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Lately there has been some pretty insane weather to deal with. Have you encountered any insane weather and if so, did you survive it?

Well just last night I was outside innocently sawing my neighbors' mailboxes in half when it started raining without any warning whatsoever. The sky was clear, and beautiful and the moon was out and the next thing I know BLAM! Lightning here, lightning there, and suddenly I'm on fire! I run around...trip and fall, and run into a bush which then gets lit on fire as well. The end result is I'm soaking wet, with scorched hair and tatters of my clothing, holding a saw and looking at the burnt remainder of my neighborhood with some very angry neighbors looking at me like I was the one to blame. Although I tryed to explain to them how the storm was completely a surprise to me I didn't get to say much before I was being hauled off by the police. But hey at least I survived!- Loser with no real name

I remember standing on a porch of a ranch on the outskirts of Toowoomba in Australia and listening to the rain bounce off the tin roof while the thunder echoed off the hills in the distance. That wasn't insane, it was just cool.-Mzebonga

Well there was a strong gust of wind that came my way, but I was just Rosie O' Donnell farting...funny how it reached Philadelphia from California. She must've ate too much McDonalds.-idontmindthesunsometimes

No insane weather. Only extreme heat and humidity. The air conditioner helps.-lisa

The other day I saw a horse with two heads and two bodies. What do you mean? "Did you survive it?" If I hadn't survived would I be here to discuss it now? What would you think I would say, "No, I died in the frog and salamandar rainstorm. I'm typing now as an undead zombie but I have to go because I have this irresistable craving for fresh brain tissue."?-BoynamedBlue

I've encountered tornadoes and, well, since I'm typing this, i probably did survive it. it's safe to assume so, anyhow.-Iyla (Eye-Luh)


Oh yeah, I'm still here. I'm gonna start building my fallout shelter soon, though. I don't think that much lightening was healthy.-bluemonkeyfearer

Actually the other day I was on my roof and it all the sudden started raining and my dad took down the ladder I had used to get up there because he didn't know I was up there so there I was, stuck up on a sloping and slick roof without a ladder. I ended up falling off because I was trying to climb down the lattice on the backporch and I'm perfectly fine! Who are you again?-A Horse Named Poe

I most certainly did. I actually encountered balls and tits falling from the sky at around 20,000 feet. They make a very strange pitter-pat sound I must say.-tattooed pilot

I live in Southwestern British Columbia. Insane weather is my life. An example: About 2 weeks ago, my friend had to drive up to Simon Fraser University to get her student ID. Note: SFU is on top of a mountain. That morning, I looked out the window and it was pretty overcast. 'Well,' I thought, 'it looks pretty cold out there and it might rain, too. I think I'll bring along my (kind of heavy) hooded jacket.' I thought I was being all smart 'cuz I figured it'd be colder at SFU since it's on top of a mountain and temperatures tend to drop a-way up there. Well, I was wrong. When we left, it was 12 degrees. When we got to SFU, it was 19 celsius. What the hell? It was hot. Suddenly I felt like an idiot for wearing pants. Only in B.C. can you blast the heat in your car and then switch it to air conditioning in a matter of hours.-McDiablo

yes. once a large tsunami tackled peanut, walter and i while vacationing in maui. -donny fagen

Weather has be nice here in MD. Sorry, no good answer for this one.-me

If you include walking through a cloud of butterflies and getting that powdery stuff in my eyes as inclimate weather, then yes...-Raccooncityangel

monkey feces falling frum the sky and sadly i died wile in the hospital.-the sockmonkey rapist

Yes, I did, and no I did not survive it. But it's stalking me..-Streak9

Big ass hurricane, hid underground like the little bitch I am -Neos9

Nope, no insane wather in here!-Bloodbane

No, I'm dead and I feel like going to this website in my spare time before I go into the great beyond.. SHya, Again I kidd you, but still.. Wouldn't that be fucking cool?-Kitty

well actually weather 4 me has been preety boring so yes i did survive it.-bert

Yeah, i was riding my bike around, looking for little dogs to steal when this twister came along and a fuckin' house landed on me...-zombiesockmonkey

I don't know about insane weather, unless you include the spit that showers from my boss' mouth when he gets angry. And he does that a lot. Usually, to survive it, I hide behind a co-worker so that he may bask in the salivatory glory.-drunkennewfiemidget

Well, obviously I've survived it... or I wouldn't be filling this out.-Reaching to the Past

Yeah - once it was raining with no clouds in the sky ... i got wet (duh).-Fleoa


rain. I have sprayed that waterproofing spray you use on shoes all over my body and now i cannot cry like a whiney emo kid... which is good, but now I cannot go pee pee or poopy. or hear. sad face. -Miss Roger's Sweater

Yeah,and by the way,you are a fucking moron to ask that!!!- Noname Shit

2 years ago there was a hurican that was named Charlie and it was a catagory 5 hurrican and it tore all the houses down and my trailor wasent touch at all so theres like 27 trailors gone and 1 that wasent touch and im glad I survived that.-HUHUHUHUH

That is a very dumb question. If I'm here doing this stupid crap, I guess I survived it.-ajram

No no insane weather-Boo boo

no insane weather exists in south texas-I'm In La-La Land


Uhh...i dunno...did i tell you that im a brain-eating zombie?(duh!)-Dixie77

I hid in the closet like a little bitch when those 4 hurricanes came around... Hell, the only reason for that was warning shots not to fuck up the election! 4 years HA!-ROXTOYZ

Insane weather---nope. Lots of flooding, yes, but thank goodness I'm dry. People--move out of the FLOOD PLAINS. Live where its DRY. -MOONSHIFT

yes... i turned the heater up a couple of degrees the other day, lol-DVS1

It was awful and I died. I was sad. - Simman

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