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You're put into a room with several TVs. On each it shows you a room where there are some people (not actors but real people who don't know they're being watched), but there is no sound. You're told to write down everything they do, no matter how insignificant, into notebooks. Once your notebook is filled, it's to be sent away. You never get any feedback from what you've written and have a strong suspicion that they're simply being thrown out without being read. How boring do you think this job would be and how long before you start writing hate letters in the journal or snap and seek out the people shown on the TV so you can smash their faces in as well as destroy the cameras?

No way, I think this job would be the bomb. I wouldn't write hate letters or snap. I would be writing the most insanely twisted stuff I could think of in those journals and be having a field day! And plus I'd be getting PAID for it! (you said job, no taking it back now) I'd be writing things like: 5:15: Man 1 sits on bed and bounces up and down saying repeatedly how he wishes he could be a bunny. (I know what he's saying because I can read lips.) 5:30: Man 1 crawls around house on all fours and then starts eating his kitchen floor tiles for dinner. 6:00: Man throws up in an envelope, mails it to himself then calls the post office demanding why he got puke in the mail. (I think you get the point) If I didn't get fired immediately or ever I would just continue writing insane things until they realized what I was doing.- Loser with no real name

I develop an unhealthy obsession with Kate and write about her every action in the shower in meticulous detail over a series of months. Then I bust out and kill Sawyer dead. I later find out that I am a cellebrated author of adult erotic fiction writing under the pseudonym of Angus McDowell.-Mzebonga

Well, i've dealt with boring jobs before, but that one is by far probably the most grating on one's nerves. I would become so racked with boredom, I would write to the people who told me to write eveything down how boring these people are, and how much of a waste of time and life this is. Then, after maybe about a week, my ennui would turn into rage. I would probably stab the pencil into the palm of my hand, and scrawl a message in blood reading "This is the end of life! You have turned my brain to mush! Fear my wrath!" Then i would find everyone involved with this operation and savagely rip them to shreds. Then, perhaps, i'd go grab a cup of coffee and celebrate my freedom quietly.-idontmindthesunsometimes

This job would become boring fast. But it's better than shoveling shit.-lisa

Thats what I do at work now, and I do write hate letters just to see if anyone notices. I've seen some of the people on the video screens are looking at tv screens and writing in notebooks alot. Others are opening boxes filled with notebooks and putting the notebooks into shredders without even opening and reading them first. Wait a minute, whats that in the corner of my room? it looks like a small dark glass ball mounted in the ceiling. I feel as if I am being watched.-BoynamedBlue

Very, very boring. Three weeks, two days, 18 hours, 38 minutes and 42 seconds.-Iyla (Eye-Luh)

Neither. I would walk out on the project in the first ten seconds.-Nuada

Oh, goodness no! I love to write. I would find the most elaborate words to describe the lifestyles of the meaningless pawns on the screen, how they eat and watch the telly and write letters and sleep and beat on their wives... and then when I send in the notebook, I will have a sense of accomplishment, no matter if they read it or not- it's their loss, after all.-bluemonkeyfearer

I'd totally write hate letters asking why I couldn't be one of the people that is spyed on! I mean I would give those other people writing in their notebooks something interesting to write about! Assuming that their ARE other people...who hired me anyway? Is it illegal what I'm doing? I think this is all one of my sick delusions that I've created just so I can justify spying on people just so I have something interesting to write in my diary. That explains why I keep getting weird journals mailed to me with the address being 1234 A.B. Street. Damn my mental illness!!!!-A Horse Named Poe

It all depends on if I'm being paid to do this. If so, I would write down what I thought that they were thinking, instead of just things like, "the fat lady is scratching her ass again".-tattooed pilot

