and then they would have to watch a year's worth of Spongebob Squarepants episodes. I think that might just convince them that Earth is too difficult to take over. -A Horse Named Poe

Since reptiles require the warmth of the sun in order to survive, I think the whole plan will die in it's infancy.-tattooed pilot

Why can't we all just get along? Why can't we just accept those that are different from us? If we could, these poor reptilians wouldn't have felt the need to hide beneath the earth's crust. It gets claustrophobic in there--I'm surprised they haven't surfaced sooner. Well, I'd probably befriend these reptilian creatures without them having to buy me something. I'd probably casually ask if they have an appetite for human flesh and show them my list of "stupid people who deserve to die", but I'd change the "die" part to "be eaten". Then I'd sit back with my Slurpee and watch the flesh tearing mayhem go down.-McDiablo

as long as they're jewish ok-donny fagen

I'm sure the reptiles would be alot nicer to be around than humans. I'd assist them in any way possible. Maybe Hijack a War helicopter and blow things up. I could even go as far as telling someone in command of the army being used to resist the reptiles that they're attacking on X day, and then we come out like 3 days earlier. Chya.-me

I'd tell them to claim asylum, get on welfare, and make many half-reptile babies with as many baby's daddies as they can scam... Then the government won't be able to touch them... -Raccooncityangel

they had me at hello-the sockmonkey rapist

Nothing, wow, I wanna blow up the earth so bad!-Streak9

The world I know is full of assholes so I would join, but they would have to make some croc skins for a nice piece of clothing if they want my help.-Neos9

I'd ask for all the next gen systems and proof that my family and buddies would be spared from slavery or whatever they'd do -Bloodbane

Give me Sonny Moore and let me have my ways with him.. And make them prove it by signing papers saying he's my pony and I'm not thier's. Broke Back Mountain sucked..-Kitty

in my personal opinion the u.s. government sucks ass so fuck warning them! but right now i want a cookie.-bert

It would cost them a hefty sum, as in a 10 million in a Hefty bag...but i might tell on them anyway... -zombiesockmonkey

Eat George W Bush and all of his oil hungry friends, and I'm in.-drunkennewfiemidget

First off I will say that I would help the reptiles for money and after they payed me I would go and warn the government screwing the reptiles over...then whoever is left I will go over will the army I bought using the reptiles money and take over the planet myself!!!-aXn

I don't care one way or the other, I hate reptiles.-Reaching to the Past

well he government would call me insane , so id go as long as i get food water shelter and a good looking partner, stuff money, reptiles probably wont use it when they rule the world-Fleoa

its ok-elbonyo

buy me brown organic rice noodles. and i just might help them repopulate the earth. what we haven't killed everyone yet? i would shoot people for fun first. then repopulate.-Miss Roger's Sweater

If i tell the government about this shitty information,they will NOT belive me!!! But are YOU that dumb to break into the president speech to tell that fucking reptiles will rule the planet?!?!I wait your anser...- Noname Shit

I would warn the goverent of this Evil Reptilian Plan..-HUHUHUHUH

It takes too much work to warn the government.-ajram

i would run away screamining like everyone else-Boo boo

first i would get them to do a P.I.T.A. public service announcement against using human hides for clothing and then I would warn the government-I'm In La-La Land

i would call the sock monkey king and inform him of the upcoming war-iamzbob


I prefer animals over humans......and reptiles RULE!!!-ROXTOYZ

Poor Reptillian would buy me a seat on the next flight to the moon and a 'get out of reptillian land card'.-MOONSHIFT

WELL, i would have to say, yous have to go live under ground until the world goes super nova!!! hey,u said anything-DVS1

I DO WHAT I'M TOLD. - Simman

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