Hey, if I'm getting paid a good sum of money (plus benefits), I wouldn't mind this job. Of course, I'd probably ask for a computer after awhile since my hand would probably die after all that writing. But, before that happens, I'd most likely sneak in my own notebook and use that "quality time" to actually write those crazy stories that have been stuck in my head for over two years. That's right, I'd slack off and not do what I'm supposed to. Hey, they're not reading my notes anyway. After awhile, like after quite a few years doing this job, I could see myself snapping and destroying all the cameras whilst shoulderchecking everyone, and everything, in sight. Hey, I can't keep my Bionic Woman personality hidden forever. I, Bionic--along with my sidekick Moronic--will rid the world of dull jobs and those who employ people to do them! *Trumpets play joyously in the background*.....shove off.-McDiablo

i would be excited. the whole scenario is ripe with masturbatory desire-donny fagen

School is just about as moronic as what you've described. We all sit and watch some fucker lecture about something unimportant/ we don't care about, and we write down all the things he says into a little notebook which undoubtfuly, get thrown away. And in return for your effort, you've handed back something intangible; your grade. I'm not sure why I'd stay there doing such a pointless job. I'd just leave.-me

If it pays, i'm there. Though, i would start making shit up in the notebooks... "Today subject three purchased three nasty looking hookers, proceeded to kill and eat one, fellated the tiawanese shemale with the boils on her nipples, and the third was made to sing the theme from Joanie Loves Chachi while blindfolded and wearing a suit of meat..."-Raccooncityangel

funderful? -the sockmonkey rapist

very boring. Probably a couple days, and I'll probably never snap, but go out and kill the folks anyway. It's for fun.-Streak9

Im sorry but I got braindead here.-Neos9

About 2 weeks, or until i stop getting payed.-Bloodbane

That would kinda suck.. but what would the pay be and what are the hours? I enjoy sitting on my ass and writing nonsense ((if you haven't noticed)). I would snap and write hate letters for the fun of it. Be all "YOU'RE NOT FUCKING READING THIS!! YOU SUCK FOR FREE! AHHAHHAHAHAH" and draw little pictures of those TV bastards of them having sex or killing themselves.. Good stuff, ain't I a ray of sunshine?-Kitty

well first of all i wouldnt spend time watching people that i dont give a fuck about nevermind writing it down in a journal that is pathetic stupid and pointless. and it would only take a day (not even)-bert

Gah!!! Do i also end up sleeping with one of my children?? Shudder-zombiesockmonkey

I wouldn't smash anything or write hate letters. I'd write stories of me watching the person who put me in the room's wife getting gangbanged by 3 or 4 guys daily. Then, I'd do my best to illustrate it for his perusal.-drunkennewfiemidget

Umm... I'd just keep writing down what they did, and hide the notebooks, then hunt down and "meet" the people I liked.-Reaching to the Past

man, i'd be bored of that in like ... a second. I'd just keep my books and doodle in them - if somebody reads them they should complain if i don't sent them off.-Fleoa

i wouldnt right hait mail ...o no not at all simply right stuff dat day rrr doing that they rrr not doing and b reel happpy aboot it act happy...happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy -elbonyo

i would draw stickman porn until i am not a virgin.-Miss Roger's Sweater

You and them suck,you two are the perfect couple!!!!!!!- Noname Shit

I would quit why watch people do stupid stuff when I could have peopel to watch me lol ;) :P.-HUHUHUHUH

It would take me about one day to snap then i would sumhow get out of the room and punch the people who put -Boo boome in thereI would ru naway screaming like the rest of them-Boo boo

it wouldn't be boring to me. i'm not sure i would ever hate it-I'm In La-La Land

i would make up funny stories and then masturbate watching all the people-iamzbob

I don't like you.A sock should marry you.-Dixie77

If one of them is a hot chick and they get naked all the time I wouldn't give a die from the stimulation-ROXTOYZ

People I'm writing it for would read it or eat it. Besides, I can be quite comical when writing about someone else. I like creeping people out. It wouldn't be boring at all....definately would SNAP CRACKLE POP if they were dickin me around.-MOONSHIFT

I like that last part with the smashing of faces and cameras! I mean, what kind of TV staion or whatever is going to steal ur ideas and actually get back to you on it??? IT DOESNT MAKE SENCE!!-DVS1

I'd cry into the books. - Simman

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